Container Opening: Soviet Premium Arc / Azur Lane Premium || World of Warships

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  1. It looks like every Azur Lane container gets you a 10 pt commander.

  2. Please i want containers premium soviet

  3. Man I really want to collect the Azur lane stuff but can’t ??

  4. How do you get the azur lane containers?

  5. 15 container drop 5.7.8.lvl nice… i open 23 aaaand give only 6 lvl WG f_ck you!

  6. wow 15 container up in Lucky amazing

  7. WG = cancer

  8. Indi-chan kawaiiiii

  9. can’t wait then they release nazis premium cointainers.

  10. du glücklicher. 3 bbs geschenkt bekommen…. ich sag mal nich sowas wie “rigged” oder so xD

  11. 4:33 We all know what you did Pasch
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. fachreza eka kurnia

    How we get azur lane container?

  13. RNGesus likes you 😉

  14. How much it will cost those Azur lane containers? The same as the russian ones?

  15. Thanks for doing this

  16. Azure Lane Containers are somewhat not worth of money if you already have the 19 point Commanders.. but if you want cool Voiceover Mods then this is for you. But worth-wise, Ill give it a pass

  17. 델타전사오혜성


  18. They should include also the Azur Lane commanders from last year in this boxes.

  19. Really lucky with the Russian boxes

  20. Very Lucky with Russian BBs… most players I know got Zero russian BBs

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