CONFEDERATE SOUTH CAROLINA! – World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay – STA ⚓ Ep.2

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CONFEDERATE SOUTH CAROLINA! – World Of Battleship Gameplay – STA ⚓ Ep.2

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  1. fly the yak-9k please, 45mm of explosive vodka!!

  2. is it me or do new players on low tier BB forget to change to AP? cause i

  3. dat ship is so damn awesome

  4. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    You should send this to Jingles

  5. good battle man

  6. I don’t know why it keeps citadelling me… As Phly gives him full

  7. Pleaser don’t start doing shit accents…. You not doing them is the one
    thing you’ve got over Baron for me xD

  8. Phly can we play together on world of warships if you have time

  9. Seen it so many times but still can’t get enough. Your World of warships
    videos intro is just Epic.

  10. #PrayForParis

  11. Phly love the vids bud but please stop with the shit english impersonations
    they are very annoying and condescending and we can do american
    impersonations too if you want. Like this vid is sick bro like so cool,
    what’s up my nigga. totally awesome respect my brother from another mother
    there like super rad dude and so hard baby…….point taken :-)

  12. You should play Steel ocean it’s like world of warships except they have
    submarines, and some different changes here in there.

  13. Low Tier Carry. Like no one else on your team seemed to do much of
    anything. No wonder you got that Confederate Medal.

  14. *Video is about South Carolina*
    *Wyoming/Arkansas is the thumbnail*

  15. i thought that the South Carolina and the Arizona had three guns in each
    main turret?

  16. … Accent gave me diabetes

  17. although I already watched pretty much all of your WoWs videos, I just feel
    the urge to comment how epic your intro is, everytime I see a new video of

  18. after last patch seems like aim is off a bit. If you shout for waterline
    your shots land short.

  19. David “madindie” Dew

    Great vid mate nice game play

  20. Omg that luck and skills ! :)

  21. I need my safe zone! This video triggers me! Racist! (sarcasm)

  22. “Oh my… fuck my ass” hahaha!!

  23. Phly I can never join any of your WT custom battles because I live in
    Australia. So whenever you host one, Im asleep D: also, I don’t know the
    times of when your going to host one.

  24. CheeseCoatedChopper

    I’m so glad I finally got my carrier. The grind through the south carolina
    was torturous. ugh.

  25. I just got the tenryu today

  26. Now Phly if you want to sail them all… it includes the carriers aswell

  27. hey phly!!!

  28. The title of this video offended me…

  29. who made your intro? because I like that one

  30. How do you have 19 points to spend on leader attributes right away?

  31. I feel like you should work up from the lowest tier to the highest tier of
    a Ship Type in a country tree and then move to another ship type in another
    country. So say you could start with US BB and then do IJN BB’s and then
    back to US Cruisers and so on! Think it would be easier to see the ships
    for us i think! Awesome series tho!

  32. it seems like phly had a little too much caffeine this morning lol

  33. Suicidal_Camo_Eisberg



  35. Nice game PhlyDaily. Cutting it really close.

  36. The commentary on this video was exceptionally entertaining.

  37. Great vid Phly, also enjoying this series.

  38. Who here supports the confederate flag

  39. a like for every vid, just because of the intro !

  40. Can someone define conferdate? Cause thats what it says on the thumbnail.

  41. wow phly how could you do that to me…

  42. guys i think he’s drunk

  43. Hahah, huge massacre in area C! XD

  44. Where are those little bitches that will complain because of the
    Confederate flag? I don’t support it i just like watching them bitch and
    cry about anything that makes them feel a certain way that they don’t like.

  45. “whistles dixie”
    trivia: south carolina was the first state to secede in 1861 😛
    so confederate fits the ship to a t!

  46. This is why I enjoyed the South Carolina lol

  47. I rate impression 8 out of 8. Plus vote deez nuts for president 2016 lol

  48. I like your addition of the emoticon anchor that’s cool

  49. My South Carolina has AA ratting of 6 …

  50. Turn on alternative interface, it will make you a better player.

  51. Next do the konigsberg. Its quite fun

  52. I don´t get it, was the Conferdate a spelling mistake or a joke?

  53. gotta catch them all

  54. 8 being the highest im going to give a 5

  55. Your pirate impersonation sounds like Frankie :P

  56. suka blyat

  57. Coolest goddamn intro in the world!! Amirite??

  58. +phlydaily confederate or conferdate :)


  60. hey phly do the pe-8 vs the b 29

  61. lol me too

  62. KarhuKonkari Pelailee

    Ayyy lmao phly

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