Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.45) – with Drachinifel

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  1. We are stuck with sucking fubs, you could try making them less toxic and higher skill level first; but what do I know? I mean you guys play the game enough how bad it is at the moment.

    • Subs are op in the hands of good player. But most players have no idea what to do with them. MM is pretty bad with the subs. There is no reliable way to spot them. Even if you spot them, unless you have planes, there is nothing you can do often.
      Subs are an unmitigated disaster.

  2. Tbh, since WG began their eternal enforced submarine test on T6+, a lot of players who were already fed up with the ever increasing CV desaster and the now-your-T10-are-obsolete supership introduction have begun to return to low tiers, especially T4. Of course you are facing double griefer CV at T4 all the time, but most of those are so incompetent that playing T4 has become the most comfortable tier to play in PVP. The annoying monetization scheme which throws all the lower tier EA ships at player for tokens and high tiers for money has made the low tiers of new lines completely obsolete, not to mention the fact that you still cannot do any mission below T5. On the other hand, you can expect low tier players give a f… on missions and actually play with nothing but the current battle in their minds. I don’t think I will ever again play any PVP battle at T5+, so Queen Mary will fit nicely into my T4 fleet.

  3. Came across a St Vincent in random battles. Seemed to do pretty well for itself, the guns were scary accurate, definitely had Battlecruiser accuracy. A lot of players didn’t know about the weak bow armor so you saw them aiming for the superstructure when it went bow in. Also key of note the St Vincent does not get the 1/4 HE pen, the other tier 10 they’re testing (the brawling one), however, DOES get 1/4 HE pen (76mm vs 116mm). The Torps are 10km with very limited forward firing angles. It also had a long duration speed boost apparently (the St Vincent was played by a WG employee name Legionnare and all they could talk about was stuff already included in the devblog, everything else was still under NDA basically).

    I’m honestly hoping they go with the St Vincent and style the line after the Warspite. So very good AP, BC accuracy, bit squishy and no 1/4 HE pen.

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