Continuing our New Account Adventure! – No Premium, No Boosts! – World of Warships

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If you’ve seen my coverage of Warships in general, you may have noticed that I have all the ships, all the camo, all the signals, all the credits, and generally “all the things”, on my main account.

This can really throw off the perceptions of what newer players are experiencing. So I decided to do something about it, I made a brand new account. No premium time, no boosts, no money spent whatsoever.

What is it like?


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  1. First!!!

  2. I like this…its easy watching and good commentary…cheers Mr Deals.

  3. TD, this is a worthy effort, much like what I enjoy from QuickyBaby on WoT with his new account.  To get more playing, the community contributors need to focus on the foundations of playing rather than the high tiers.  Looking forward to your climb through the tech trees.

  4. I have an account and there is a lot to know that is not explained well. I am happy you are doing this. Thank you. PS I make it a point to use your link to get all my PC stuff.

  5. Hi tech deals,liked the video, more please, your attempt at names of ships is interesting, in next comment for next video will explain my Nick name for you, I think you might like it, see you next time captain_pugw4sh.

  6. i had many battles won by implementing many of mr deals’s tps on playing battleships happy sailing

  7. I follow a lot off Pc gaming channels…. But i still dont have a gaming pc till now…? Parts too expensive in India….. I wish i had a pc to play this game

  8. Keep going Tech! I, for one, don’t feel you need to be constantly talking. Us beginners will probably watch the whole video so the “quiet” times between action(s) are part of the deal. Thanks again for this series!

  9. I really wish I had had access to a series like this when I first started. I would not have stumbled around for weeks not knowing what was happening or why. Some experienced folks might complain to you about the simplicity of these videos. Ignore them and help World of Warships keep new players who stumble into the game and would otherwise get frustrated and leave forever. Great idea, and thanks.

  10. Keep going Tech! I like this…its easy watching and good commentary…cheers Mr Deals.

  11. Hey there, got to “know you” a while ago when I was looking to upgrade my PC, relied on your advices and ended up with a 1060 and AMD 2700,, still happy with my choice… Ended up playing WOWS as main game and was surprised to see you playing it too…. Anyways… Your basic videos are a good idea, don’t mind the full length, you asked for feedback so here’s mine as a viewer.. since this Serie is intended for newbies, perhaps your talking could focus more on introducing some of the game mechanics, what line should I go for? What is coming… Classes of ships etc… Does it matter? Where to shoot? What are these level? The different weapon coming in higher tier… Perhaps set goal for getting to a recommended ship within specific learn game basic… Having that sort of guidance would have helped me a while ago and likely prevented to start from scratch again with a new account…. Regardless… Thx for all your contributions and advices….

  12. i like this series keep it going pleas

  13. bots zzzzzzzzz

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