Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.33) – with The Mighty Jingles

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Jingles who?


  1. A really interesting and informative video – excellent.

  2. I think it was 3 subs per team

  3. So benevolent from WG that they give away 5 days of free premium time, so you can enjoy your not working stuff even more… and then offering the F. Sherman in a lootbox, fully conscious that it will underperform by default because the server can’t even handle the basic RoF.

  4. I think we should adress the missunderstanding on Jingles side here.
    The reload of guns with 2 seconds reload or less has to be affected by more than 12% round about, to be affekted. You can get guns with less than 2 sec reload, the server just cannot handle any reduction in reload, that is 0.14 seconds or less. At least as far as i understand it, because if you have BFT and the skill, that reduces your rewload while spotted as a DD, the guns will fire faster, but if you only have BFT the reduction is so miniscule in reload, that the server cannot handle it with its ticks

  5. Jingles is correct here – the Dutch cruisers are utter garbage. Stop balancing ships around the gimmicks. Ditch the airstrikes, give them torps and better guns – then the Dutch cruiser would actually be fun to play.

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