Conqueror – AP Only “Challenge”

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In this game I intentionally chose to not use the most OP aspect of the , the insane , to prove a point. Even when shooting nothing but this ship is an absolute monster, capable of hard-carrying any game. As usual you can find my at the end.


  1. What’s especially amusing is that WG could copy RN Cruisers and completely remove the HE from this ship, and it would probably still be the best T10 BB thanks to the combination of the concealment, super heal, great firing angles and underwater citadel. You can thank the Tea-boos writing some amazingly retarded comments like “this ship deserves to be overpowered” for the inclusion of this broken ship in the game.

  2. HE isn’t the only issue with the ship
    The ship is the issue with the ship.

  3. Don’t worry it’s an age old WG trick unintentionally promoted by videos like this. Appeal to players with more money than time, spend a fortune getting to T10 then finally balance the ship. It’s a shame because I’ve been waiting for the battleships of my nation for ages and now I’ll feel like a scumbag for sailing them

  4. I actually think this is a totally planned evil genius plan from WG. This IS fully intentional. All the players see these videos, they see all the stats and they all go Bat Shit crazy over grinding this full-retard BB, so they just throw their money at WG using dabloons and free XP to run thru the T5,6,7,8,9 ships in a hurry, because they also want to be able to showcase these massive insane games.

    And after lets say 5-6 month, when WG has cashed in all they can on this, they will suddenly “come to their senses” and nerf the shit out of the Conqueror and no one can complain because its a tech tree ship and they are just “listenening to the playerbase” (just 8 month and 1 milion Euros from players to late….).

  5. But it doesn’t have spotter plane compared to other bbs, so it’s obviously balanced

  6. Flamu . you are an Awesome player and TBH you make even the worst ship seam good … any ship in your hands is over powered .. but I do get your meaning there yes maybe WG have made it a little op but I hope they don’t smash her with the nerf bat like they have done in the past… to me ( I don’t have her yet ) a couple of small tweaks will balance her . but in reality the potato players will do a better job , I have seen so many played poorly ( citadel city ) it’s heartbreaking .

  7. Possibly controversial opinions from someone that likes to play BBs. Citadel damage and damage repair party were mistakes from the start.

    Right, now that everyone’s throwing things at me… Damage repair party. This actually, for the average player rather than people as good as Flamu et al., encourages passive play. What a BB (and high tier cruisers for that matter) has is a starting health pool and then health “in reserve”; if you over commit you burn through your starting health and the first part of your reserve, and because of that you “loose” the rest of your reserve because you never get chance to access it. Passive play means you take damage more gradually and so get to use more of the reserve. Obviously, if you’re good then you know when to disengage, and you get to use more of the reserve whilst still playing aggressively. If there was no heal ability, and instead ships that have the heal had more base hp (though obviously not as much as the potential they have now, that would be absurd), the game wouldn’t be rewarding passive play.

    Citadel damage simply adds a hard and often random edge to combat. I’ve lost count of the number of times now that I’ve fired an opening salvo at a non-broadside cruiser and been given a random citadel, almost taking the poor sod out of the game before he’s even gotten close enough to shoot at anyone. It’s about as fun and engaging as random detonations, and precisely why DDs had their citadels removed before the game left CBT. Now I’m not a game designer, but I’m sure the professionals employed by WG could come up with a way to balance it so that penetration damage was enough of a punishment for doing something stupid in a game.

    Whilst I’m making no friends, RN BBs and their HE. I agree that it’s too much (with the possible exception of the 15″ HE on the QE and “Monarch”). However. As a nod to history they should be better than US HE (I don’t know enough about IJN shells to comment there), because historically large calibre RN shells had a higher explosive content than those of the USN. The first mistake WG made was the absolutely mental fire chance, I think we can all agree on that. The second mistake was giving both the 1/4 cal penetration and increased damage. Personally I don’t understand what justification there is for anyone to have better HE pen, but they gave it to the Germans, so whatever. Frankly, with the calibre of the guns the 1/6 pen is enough (the KGV can pen every bow it encounters with HE even with a 1/6 pen), so just having the higher HE damage would have been enough. Now, yes, the 1/4 pen does mean that few HE shells shatter, but keeping the damage per shell and losing a few more to shatters, imho the HE would still be worth using, without being as insane as it is at high tiers.

  8. Good video!
    I tend to agree with someone that said some people at WG should really be fired. They went full greedy, they are blind with profit they just think about making it easy for new players and don’t realize how bad this is for the game. “Torpedo walls” now doesn’t even look like a problem compared to this new “retard BB movement”. In every single battle, there’s always a few neanderthal BB captains that ruin the experience for all others. WG greed is making this game look like an Android game you play while you take a crap.

  9. “a lot of HE spam coming in”….. yeah….it’s AP actually….and you could be a bit less offensive, kids are watching your stupid videos as well you know…

  10. What about Yamato HE only challenge?

  11. After The doubloons and xp are spent geting á OP ship, it wil get nerft. Thats wargaming folks. All about The money. Great performance from YouTube video’s like this wil make people buy doubloons even more. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Like your video’s Flamu, but your helping wargaming suceed in bigger profits.

  12. I think its a great bb line, now Zaos and Kharsbrooks arnt burning me down anymore

  13. Not trying to say the HE isn’t incredibly powerful, but I’m fairly certain the single most overpowered aspect of the ship is in fact the Superheal.

    You might’ve dealt a bit more consistent damage against angled targets by using HE every now and then (not that the enemy in this particular game really necessitated it …), but without the superheal, you wouldn’t have been able to play as aggressively, nor bait the Montana and Roon at the end of the match.

    HE is incredibly potent on the RN BBs, but the superheal is the most eggregiously ludicrous aspect of the RN BBs at tier IX and X. And then there’s the incredibly concealment and the submerged citadel … the HE doesn’t even make it into the top 3 of overpowered characteristics for the Conqueror in my books.

    But that bit nitpicking at your example aside (I recognize it would be impossible to make a similar commentary trying not to use the OP superheal or acting as if you had worse concealment, HE really is the only thing you could limit yourself and still give an accurate representation of how strong the ship is), you are absolutely right. Conqueror is stupidly OP (stupidly being the operative word here) and BB gameplay in general seems to get finetuned for the potatoes and the careless that can’t be arsed to learn how to play a big, armoured ship.

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    6:12 And that right there is why I hate this new policy of the underwater citadel The germans deserved it because history and even some of the brits But not América Muh Iowa Muh Montana sry but is the thing of all or nothing armor Very protected Big citadel but vulnerable if hitted hard at least ingame But who cares that the Yammie only has the lopen gimmick right? Specially with this new situation I guess this is all chaps If the French BBs have spaced armor I think we are doomed

  15. So flamu do you want the yami nurfed? i doubt it

  16. You are a beast! Nice game, Flamu.

  17. Very balans tovarish! WG may speak russian, but all 21 russian words that mean balance aren’t in their dictionary! Can’t wait for the BB red wedding. The tears will be fucking glorious.

  18. It is funny that people still defend the Conq as being balanced.
    And defend the Montana Buff because it was needed. (Montana needed some buff, but not the braindead one)

    I mean, you still can detect good BB players because they tend to still angle, even if the Yamato is the only tier 10 BB that has to be careful because its citadel actually can be hit…

  19. CONCLUSION: Conqueror is OP.

  20. How the hell do you have so many signals?

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