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Checking out the Conqueror Legendary, provides some maneuvering similar to the Vanguard. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X British Conqueror Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I just finished the Legendary grind for the Republique, I do not really care to do it again. The final one for 40,000 Base exp is ridiculous. Made me dislike the game.

    • +Dickie Debbil Yeah, not all of them are worth it at all. Also some are really up to your play style whether or not you’ll get any benefit whatsoever.

    • +K_A This is how I’m doing it. I have Yammy, Monty, Shima, Gearing, and YeuYang – I don’t have the first clue how much progress I’ve made on the legendary modules. I just play to put a smile on my face and eventually, I’ll get a little notification that I have a new toy.

    • Republique’s Legendary module is trash so you did that for nothing.

    • World of Grind – it’s the Wargaming mentality. Guess some sort of Russian thing!

    • FLAGS + HE farming = a couple days grind

  2. Let’s colonise the world with FIRE!!! LITERALLY

  3. YOU locked onto the hindy at the start right before shooting the salvo at mino. Thats how you get good grouping while blind firing.

  4. Oh my clan mate killed you, oof

  5. I would like to see the moskva module

  6. You spelled Mongqueror wrong

  7. Can you do a video on the special commanders such as Jack Dunkirk, Yamamoto, etc. in showing which top 3 ships would be great to play with these special commanders?

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Dunkirk works great on Conqueror because the +1 deg/sec (instead of +0.7 deg/sec from normal commanders) on Expert Marksman mitigates the slowdown from Main Battery Mod 3. The improved Jack of All Trades is also helpful to cut down the lengthy cooldown on Repair Party by 10% instead of 5%. He is also good for the cruisers & destroyers if you are relying on smoke a lot.

  8. I have this one. It’s a GOOD one 🙂 The rudder shift is even more important since they nerfed the citadel (a totally unnecessary change made simply to try and quite the anti-Conqy Dong crowd).

    I”m halfway to my Zao Legendary

  9. that’s not unfortunate , you pull notser ,that’s normal

  10. Aaaaand that’s why, in those situations where I need to be on full rudder for a while, I use Q and E to lock it on. Just in case.

    • Exactly. Crappy WG connectivity is nothing new; not using the controls available is the player’s fault.

    • General Cartman Lee

      +Steeltrap It wasn’t an issue with the WoWS server, the whole stream was lagging at the moment.
      And while in this case using E might have been useful, on other occasions it might not be because if you need to stop turning and locked the rudder such a packet loss lag can cause you to turn too far.

    • +General Cartman Lee
      Yes, here in Aus we had rotten performance to the Asia server. A classic case of WG promising one thing then delivering another. Just for fun we were not allowed to transfer back to NA where we’d all been as that was the first WG server outside Europe/Russia (I’m talking all the way back to the launch of WoT; I’ve been around WG that long, lol).
      When I played I tended to use the locked commands when in a BB and the direct rudder in cruisers and especially DDs. Still think that’s a useful way to go.

    also i remember the start of this game where i slowly advance and then suddenly our Mino is ded…

  12. Not using High Explosive ammunition! Shame on you Notser!

  13. 100% some1 already said it… 8:05 would not have happened if you’d use the Q and E instead of A and D =]

  14. So the legendary mod turns it in even better mega zao?

    Ultra Zao? Giga Zao?

  15. There seems to be some sort of visual bug that makes your HE rounds look like AP.

  16. I’m usually loathe to give up concealment on any ship but might give this one to go. I’m also considering trying the legendary Montana. I think all of these legendary upgrades where you give up concealment in a battleship or cruiser will become much more useful once they change the way concealment works and it’s a flat 10% across all ships.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      This mod is definitely not a bad replacement considering the amount of Asashio B sailing around. With such a quick rudder shift, you can open your sides to fire all your guns and angle yourself instantly after that.

  17. Why do I need maneuverability if I’m out in the back 24 km away slinging high explosive fire shells? Why am I close in a conqueror that’s what all the destroyers and cruisers are 4? To be close to the enemy while battleships with long range stay in In the back?

  18. The game gauged that were close to getting away from the island, lagged you out, so you can live up to your namesake “Pulling a Notser”

  19. I just got the Gearing legendary, now I can sneak up on Shima’s and wreck them

  20. WTG, love your commander xp, anyhoo gonna give you a +1 Like, seeing I can’t give you a +1 Karma for the control bug. happened to me a few times.

    Have a great one

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