Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.50)

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Not much going on the last week, so we took a look at the most recent Community Discord Q&A, with questions about maps, operations, and more.



  1. I’m eagerly awaiting your next playthrough of Stray, Jedi?

  2. I got into World of Warships about 18 months ago now and love it but even in that short time I’ve noticed the matchmaking is getting stupid, I’ve never seen so many one sided 10 minute battles It really does need tweaking, whoever wrote that algorithm needs their arses kicked, I’ve played battles in a BB with 2 subs 3 dd’s and a cv in fact that’s not as bad as it can get.

  3. Aloha; I agree with your proposal to have Scenarios open to all tiers. With the current box rewards starting at tier V ships there is no accommodation for lower tiers – new players – to learn the ropes in those separate matches. The Guadalcanal scenario is sorely missed. Mahalo

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