Conde Is Amazing! Guaranteed Devastating Strikes

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Conde is perfect for a game mode with few ships, large maps, and massive flanking opportunities. It is probably the best ship to play in ranked to win and have a good time.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. so, is that the latest in the domain of farming damage from the John farming lab ?

    For those of you who don’t get it, watch PQ video on Henri

  2. i need this ship in my life

  3. Definitely should take away the reload booster, this is ridiculously overpowered

    • Just like the slava it is only strong against dumb people. And dumb mistakes should be pushed. If bbs can’t do it let this thing do it.

    • Reload booster could be balanced by guaranteed turret explosion, and maybe 50% chance of detonation if received a turret penetration while booster in effect. That would be interesting.

    • Reload booster should stay, keeps it consistent with Henri and the prior ships. Burst fire needs to go, these superships are strong enough as it is. Better armor, AA, and guns than Henri for one tier higher is plenty. No reason why it needs a gimmick.

    • @Cleveland for credits to sunk

    • @Droid Motorola 388 the HE means its strong against anyone, I’ve rarely had less than 10k in a burst with it against bbs and generally a bit more +fires.

      A good HE burst salvo from conde makes thunderer look balanced.

      That’s before cruisers or dds get that shot, dds can just be ended outright.

  4. Tống Nguyễn Thiện

    It seems to me that you don’t get regular achievments playing superships

  5. Typical WG, make something broken as hell so everyone will desperately want it.

  6. i don;t care about second salvo. Bring this thing to buy it with coal even with simple salvos . That accuracy is insane

  7. The HE shells makes it very dangerous at any range. You can devstrike some DDs, start fires and dpm any battleship with the number of shells and the accuracy.

  8. And just like that, every t10 was collectively nerfed hard

  9. WG should implement 2 random modes: one with subs, CVs and super ships and a “classic” mode without

    • @Kreiker890 you’re absolutely right. But I think you still got the gist of my suggestion

    • @Braxwolf It’s not a particularly good suggestion. You know very well that one mode is not going to be very popular (read: no one plays it) and one is where the gameplay is going to be staler than it already is. Not to mention that carriers are part of the “classic” mode.

    • Then one mode would be empty and the other wouldn’t which makes this kind of ideas completely dumb.

    • @Braxwolf No, its a stupid idea even when talking about something thats only slightly unpopular. Even if people dislike something slightly, it would create a massive disparity in the gamemodes that would make one unplayable. If you had a gamemode without destroyers it would be the same principle.

      Hence why game devs dont do stupid stuff like that.

  10. i Deleted a Satsuma with the burst fire, it was awesome!, im liking the Conde

  11. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    Wtf the yamato should get consistent shells grouped like that pls ty

  12. Let me guess – go broadside in this ship and take bb overpens all day?

  13. Annapolis is a complete joke of a supership, but Conde is busted.

    Now We can all wonder how broken a Super petro can get in the future.

  14. There’s so much powercreep these days that when you hear “this ship is so fun”, you just have to assume it’s an euphemism to say “it’s a bit too strong” xD

  15. And just like that, WG decided Petro needs a reload buff of -%20 and better accuracy. Because not even super ships are meant to be better than Stalin’s’ favorite cruiser

  16. ORKS_Media_Relations

    How do you get in a game where everyone is just broadside? It’s like people see the clan tag and go numb, or of course the Super Unicum bias…

  17. I played Conde once in co-op and I feel is strong cruiser. In ranked one game in Annapolis and I can confirm burst fire is bad choice for that. Hanover I played 3 games in ranked. 2 I won, and first one got me almost 300 k in a ranked battle. I don’t know if my enemies were bad, but Hanover is a good BB.

  18. i fear they gonna nerf is so hard, i loved to play it, but maybe it should only be in some battle with scenario and lot of IA? also don t see the point of annapolis burst fire either, no bonus to it, just one more salvo, but gun have already a better reload time and lower caliber i think.

  19. for your henri IV build why you took the AA bonus for the second line an not the fire or something else? like the one saying you have been aimed at?

  20. They finally implemented cheat engine on their ship(s)… nice

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