Conqueror requires minimal brain activity in World of Warships Legends

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  1. 🚨Everyone spam the wowsl social media channels asking for good secondary range on Graf Zeppelin🚨

    otherwise you just know we’ll end up with 2km secondaries and i’ll probably die of boredom

    thoughts on graf zeppelin being tested by super testers tho? bureau, campaign, store premium?


      Deep Down I Really Want GRAF ZEPPELIN To Be A Campaign Ship 😃. But I Highly Doubt It 🤬

    • @futbolfish05 can’t argue with that I’d honestly kill for another heavy cruiser like Prinz Eugen or Mainz since I missed both of them and that’s coming from a BB main. I really think a cruiser would be nice

    • @CRAIG KMS BISMARCK,TIRPITZ,SCHARNHORST,GNEISENAU I wish, but they won’t do that. Giving a tier 7 carrier to bots who buy out the campaign is a bad idea. It would make a LOT of money though

    • @Alexander Karl I’m also a BB main, and I would actually like a heavy cruiser. Belfast 43 missed the mark

    • @Alexander Karl i mean …sure but your gonna be wrong when they release it

  2. The khaba’s weakness is the fact that conqueror exists in the game and you can’t change my mind. U should’ve showed some clips of destroying them

    • @Eduardo Morales Fernandez rudder isn’t a problem for me, I have it near max. Shells aren’t bad because I just dodge them. I’m shooting anyways so concealment not required

    • Eduardo Morales Fernandez

      Yeah that basically how to play khaba, you played It like a Cruiser with no citadel

    • @Eduardo Morales Fernandez so true, that’s why the conqueror scares me, they hit so hard

    • One shot a full health khaba when it charged me….so satisfying

    • You’re right, I absolutely love my khaba, but the ONLY thing that really makes me think twice in it is the Conqueror.

  3. Hey pg, do you think you could do a video on the new mexico? It’s probably my best ship and it would be cool to see it in a video.

  4. magicGfinger Grant

    You need to revisit Genova with SAP shells. 203 SAP is gonna wreck at low tier

  5. Valhalan guardsman

    I will never get over the fact that al Nelson gets moai for signature skill

  6. Weird request, Mogami was my first tier VII I ever got in the game and I have been playing since day 1. Can you show me what you got in it? (P.S. For a meme build you can get a 2.3 second rudder shift on the ship if you get bored and want a good laugh.)

  7. I get brain damage when playing against this thing.

  8. Will we see another best moments video with meme sounds? I absolutely love those! Also, when there is an upload, it never ceases to amaze me! Thanks PGRapidz!

  9. YorkshireBorn85

    Hey thats me in that massa dude! Them Conq heals man GG chief.

  10. A proud Baguette

    Ah i remember meeting you in my Conq having a witherer within less than 3min of the game 👀

  11. It’s also known as “The Royal Thwacking Shtick”

  12. Can’t wait for the Thunderer comes out lol

  13. Can we get a video on the florida? everyone says that it’s basically the worst tier 6 BB so I’m curious what you think of that

  14. Ghetto Streamlabs

    “here is a build of a very balanced commander” LMAO

  15. Let’s just say it’s the best bb at LT. Had back to back 285k/303k games the other week. The 285k game with 7 kills, solo warrior and 4200 base xp. I don’t think its zero brain activity as a ship. At least comparing to the average bow in yamato. Despite the heal its the least forgiving bb at the tier. If you get shell selection right, damage just happens. But it’s easy to die early. Personally for me, ap is default shell selection, especially early game hoping to catch broadsides but if you’re against the average bow in bb you know with it’s HE you can out-trade in a heartbeat.

  16. That Yamato kill in the end made me fall off my chair laughing

  17. I prefer playing the Conqueror over the Yamato, it’s just consistently better. Having HE that’s actually reliable makes the Conqueror superior to the Yamato.

  18. Ah Conquek, otherwise known as Witherer Printer.

  19. Conq with AL Nelson is pretty insane. Only bad things for me about the ship is the squishy super structure and the repair party taking forever to reload

  20. Hey brother, I love your content.
    I’m hoping you’ll do a Königsberg video at some point.
    You explain ships in normie terms way better than all of the other “quality” wows legends YouTubers/streamers so I’m interested in what you’d have to say about that ship.
    I’ve got a few hundred hours in this game and I’m still learning more from YouTube than I am from standard matches haha

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