Conqueror is fair and balanced || 385K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Dreadnought? C:

  2. Uchuu Senkan Conqueror

  3. 7:39 replay bug?

  4. If you get reported while playing this thing… You’re doing something right

  5. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Error 404 team not found.
    Good Rng!

  6. My saying: you can’t carry too many potatos…

  7. 150k got donated by those stupid Yamatos. Still a great gameplay

  8. 7:00 nice rng he citadel

    • HE can get citadel hits, only German and RN BBs can score citadels on Neptune / Mino due to the 1/4 pen. Any armor infront of the citadel (eg turtleback / torp bulge etc) prevents HE citadels, however.

    • Samuel ODonnell i scored with wyoming once

  9. this is what happen when enemy has no idea how to kill conquerror. Question to yourself; why is it not seen in clanbattles and if you see one, it get insta killed?

  10. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    Error 404 Balance not found , nuke he shells confirmed son ?

  11. Not enough carrying. Great synergy between Conqueror and Missouri however.

  12. @Panzerknacker : I HAVE SEND YOU 1 REPLAY, Strong Conqueror, check mail please

  13. Close to being the best comeback ever

  14. He spamming Scumbag

    • If HE works best with the Conqueror, and this ship has the most kick ass HE, then why not use it and try to win? Only faggots, pussies, and retards, who are obsessed with fairness, and need safe spaces so they never get butt hurt, have a problem with this.

      Btw I’ve fought the Conqueror many times now in my Yamato, and I don’t find it that scary. Sure I get set on fire, but the Conqueror is also big, slow, and easy for my eighteen inch AP shells to hit, and sink into. I get some really nice citadel hits when ever I engage a Conqueror. Plus my Yamato has nine big heals with premium consumables, so fire damage is easy for me to recover from.

      As a Yamato owner the ships that drive me the most crazy are the tiny, hard to detect, and hard to shoot at HE, and torp spamming DDs like the Gearing, Fletcher, and Khabarovsk. Dealing with an enemy Midway hell bent and focused on sending my Yami to the bottom is also a major headache, compared to what an enemy Conqueror tries to do.

    • Exodriver Yamato has 5 heals with superintendent, with premium repair party consumable however you can get it up to 6 heals if you get first blood with Yamamoto Isoroku onboard

  15. Gareth Fairclough

    People were saying just how OP the Yamato was back in the day.

  16. Every time A BB is as strong as it realy should be a snow flake has to complain

  17. Most of the dmg was close-range AP – same great player would do this better in a Montana. Incredible potatoing showed by the red team “push” anyway. Even in the end this Shima was quite lucky and could be blapped – losing the game… But evidently Conqueror’s luck limit was already exceeded for this month 😉

    • agree, this game didn’t show much Conqueror inbalance. He was using AP whenever appropriate, received witherer only when having 260k dmg already, and the massive devstrikes at close range would yield the same dmg using any t9-10 BB. Fairly good positioning, and the brief but brutally efficient close cooperation with Missouri was really nice.

  18. Болтался весь бой за островом не сделал нихуя. Потом ебнул бортоходов, когда уже было поздно. В этом все бриты.

  19. O frkn P……I want one!!

  20. Retard proof is real.
    Shoot HE at fully angle iowa deal 12k dmg+fire is…
    I have no words to say.

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