Conqueror 390K ! World of Warships

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Player: Vescault Ship: X Conqueror 390K ! of

Awesome game with 386 359k , i could have done more if i would angled a little bit more against at the end..
Always pretty awesome 😉

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  1. jup a lot of british BB these days ^^ but this 1 had to be here…..
    next will be some cruiser action again – regards and have a nice weekend guys…
    PS : what u think – WHEN will the NERF hit the royal BB ? 😉

  2. Awsome job dude keep it up!

  3. Great farm but he didn’t sail away from spawn, he could shoot more AP at broadside BBs and why shooting AP to an angel Des Moines, he could him with 2-3 HE salvos, it was a great farm game but passive for me and easy to become a defeat, but i could been wrong, what is your opinion?

  4. Intro best…bro ?

  5. Вадим Санько

    Дергает камерой туда-сюда.Раздражает смотреть.Как паралитик.

  6. I fucking hate this ship, all these people do is sit in the back and spam HE, no skill involved, the citadel is below the water, and with the heal it is very hard to punish this ship. Hell a montana is beached broadside right in front of this guy, does he bother to switch to AP, hell no, why should any shitter take the time to press the 2 key in this ship. he still just fires HE. on Flamu stream there is a shitter who averaged 25k damage in a tirpiz, put him in a conquorer and he gets 85k there is no disadvantage or counter to this ship, any ordinary shitter who gets 25k in a tirpiz can jump into this ship and get 85k, the same average damage of the kurfurst and montana because wargameing is a bunch of fucking morons. And think they were going to put radar on this fucking ship, fucking idiots

  7. this ship is so brokenly op

  8. this ship and the Royal BB line are a disgusting cheat. killing all the gameplay.

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