Conqueror | Tier X British Battleship || Stats, Armour & Pictures | World of Warships

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Conqueror | British Battleship || Stats, Armour & Pictures | World of

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  1. Михаил Серафимов


  2. Conqueror or yamato?

  3. very cool 🙂

  4. Radar? Missouri does not approve of this

  5. wow more sniping artillery incoming. just hope that the guns wont be so accurate

  6. Just what we need, more radar at t10

  7. Why tf radar

  8. The Missouri already gave a peek at how powerful a high tier BB can with with radar. Now strap that onto a T10 with 18″ guns…

  9. João Pedro Couto Cruz

    Imo 82,9k health is low for tier X, however the radar and gun caliber may compensate…

  10. Curse you WG! Stop putting radar on everything!

  11. Is this researchable or is it premium?

  12. I thought they said Missouri was gonna be a one-off, and that they knew that giving other ships the tools cruisers had would make cruisers become more irrelevant?

    I just get the feeling that WG isn’t ACTUALLY taking the absurd number of battleships seriously. They do nothing the curb it, and everything to encourage it.

  13. how to test server is it free ?

  14. whats tier 8

  15. Not into the radar thing.

  16. paper ship

  17. Jesus; 82k HP? 19 mm armor; except for some parts around the main belt? Only 8 guns, and a giant citadel?
    This is a T10, you say?

  18. I wonder if her dp secondaries will have the same range of aa aroura as the mino? if so, she might be a better aa battleship then Montana….

  19. Pretty low hp pool

  20. if they make this one, i do hope they bring the super yamatos and the H-44

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