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We unveil our new temporary battle type—Convoy!
Destroy transport ships or defend shipping routes to earn unique achievements!
Defending or destroying maritime shipping routes has always been one of the most important tasks of any navy, because large quantities of military equipment, fuel, and other strategically important cargo are often transported across the seas. Intercepting merchant and cargo ships was the primary objective of numerous raiders, and warring parties had to maintain considerable naval forces to protect their trade routes.
Update 0.10.8 invites you to participate in a new temporary battle type inspired by this historical practice—Convoy—in which you’ll need to either defend or destroy cargo ships.

00:00 – Lend-Lease Act
00:32 – Convoy: a group of ships, traveling together for mutual support and protection.
01:05 – New temporary battle type — Convoy
01:25 – Significance of sea convoys during World War II
01:55 – Rules for participation in the temporary battle type “Convoy”
03:00 – Special combat missions

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  1. The mustache guy promised that he can make catgirl real if Kriegsmarine conquer the Atlantic.

  2. Me, only have a German T8 BB: Finally, this what I designed for.

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    We unveil our new temporary battle type—Convoy!
    Destroy transport ships or defend shipping routes to earn unique achievements!
    📝 Leave us a comment right after subscribing to the channel

    Read the news on your server 👇🏻:

  4. Tier 8 kms full secondary
    One for cargo and main for player

  5. People who are gonna be defending will lose 100% thanks to the health nerf to the AI ships unless you face downright dumb people.

  6. The convoy mode would probs work better with a bigger map, like in Operations, and instead of the standard warships, we’d have DDs vs subs, so we can give DD players a break from the fire of RB

  7. When PVP meets PVE , nice . Hopefully it stays tier based . Tier 8 only for example. . No up tiers no lower tiers.

    • WOT current Frontlines mode is learning a hard lesson from that.

    • @airglide2 heck if you talk to most players the most common COMPLAINT is queuing up to battle in a tier 5 , fight against 7 ‘s . Q for 6 fight 8’s , Q for 7’s fight 9’s . Q for 8’s fight 10’s. It’s horrible. The joke ” get good ” only goes so far. I have seen many players quit the game all together because of this one feature. Then on the WoWs discord . WG has ” how can we better balance the game ” channel and they ALWAYS ignore it or come up with some lame excuse why . BOT are fun and work if the battle list doesn’t fill up. I just wanna fight ! But not be overpowered by something 2 levels higher !

  8. Can we please get some more scenario missions and perhaps for higher tiers too – it’s getting boring just having the same 4 in rotation

  9. Take subs out of standard battle modes and put them in a convoy scenario, they would fit much better there!

  10. Why temporary though? This should be a permanent new mode since players have been waiting for this for a long time now.

  11. Submarines should’ve been in this mode but only in wolfpacks. So essentially the mode would’ve had 2 matchmakers. One for players who want to play in a wolfpack of subs, and the other is for players who want to do it with surface ships.

    • for me i would rather have these types of match’s on a map about 10x the size and that is small IMO, more like a seek out and find kind of mission, but i enjoy working and planning the attack and coordinating your search aircraft and strike aircraft with your subs, missions that would take hours instead of hit a button and your there, submarines in wow are IMO the dumbest idea next to CV’s they have ever came up with they have to dumb them done to much to make them playable and that just kills them for me, I would rather have a CV with aircraft individually controlled by other players along with your AA defenses and let your captain control the ships and his crews defend them, that would give you pilots and gunners on your cv’s and gunners on the rest of the task force, oh wait they already have a game like that and it is not WOW or WT.

    • ​@focke wulf I agree, what you suggested would make for more thrilling/fulfilling gameplay, although it’s probably too late for WoWs to ever cater to it unfortunately. Also, any hints on helping track down that other game? I was thinking of making my own bare bones game as a last resort but it’s good that there already is a game like that out there

  12. Jaime Cortesão Casimiro

    This looks so cool. I cant wait to play it. Good job 👍

  13. Pls let this Mode online forever and make more of these Game Modes ❤️💪 o7

  14. Looking forward to trying this. Video needs more Dasha

  15. Bismark and prince uegen be like: ah shit here we again

  16. Tirpitz players finally have a reason to live

  17. 3:05
    Imagine having a bunch of resources to offer to players already in the game like coal or steel, but giving community tokens as a reward, normally reserved for streams and tests.

    Stop working with the “resource of the moment”, have some logic

  18. I already imagine the opponents, they will take all the destroyers and they will make a wall of torpedoes never seen before 😅🤣

  19. So for this game mode will it just include the real historical vessels at tier 8 like the Axis vs Allies game mode? So keeping it historically accurate will paper ships like the Charles Martel, Amalifi, Haarlem, Kii/Amagi, Monarch, Kansas, albemarle, August Parseval, Gustav Maerker, Valivostok, and PobedaChaklov not be included?

  20. 6 years later…. That’s how long we’ve been asking for this kind of mode. Please make this permanent!

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