Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.60)

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It’s patch time, so there’s a few things to cover – and some of it’s even quite good!



  1. Not logged into ships for 2 weeks now, and not feeling the urge to play the game at all. I’ve realised between the never ending grindfest events and monetisation that would make EA blush the game stopped being fun a good 18 months back

  2. it is not the skill it is the 2 tiers that create the imbalance, and the lesser ships get nuked by the weight and power of ships 2 tiers higher, which gives numerical superiority leading to the steam rolls that we have experienced

    • That is not true. First, the steamrolls also happen when all tiers are the same, like everyone is T10. Second, the tiers are mirrored. So both sides have the same amount of low tier. If they were all simply being farmed that would happen on both sides.
      The problem is imbalance at the same tier and obviously skill/experience of the players.

      Having said that, I do not like the tier spread. +/-1 would be a lot better. The +/-2 causes needless frustration and makes the mid tiers a lot less fun to play. The +/-2 is bad for the individual player but not really for your team overall.

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