Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.4) – with TCFreer

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0:00 – Intro
01:06 – 0.10.5 patch, new German DD branch
08:31 – Grand Battles
17:43 – Community Tokens redux
24:30 – For the love of spreadsheets, & Operations
44:32 – The subs test server
59:08 – Soviet CVs & hybrids discussion
1:26:37 – HMS Druid, outro



  1. Thanks for letting me join in folks!!!

  2. Good gravy, ANOTHER hour and a half? I do think you have found a ignored niche here, too much wows content is the same.

  3. I like that tc brings up ops, but once again the economy nerfs last year (of which there were actually 3 or 4, multiple of which were specifically to Narai) went under the radar.

    • Yes, and the inability / lack of desire to bring back the op where bot plane s actually worked, Cheery Blossom , and oh that other T7 one. Makes me think they cannot get bot rework cv planes to work at all, hence no effort on ops as planes are such a big part of WGs thinking for wows.

    • @Opaheke1 they used to have planes in other ops that were changed like Newport and aegis

  4. This was a very enjoyable listen again while playing my dailys. we understand you CCs have a balancing act to do this with WIP & NDAs, so thanks lads. You might want to discuss the Royal Sovereign loan to the Soviet navy sometime, as I heard when it was returned, the turrets were so rusted they couldn’t turn?

  5. Best unintentional joke of the podcast “WG has always balanced carriers….” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. KitMaker Network

    My question is… Why did I have an “Auto” consumable icon on my tier 8 Baltimore playing a random game the other day?

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