Conqueror, AP works, cyclone is the true winner || World of Warships

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  1. Panzerknacker Bester Mann

  2. easy mode = engaged! with extra salt!

  3. Gareth Fairclough

    If this guy were any more camp, he’d be a homophobic caricature!

    I take that back. 5x citadel on that Yamato. Lel.

  4. No wonder why it’s called the Conqueror

  5. Fantastic game – Shows why Conq’s HE needs a nerf. It’s a fantastic ship AP so why does it need the broken HE as well?

    • The concealment for such a big battleship is ridiculous low…

    • Its AP is only good at Shorter ranges because of its short fuse. It means that it loses speed at ranges and only manages to penetrate Outer plating of BBs and detonates before the citadel.

    • xOooOooOooOooOooOx

      And the heal… I don’t mind the guns so much if it couldn’t heal itself 40% of its hp at a time

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I wish they gave the standard fuse time for the Conqueror’s 457mm 45cal guns – so that we can actually see what the RN BBs should have been. AKA Super Warspite – with laser accurate dispersion – slow af shells – but thanks to the 1510kg shell weight of the 457mm – we will get to see one of the best plunging fire guns in the entire game – up there with Yamato (which only has a 1460kg shell). Not the cruisers / destroyer annihilating BB thanks to the fast fuse AP, nor a HE spamming at border hugging at A and J line – but a Super Warspite – decimating everything with that unrivalled RN AP Plunging fire and dispersion – aka like I said a what the RN BBs should have been.

      14:50 – Unless wg has fixed the underwater citadel bug (which would suck cause now we will see more RN and KMS citadel proof BB idiots broadsiding all day – without getting real punishment for bad play).
      – I would suspect that as the “short AP fuse” detonating too early – before plunging into the citadel – especially considering it was at 10km – and RN Plunging fire is one of the best in game – that is only limited by the short fuse time – against heavy targets – but is straight up broken on lighter targets.

  6. A GooD example to proove u Can play Conqui with only AP ????

  7. This ship will conquer ranked battles season 9

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Don’t think so. Too many weaknesses.
      Well played Zao, anyone? Ever heard of the Henry IV? The Moskva?
      How about YueYang? Conquerer has no defense against torps. And YueYang torps are basically invisible without Hydro or aircraft spotting.
      How about a Yamato. You cannot angle the Conquerer against that. What about a IFHE Kurfürst. That things secondaries eat it alive.

      Yes the Conquerer is the most “competitive” BB in a 1v1 duel of BBs. It is however lacking in every other regard.
      NO aircraft for spotting torpedoes (deepwater torps will hurt). Nor hydro like the Great Kurfürst.
      NO working armor against HE spam. This gets absolutely TYRANNOSAURUSREKT by focus fire. Unlike GK or Montana, where you can rack up 4 million potential dmg in 5 minutes and survive (been there, done that, managed to disengage at 1500hp)
      It has lacking precision on the main battery for shooting at cruisers.
      It has shitty torpedo defense (23%), so it is the most vulnerable to torpedoes of all the T10 BBs.
      Going by effective HP (Max HP / (1 – torpedo protection); Ship health, corrected for torpedo protection) it sucks.
      You have 92.3k effective HP in Conquerer (23%), 157900 HP in Montana (39%), 144900 HP in Großer Kurfürst (27%) and 226000 HP in Yamato (57%). 5 Shimakaze Torpedoes sink the Conquerer, 7 the GK, 8 the Montana, 11 are needed for the Yamato.

      It has shitty hull plating, all cruisers can spam it. A Zao can kill it through the heal in about 3 minutes. Because it will drop 8k to 10k HE volleys at 5 volleys/minute. As well as keeping the conquerer with at least double fires all the time.
      You can get HE spammed in the Montana, with Fire prevention, you take at average about 4k dmg per salvo from a Zao. It takes about 5 minutes for you to die to HE spam in Montana.

      Conquerer has so many weaknesses. Its only strength is that it has BB armor with concealment stats that rival cruisers. And therefore in fights where only BB are left, it has the upper hand. Any presence of cuisers destroyers or Aircraft negate the Conquerers advantages. And the fact that Ranked will be T10 for ranks 10 to 2 will mean a considerable cruiser population as cruisers get so much more powerful on T9 and T10.

