Conqueror 345K DAMAGE | Personal Damage record (World of Warships Legends)

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My personal damage record in the Legendary Tier British Battleship: Conqueror.

My current Conqueror build:


  1. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    My phone: battery is at 14% you have to turn me off
    Me: *sees pg brought a video out*
    Also me: phone, you can wait.

  2. All right. How old is this clip? Becouse there is still the Rental letter in the name on the ship. Besides that… great game!

  3. 15 minute commentaries are boring so I made this. Let me know what you think and whether I should make more or not

  4. That fletcher was pulling a USS Johnston

  5. Top 10 saddest anime endings:

    Number 1 – *ending of that battle*

  6. LMAOOOO WOWSL in a nutshell. DDs yolo rushing, enemies with the RNG of Jesus himself and you literally committing mass murder and still losing. GGs mate

  7. Great video as always, specifically like the part where you slapped that enemy conqu’s flat ass since thats something i love doing myself… they always seem so confused afterwards

  8. Pls do more!! Of these! Also the thumbnail is sick!

  9. This game is like Bismarck irl, you screw the enemy team but RNG screw you at the end

  10. At the 5th day of harassing WoWs Legends’ instagram page asking for AL Littorio I got a response saying they might take it in consideration (But add the fact it also depends on Yostar)

  11. How bad does your team have to be when you get 345k damage and still lose

  12. that was wild from start to finish, great job

  13. I recognised that damage game because in your meet the conquerer there was a clip of you getting 344k damage and it was in the conq r too.

  14. that fucking ending is RNG Jesus finally waking up and realising he gave you too much

  15. Had to watch it a 2nd time because I still don’t see how a 300k game is possible XD

  16. Plz make more I love these, better than any tutorial lol

  17. LMAO you used the “nerf this” fart when the torpedo fizzled out!!!

  18. I think my highest damage was in the Conq as well. Believe it was 310,000. Rule Brittania!

  19. I did 303 K in a Bayern in ranked earlier today and I was lagging. Battleships are OP

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