Controllable CATAPULT RECON HYDROPLANES | Scharnhorst Battleship

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Controllable CATAPULT RECON HYDROPLANES | Scharnhorst Battleship


  1. Once this comes out I’m defo gonna buy it straight away. I also just want to say I love your videos there is nothing like coming home after a long day and binge watching your channel

  2. Scharnorst means that we are one step closer to Bismarck!

  3. If they added player controlled carriers being able to have other players spawn and resupply on you would be cool

    • It would be the only way to balance it tho because torpedoes can 1 shot and bombs have to be really underpowered to be playable unfortunately this is in the list of unfortunately impossible to add with artillery and ww1 tech

    • it could definitely be implemented, like the nuke except cheaper. Could eventually spawn an aircraft carrier with enough SP, and doing so would decrease other players SP requirements for aircraft by 25-33.3% if they spawn on you

    • @Twigg don’t think they will allow any doo little raids on ships

    • they need new gamemodes for everything. Planes, tanks, and naval. The game is bland and has been since it came out. Convoy escorting, bomber escorting missions, etc. So much potential in War Thunder yet Gaijin refuses to use it and sticks with capping points. So fucking boring.

    • Hotjoin air players

  4. Can’t wait to see phly do some thunderchief CAS

  5. This is the first step for getting player controlled aircraft carriers

  6. If the planes in naval can have smoke screens, the Gaijin should be historically accurate and add smoke screens to hurricanes (they had them irl to provide cover for troops by flying low)

  7. Hey PhlyDaddy, I would love to see you play my favorite ground strike aircraft, the A-4E, with the new walleye bombs. Whole different CAS feel.

  8. I full believe naval could be saves by the abandonment of capture the zone! They should mix it up, team death match. Or even carrier assault, where each team has a carrier group to escort and must destroy the enemy group before they reach their targets. Or maybe over 2 rounds 1 attacking one defending round.
    They need to generally change up the fucking wanky flag cap game mode.
    Just have something that isn’t capture the zone.

    • @Spirit 117 Yeah I noticed.
      Regular matches just dont make the cut. EC is the way with naval

    • War thunder never had a non capture related mode, that would be a massive step for gaijin

    • I think EC would be good. But theh should bin off the fact they won’t let anyone but the Air sim players use it. Bring it to all forces. Not just air sim! But yeah glad to see nearly 99% of the community want new game modes for all. Even free for all would be a good laugh or like 5 way squad battles 🤣

    • @WAFFEL E100 “game changer” would be a suitable name for update with such mode…

    • I mean the best part about naval if the long games that makes it more relaxing and realistic
      And if it was just TDM or VIP kinda modes it would take the magic of it out considering now it’s just sweaty go for kills mode where a torpedo can kill the strongest armor

  9. _Scharnhorst_ pronounciation is on point. This, coming with the _Flusi_ is also really presenting the two ways german words can turn out.

  10. Phly: “For those that play naval- ah- wh- how do you kill shit?”
    answer: “PROTIP: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.”

    • Well, uh, how ‘bout we group up


    • Nah, just spawn to a bomber. Unless the enemy has AA, of course, in which case you need a teammate to spawn before you and hopefully survive long enough to drag the AA to himself while you approach and aim.

  11. Could scharnorst be the first hint of how future aircraft carrier will be like amd battleship that launch planes?

  12. HEY PHLY! Naval guy here! Aiming explanation / rant incoming!

    You have to take into account both parties movement (I know I don’t have to tell you that), BUT. You don’t have to wait for the rangefinder to find the range, with the update you can eyeball how fast they’re coming at you. Like, thanks to the update, that measurement underneath your crosshairs in binoc mode is where your shells will land if you were to fire right now. You can notice how wildly it changes if you’re heavily zigzagging. If you’re hard over it’ll say like 1.2km even though you’re aiming 5km away just because the guns can’t elevate that high when you’re heeled over in a turn.

    I digress. For instance:

    1: You have a Portland coming at you, he’s 5.68km away and closing.
    2: you do qUiKmAfS and eyeball how quick the range is dropping. For instance, if he’s coming at you .2km per second you can probably guess oh, he’s at 5.68 rn but by the time my shells get there he’ll be at 5.42km
    3: shoot and correct. At that point trying to nail down the deflection is the hardest part.

    But yeah just because the green circle is on target makes no difference, that just tells you you’ve selected this target, you really gotta watch close the actual range value on your binocs. That’s why at 2:30 your shells were so short, because the target was at 4.85km but your reticle said 4.64. Fortunately RNG dispersed some shots into his superstructure lol. Same thing when you were versus that other Scharn, your aim was low so it hit his angled belt armor, which Scharn has FUCKloads of, so it just ricocheted. If it had been a little higher thats guns, the bridge, maybe an ammo det on the torpedoes, etc.

    Also sometimes you want to aim a couple tics up or down to wreck the superstructure / hole his hull. Ammo management is a great way to burn people down. Like, the Prinz Eugen has so many exposed AA guns if you smack his superstructure with HE that’s like 15% of his crew right there, and if he’s stupid he’ll keep repairing which means more crew mans those guns which means you can kill more crew. For Scharn however big gun is big and ammo selection isn’t really that important unless it’s versus a DD or a really light cruiser, don’t want to overpen.

