Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.41) – with Axillent

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  1. Aloha; seems that Sir Sam has quite “a lot” to add to the conversation….Mahalo

  2. Hi Jedi. I missed this part in the chat. The Sullivans’ is in the Naval Park in Buffalo’s harbour on the east end of Lake Erie. It’s moored (sort of) next to the last Cleveland-class cruiser, the Little Rock. Buffalo (my hometown) is on the border with Canada, and is at the other end of New York state from New York City. It’s about 15 min. south of Niagara Falls and about one hour drive south of Toronto.

  3. Fun fact: A fourth Slava-class cruiser is still awaiting completion in Mykolaiv after negotiations between Russia and Ukraine about a purchase appear to have ceased in recent years. Maybe Russian interest has now been renewed.

  4. Would love a fighter focused CV that can drop chaff and sonar bouyie

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