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Greetings commanders!
With update 0.10.5 we have something really cool coming up for you, we are changing the recruiting points to community tokens. This currency will now not only be available through the recruiting station, but also through various different avenues for you as a player.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. Panzerknacker World of Warships

    we need MOOORE permanent Special Camos !!!111!

  2. More tokens? How about more game stability?

  3. i have a feeling they only do this because players are slowly leaving the game

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      Not surprising. The game is starting to get pretty old and ship games are somewhat out of fashion now.

      People will ofc blame Wargaming etc. But Its most likely just the games age, old ish graphics, engine, sound issues.

    • @Waldherz FeuerClan true, but you can’t deny that wargaming also made it worse by some of their decisions for the game.

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      @Hiro Yea, no one can deny that, sadly.

    • @Waldherz FeuerClan or maybe WG lying to their playerbase over and over again? Did u think of that?

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:
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  5. Can I get torpedo tokens for all the missed torpedo`s due to your torpedo bug?

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      So thats how I randomly survived 100% deaths.

    • They’re too busy adding more paper ships

    • My theory on the torpedo bug is that its actually a latency issue. When controlling your ship every keystroke has to be sent to the server that the game is hosted on. Then the result of that keystroke gets sent to your computer and monitor. Then when you click to launch a torp while turning your ship actually turns a bit more in-between the key click and the server processing the torp launch. Because of the way its coded the torp tubes also stop turning as soon as you click. Then the torps launch a bit off course. I think they can recode it so the torp tubes continue turning to fix it but idk how coding works.

      tl:dr bad coding and latency issue

    • @osanixian so you try to explain a technical issue in technical terms and end the comment with i dk how coding works. good job

    • @Cristian Micu thank you

  6. How about streaming on Twitch? My 250 tokens are stuck at 53% and your last stream was 5 days ago.

  7. Can you make a new “How it works” for map spawning? I would like to know the WG game mechanics behind opening spawn selection before the battle starts. For example, why are ship map spawns are so close to other team mates? Such as either AFK players or poor turn radius ships interfering with opening moves. Why are all radar ships on one side of the map (port or starboard) for the team on spawn instead of balanced over the map on spawn? Why are DD’s, CA’s, or BB’s not balanced (port or starboard) on deployment? It appears they are all slanted in their deployment instead of spread out on the map for spawn deployment.


  9. WG: Gives tokens for watching a live stream.

    Also WG: Doesn’t stream for a week.


  11. Glad WG decided to give players more ways to earn Community Tokes. Because I couldn’t find any one willing to play their game that doesn’t already have an account.

    • Same really, when recruitment first came out I was kind of excited for it, but like you, I couldn’t find anyone that didn’t have an account lol. But it’s ok, at least we have Twitch and PTS being an alternative way. I want that WG flag just to have it hehe.

  12. Sweet, in a couple years I’ll have enough for a T3 premium!

  13. Sadly recruiting doesn’t work for playing over Steam…

  14. JUST want the “303” Cam for the Blyska!!!!

  15. WG Why do we have no Swedish voice captain to Halland

  16. I like this change!

  17. Oh great another currency that will change before I have enough to buy anything useful

  18. Well i like that they are doing smth. And i get what they want. But after reading the comments i must agree: There are many other things which need love and new ideas. WG does many good things, i rly admit. But on the other hand there are still many things which need a rework

  19. WG, a company who really cares about it’s community by introducing more CV’s, subs, nerfs flag drops from achievements, and puts 2 CV’s in CB’s. Thank you WG for being the bastion of care and thought when it comes to listening to the community.

  20. I would like more scenario missions choice could you bring back Dunkirk mission for a start please, will find a use for the new token

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