Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.32) – with SeaRaptor

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  1. Re. Asymmetric Battles: WG, in their infinite wisdom, were charging battle tokens for the privilege to play in the high tier team. To earn enough tokens to play in the high tier team once, you had to play a couple of games in the low tier team. As we (but not WG, I guess) know that right now T10 is full of complete potatoes, and potatoes in a team with 33% numerical inferiority right from the start are just pinatas for average players in T8 (who see T10 in randoms all the time), it became Asymmetric Coop with full bot high tier teams or a couple of suicidal humans mixed in, and people were grinding huge amounts of XP and Credits by playing in the low tier team exclusively.

  2. 29:10
    KAK was a thing that some people from 07 I think came up with to specifically hunt carriers and one of them posted a compilation which I think was more the cause of wg warning them.

    • Yeah, as I understand it the mechanics of what they were doing were totally legal and there wasn’t anything WG could really do – and more than a few of us cornered them about this in the CC Discord when it was occurring – their objection seemed to be with the glorification of what amounted to (in their mind) griefing the enemy CV.

    • @SeaRaptor I recall them having a ‘pelt’ counter on stream for each cv kill but I can’t verify that since I don’t remember the video title.
      I wouldn’t call it griefing myself, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

    • @TheTripleAce3 Reasonable. They definitely kept count of “pelts”, as you say. Even after the video kind of got slapped down the practice continued on stream for a while, IIRC. I’ve no problem with people developing strategies to deal with divs/strategies they don’t like, but like you it rubbed me the wrong way because of the attitude.

  3. The Irony is that the range was never the issue with the Thunderer, it was the RN BB line gimmick of stupidly strong HE…

    Also having played the super CVs on PTS the Eagle is the better of the 2 and it is rather effective to carrier snipe with the jet planes…

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