Conqueror 402k damage – finish with style ! || World of Warships

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Conqueror 402k – finish with style ! ||
_GrimLock__ X Conqueror
Showing power of conqueror incredible survability, managed to survive till end and finished in style with a ram
hope you like it
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  1. God save the Queen!

  2. Wait is he using the 460 mm guns or the stock 406 mm guns?

  3. Also why is there a graf zeppelin? Is it still in testing?

  4. Meh, this ship is complete bullshit. Doesn’t matter if you turn broadside because nobody can citadel you, can deal over 10k damage with HE pens + the fires every salvo, your concealment means you can hide after every shot easily and to top it all off the ridiculous heal makes it practically impossible for cruisers to do their job and wear you down with fire damage. Absolute cancer.

  5. Why is Magneto the captain talking? Hahaha

  6. This ship is too strong, OP HE , OP DR, And good armor and very manouberable. Sorry but this ship is too strong and wg just dont fix it.Pls merf the conqueror !

  7. Natthaphong Wongwai

    FK this ship

  8. What a talent to play have this guys. Congrats for Awesome Battle. Thanks forma the vídeo man.

  9. I do not call this line or Ship OP, intead its now the BEST line for those just starting the game, i would not be surprised if Wargaming also makes the French BB giant flamethrowers or even AP spammers with with firing guns for counter the British BB line…

  10. Put a like if you find that the conqueror is op, with a comment to say what you would like wargaming to change on.

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