Cossack Destroyer Review | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox 1

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Gameplay review of the British Destroyer Cossack in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and Xbox 1.


  1. Bro Tbull make a secondary build😂

  2. Minute and a half reload versus 90 second reload eh? You back on the hooch Tbull? xD

  3. Good, impartial review. Everyone complaining right off the bat gets tiring…

  4. They gave us the version with better AA… but no carriers????

  5. the main reason why this ship has 1 set of torps cause it have more guns. I don’t understand why they give us a freaking secondary

    • That’s a good question 😂

    • @Tbull yeah i think that the main reason. I mean all other UK dd have only 3 turrets so i understand why they have to remove 1 turret, but secondary guns? Lol

    • What 3 guns times 2 6 shells whereas the jervis has 5 guns with 8 torps possible 10 I think they’ve nerfed it because of the Russian bias Leningrad the Cossack had 4 twin guns in ww2 pathetic they remove them

  6. The problem for me isn’t weather or not the Cossack will perform well in game or not. The problem is that they took away what made the Cossack unique. I imagine they had to make some changes to drop it all the way down to tier 6 but I wish they would would have made it tier 7 and left it special. IMO it’s just another ho-hum 6 gun British DD now.

  7. Psychotic Sith Lord

    Sums WG up. Add in the Cossack with the AA turret in place of its 4th 120mm gun turret when theres no use for AA in Legends. They made a potentially great DD average. Well done WarGaming well done

  8. I like the Cossack so far, barring catastrophic potato on either my part or my teammates part, usually a solid mix.

    Destroyer v. Destroyer it usually comes out on top except against USN/USSR destroyers, but rarely with enough hit points to keep impacting the game.

    I actually successfully hunted a kutuszovov during one of my early matches.

  9. I happen to like this ship. I got concealment down to 4.7, reload 5.5 on guns and reload of torpedoes within acceptable

  10. marsel dagistani

    Is the Cossack some sort of a gunboat?

  11. FlyingDutchmanVideos

    I don’t play the console version of WOWS, but it’s interesting to see how different the Legends version of the Cossack is from the PC version: Different tiering, Long duration smoke instead of the short-duration, fast-recharge smoke on the PC, and a secondary/AA mount instead of an additional turret. I think the console version is slightly stealthier than the PC ship, but that could be because of commander talents that don’t exist in quite the same way on PC. Obviously, as Tbull said, WG tries to fit these ships into ‘different’ gameplay, but i’m not sure Cossack is all that powerful on PC, with the presence of carriers, Italian cruisers with SAP (if these are headed for Legends, you console DD guys are in for a ride lol) and getting uptiered quite a lot. Not sure i’d want to give up a turret for a single AA mount on PC, since it’d be unlikely to do much. Smokes are a matter of preference, since the longer smokes certainly give you the opportunity to sit and spam.

  12. It’s fun and I’m enjoying playing Cossack but do feel that giving a secondary gun turret as the AA when no carriers is a bit stupid but ship is good .

  13. Nice review 👍Purchased the cossack yesterday and i just find it lacking in most areas. Id go for the kidd or the leningrad atleast they have potent firepower and more torpedoes i believe. They could have made the cossack a great ship but instead they put a redundant secondary gun in place of an extra gun turret or another torp launcher. Plus not having twist and track on the British commanders further harms this ships potency. The mass and jervis are way better all rounders.

  14. Good gameplay Tbull but I’ m still complaining and I still think she is a piece of garbage. The problem is not only the discrepancy to the Pc version but the absence of a specific gameplay for this ship configuration. This configuration for the Cossack is The AA configuration according to wargaming and it is useless in the absence of carrier. Moreover some players are comparing it to the KIDD, which is false. The KIDD is a DD killer because of the twist and track skills and the guns configuration. These two are lacking for The Cossack

  15. A little correction on you here: only one main turret was removed not two, she has three twins here, on PC she has four twins.
    Fun little tidbit here. People bitch about the change. Yes, they replaced “X”-turret for a DP twin turret also on Leander/Fiji/Warspite/Hood/etc.
    While it is a change from PC to nerf her, it’s historically accurate surprisingly, but they did slip up on it. Historically, Cossack and other Tribals had an aft main gun turret replaced with a 4” Mark XVI twin turret as seen in-game. This was done after the Narvik due to heavy losses to German air attacks during the campaign. Also, to increase the firing arcs of the AA guns, the rear funnel was shortened and the mainmast was reduced to a short pole mast.
    While the gun change is accurate, they didn’t shorten the funnel (kinda like how they did with Campbeltown) not the mast.
    Plus, the main battery change isn’t unexpected, it was more unexpected that they didn’t replace X-turret on PC, as her description in PC and Legends are the same:
    “One of the renowned Tribal-class destroyers with an emphasis on gunnery over torpedo warfare. During World War II, the ship’s AA defenses were reinforced at the cost of one main gun mount.”

  16. Great video, I run a lvl 16.2 tyrwhitt on the Cossack. I have alittle bit different stats. 4.9 concealment, 2.9 rudder shit. The biggest difference is I have 4 smokes with 171 reload time

  17. Thanks for the review. No thanks on the Cossack.

  18. While I agree with the whole “paper stats compared to PC, then gripe” argument, I still think WG missed an opportunity here…give it the slow torp reload like Jervis, but leave the 4th main battery turret on, and give her the “usual” British smoke…THAT would make for a unique playstyle…

    Great review, sir! Some thought provoking pieces in there…😎👍

  19. Darren VanDerwilt

    So, picked this little beast up today after watching this review. I was reluctant when it came out, but I also have this DD addiction. Good ship! Now, it took four matches before netting a win. There’s only so much a DD player can do when saddled with a team of potatoes. But I was at the top of the leaderboard each time by playing the objectives. May give it a go in ranked.

  20. I was looking forward to Crosshack… Well I’m extremely disappointed! Bad rear turret angle, you have to go full boradside. Why use the newer refit when currently AAA has no use in game! I would of excepted the 4 torpedos if we had that 4th gun turret!

    I actually asked for a refund but due to the silly wargaming policy I couldn’t as “I used the ship”.

    Guy’s, don’t purchase this ship. Jervis is better and its a none premium!

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