Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.46) – with Yuzral

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Forty-six episodes, and a year in, we take a look back at the highlights (and lowlights) since we started.



  1. Fix subs 10 k hydrophone consumable

  2. Just remove the homing torps on the subs. And nerf the underwater speed of them. A WW II sub that goes 50kn+ underwater. WTF!!!

  3. I agree the game is on the down slope.

    Just see Flambass’ video on his Ranked experience. CV’s are as bad as ever, Superships are just dumb and overpowered, subs with homing torps are moronic. The skill of the player base is literally non-exitent.

    The only part of WG that is knocking the ball out of the park is the art department, who should get a pay-rise. The rest… no comment!

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