Community Catributors: A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.9) – with The Mighty Jingles

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00:00 – Intro & the return of the Missouri
20:44 – New ships, Karl von Shöenberg & Brandenburg
29:20 – A foray into the proposed new secondary skill change, and others
46:04 – A segue into monetization
54:46 – Premium ships we like, and then wondering off-topic again
1:27:42 – A further segue into CVs
1:35:27 – Older ship lines and balancing
1:54:42 – Outro



  1. Put a search bar on the ships so we can search our ships by name

    • There already is. Click the ship filter. In the top right corner of that window is a magnifying glass icon. Click that.

  2. missouri was the first t9 premium and first free xp ship.

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