Conqueror FIRE MONSTER still OP || World of Warships

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  1. This ship isnt OP…


  2. Drecks Engländer haben nix gerissen und trotzdem so starke Schiffe

  3. Its like flamu said, its quite fun to play, but not fun to play against.

  4. why people call her op ?
    1 weak armor ( Melting like the ice on fire )
    2 Weak AA
    3 Weak Torpedo protection
    4 Weak Secondaries
    Conqueror only has good he shells and Concealment like the all british bb s

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      1 Irrelevant, has nigh unhitable citadel and great stealth, better than even some cruisers at it’s tier
      2, 3 Irrelevant, has monster stealth
      4 Irrelevant, doesn’t need them
      Your points are irrelevant in the face of reality.

    • Agree with Mr. Dip Chip

    • So you say that only citadel is main point ???? yep it has a monster stealth and Hp recovering but just wait when to enemy cvs fly for you .. in this match Cv was not a strong player i guess

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      So, she’s not OP because, in some games, when the odd CV is around, she may or may not be spotted out of stealth. 10/10 reasoining there, mate.

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      Dip-Dip Potato Chip fakin brit heal :p

  5. 4:22 That collision though. LOLOLOLLOOLLOOLOLOLOL.

  6. if u play conqueror in your free time your life must be boring lol

  7. British HE BB Faggotships for Big Noobs =)

  8. fire dmg = try your luck

  9. ppl wonder why conqs spam HE, well with guns THAT inaccurate and unreliable, no wonder they shoot HE. you can barely hit shit, ofc you wont take a gamble with AP. worst add on to the game yet

  10. I love how they all ignored him lol.

  11. Should be renamed HMS Canceror for what it’s done for the game.
    Not as though this required vast skill. There were plenty of times where AP would’ve almost certainly caused more damage and didn’t require changing ammo from fully loaded, yet just kept spamming that HE.
    Hidden citadel, zombie heal, absurd HE alpha and fire chance. If you can’t do well in this ship you ought to quit playing.

  12. Kazeshini Hasagi

    *I conquer the seas with HE*

  13. Currently grinding it now it’s KGV,any gameplay hints from KGV to Lion?

  14. This is pure cancer

  15. why bother with conkek replay? mindless HE easy damage no brain required

  16. 20k HE shell imagine

  17. Love my Lion and can’t wait for Conqueror.😁

  18. Hey i like your replays … but come on … noone wants to see conq replays even if its 500k damage replay. Same goes for midway. I would love to see more idk moskva/henri IV 300k replay over 500k canceror.

    edit : i hope noone even asks why … it would be ridiculous to ask obvious. Thanks in advance.

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