    It takes some getting used to.

    Shameless plug for offering to help you out if you ever wanted to div up in a training room! Big hugs Phlydaddy, love you man, your videos are daily highlights!

    • Jackson & Johnson's

      You should run a channel dedicated to naval warfare on Warthunder. Its not yet as big as its going to get, but onw sure has fun once you get into the CL’s. I’m ex-army myself so I can appreciate Phly aiming at the front of the ship, as an armoured land vehicle usually is most vulnerable there and with Phly’s mastery of the art of ground warfare, it naturally becomes your aiming point in most battles. With the arrival of the Arado, its going to be quite a slog between the various scout planes soon above the waters. We all require training!

    • There are training rooms, where can I find them, I’m on console

    • @Jackson & Johnson’s I want to!!

    • Don’t mind me just gonna screen shot this for when I start playing naval

    • Naval sounds complicated. I am glad there’s enough people who enjoy it.
      Not my gamemode but it’s good that we have it!

  13. i love how floatplanes fuel tanks still burn after theyve broken off, glad to see that bug is still around

  14. You know, I think combined sim battles for naval and air could be amazing! That way we actually get cool scenarios, like Port Mosby, where you have two carriers facing off at either ends of a coast, and AI attack parties, dive bomber waves, etc that spice things up

    • But I wonder how the camera view would be in sim for naval, stuck to the bridge only?

    • @Lai SY no, what we have now for naval RB would surely be fine. You have plenty of eyes on board a vessel, I don’t see why you would need your vision to be limited. And it’d just be awful playing from the bridge

    • Give CAS players that don’t want to play tanks an option by allowing them to hot join as long as the carrier is alive.

    • @Raptorsified yeah totally! I mean itd be just like the Port Moseby Sim Battle right now, except you’d have players spawning in as ships too. And in the Port Moseby battle, sometimes the carrier groups assault one another and you can spawn in your dive plane and scramble off the deck to go and attack the other carrier as flak and shells rain down around you

    • @Commander Kei I was thinking BR-wise you don’t want Air only players that have only researched aircraft to research ships they don’t want to use to bomb human players. Likewise though by making it so that they have to spawn on the carrier it creates an impetus for the Naval players in the game to protect their air superiority. Important caveat for the carrier is that it must be AI controlled because it is the single most powerful ship on either team. This prevents two things: firstly, it removes the possibility of all members of one team getting their game ruined by carrier grief; secondly, it solves the problem of only wanting to have limited # of carriers thus increasing queue time for carrier players were they to exist (a similar problem exists in WoWS). By having air-only players spawn from the carrier exclusively it also gives those players who did take the time to be the steel in the sea who want to continue to bring their own aircraft to be rewarded for doing so. This manifests most notably in the ability for the Navy players to deploy from the carriers in addition to the existing spawns. By being able to use the air strips exclusively the players that invested into Naval ships as well as aircraft are rewarded by being able to continue the fight in the air even when the carrier is downed.

  15. I can’t say about killing WWI battleships, but for fighting cruisers or WWII battle cruisers with cruisers, the key is to aim for weak points in the armor, like the turrets or bow. Starting fires also helps, because it kills crew and will increase the amount of time they need to repair. Also, in case you didn’t notice, it looked like your secondaries and AA guns were switched to “do not fire” during the video, they won’t penetrate and do massive damage but can help set fires and keep up the pain by destroying AA guns, which are an easy way to decrease the enemy’s crew. The reason why you couldn’t pen the other Scharnhorst is probably because “he is you”, if you take it into a real battle hopefully a battleship will be nearby to help. In any case however, ships also have an armor penetration calculator, which works like the tank one so you can try to find weak spots. By the way I’m not sure I would recommend trying to get into naval top tier right now; last I checked, battleships slaughter cruisers, while battleship repair costs are so high people lose SL almost every game. Making a suggestion video to Gaijin (like the one about FPE and Parts you made for tanks) might help though 🙂 I hope this helps!

  16. I’ve been playing a lot of naval on the German Tree and I’m really excited for this beautiful battlecruiser and with that mechanic to come out, thanks for making this phly. edit: The main way I kill things is detonating their ammo or using torps.

  17. Now every high tier naval battle will start out with a big hydroplane brawl at the cap zones to contest them long before the ships can actually arrive.

    • i can imagine the air battle first before the naval battle. its going to be so cool!

    • And judging by how it’s been so far, that will about be what decides the battle. No ship larger than a DD will have any effect to the outcome, apart from sending out the hydroplane, apparently.

  18. I’ve been hoping they’d do combined battles, everything mixed, naval/ground/air, it would be a blast. I’m sure logistically it would be a nightmare, so I’m not sure why they haven’t done it yet. I mean, we get to dig holes…..

  19. Naval is in a really bad state right now due to the damage model rework they did a few months back. Ships like the german m-802, af-d3, k2, etc are basically invincible now. If you see one in a match, they ALWAYS get first place with like 8+ kills. This is coming from a naval main btw. I’m rank 190 in naval kills this month. Top 9000 players in PVP rating.
    Besides all that, this is really cool to see.

  20. Phly: “Potentially player controlled aircraft carriers in war thunder?”

    Players from World of Warships: Sounds good in theory, bad in practice. Trust us you do not want those things.

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