      Best regards.
      PS Conquerer not only get the strongest BB HE, it also has the joint strongest BB AP with Yamato and Republique. All 3 retain 500mm AP penetration at a range of 25km. Just saying.

    • haha try me in on your conqueror, i shredd it with my secondaries to death, if you heal i keep farming dmg >:D

    • Very well written! Also how can the Republiqué have 500 mm pen , does it use a super heavy shells like montana uses?
      About the conqueror , the heal isnt that much of a deal . The problem that i have with the conqueror and other RN bb is the crazy fire chance and the rather good AP against cruisers due to the short fuse . For me the HE should get a significant nerf!

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Datamined Republiqué shell stats according to the WoWS forum:
      1430kg, 840m/s, 431mm caliber, dragcoefficient 0.34; pen at muzzle ~1050mm, falls off to ~500mm at 25km
      For comparison, Yamato shell:
      1460kg, 780 m/s, 460mm caliber, 0.29 dragcoefficient; pen at muzzle ~950mm, falls off to ~500mm at 25km
      1050kg, 747m7s, 419mm caliber, 0.229 drag coefficient; pen at muzzle ~820mm, falls off to ~500mm at 25km
      1250kg, 768m/s, 406mm caliber, 0.345 shell drag, pen at muzzle ~875mm, falls off to ~430mm at 25km
      Großer Kurfürst:
      1220kg, 800m/s, 420mm caliber, 0.31 shell drag, pen at muzzzle ~820mm, falls off to ~400mm at 25km

      And so many people just spam the HE…

  8. They all are noobs showing their boardside

  9. Johannes Natama Jørgensen (VES 7C)

    As far as i know conq has broken HE still really good AP i guess… It can heal almost or atleast around 40% of its HP with a single rep party and its concealment is extremly good for such a massive ship… Im not tier X yet so i havent experiencecd its cancer… But that sounds pretty absurd to me…

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      The Conquerer is a collection of superlatives.
      It is the most stealthy BB with the lowest HP pool of all T10 battleships. It has the strongest heal of them all and largest possible HP pool when all heals are used at about 220k dmg you can tank, the Kurfürst being at 205k, Montana at 190k and Yamato at ~195k. That is with premium consumables and the captain skill “Superintendend”.
      It has the least torpedo protection. If I “correct” the hp for torpedo protection (HP/(1-protection)) you get:
      92300 HP on Conquerer (23%), 144900 HP on Großer Kurfürst (27%), 157900 HP on Montana (39%) and staggering 226000 HP on Yamato (57%).
      It has the worst defenst against HE, as the outermost armor layer is no thicker than 32mm. That means cruiser that hit the Conquerer *anywhere* deal damage and have full chance to set fire. Unlike on Montana, Yamato or Kurfürst, where there are quite large areas of the ship, where cruiser HE shatters, doing no damage and having reduced fire chance.
      Conquerer has the strongest main battery at T10.
      It has the most powerful BB HE in the game. Its has best penetration, highest HE damage and highest fire setting potential. It also has amongst the most powerful AP. It has really good penetration at range, pretty much only falling slightly behind Yamato and Republiqué and outclassing both Montana and Kurfürst. Kurfürst has sub 400mm pen at 25km, Montana has ~430mm pen. Yamato, Republiqué and Conquerer all have more or less exactly 500mm at 25km.
      You have *absolutely nill* tools at your disposal. Wanna spot torps. Well you’re straight out of luck. You get no aircraft, nor hydro. You don’t even get an engine boost for extra speed to be more flexible in positioning.
      That being said, it is easy to align all the turrets for fireing as they have good traverse speed. You can also angle in very steeply and have all 4 turrets available. Unlike with the Kurfürst.

      All things considered, you can now make up your mind about Conquerer. It is definitly NOT an allrounder

  10. 14:27 that heal…

  11. Apart from Fletcher and Minotaur, everyone showing broadside to the player.

  12. For RN BB, Cyclone means “Must use AP”

  13. Awesome match!

  14. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Good replay. Maybe the best Conqueror replay i’ve ever seen.

  15. no citadel ship = op

  16. Players complain about BB’s camping. If my Wyoming had a heal like that and a decent life plus the faster reload. I would be tanking all day long. As it is the lower tier ships are like having one arm tied around your back crappy reload , crappy dispersion, crappy health. Why penalise the lower levels?

  17. Very nice game. +1

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