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Checking out the updated version of the Cossack, 7. improved the torpedo reload and turret traverse. Ships feels great and I’ve really come to love the style of play. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Destroyer Cossack Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. 360p? Interesting…

  2. Wow – Reduced torp reload and better turret traverse. They’ve buffed everything I wanted!

    • They had to make her at least comparable to the Lightning. Before the nerfs, she was very mediocre at her specialties (ie. stealth gunner).

  3. Great, thank you.  I just picked up the Cossack and was looking for an up to date review.  Thanks for your great insights.

  4. Wow when you got hit with that salvo from the Massachusetts B straight up the stern of the ship at 5.6 km away in my opinion you should have been punished. It’s so frustrating to know that you can be a dd and get to 5km range with that payload and not be sufficiently punished. I really wish they would revisit this mechanic and make it range based. A dd getting full penned at +12km range was the issue. There is no reason why a dd should have that sort of survivability at range.

    • +ElectroVeeDub rock paper scissors my ass. That concept died long time ago with the introduction of new ship lines and different gimmicky premiums.

    • +Ydoum’s Gaming Den Well it’s back. It started in CBT, OBT and for a time after. Wargaming changed it back for a reason. Because BB’s cannot remain impervious to every ship class. You get within 8kms of a DD without the proper support, expect to die. Your days of YOLOing into a cap and killing 2 DD’s and everything else is over. Deal with it 🙂

    • +ElectroVeeDub BBs are impervious to every ship? 70% of the ships have torps, half of those can torp you from concealment, we have two CL lines, one of them is full HE spam with IFHE, kitakaze and harugumo can pick apart any BB with their HE machine guns for main battery, DDs dont take damage anymore from BB.
      Go into a cap and kill two DDs? Either those DDs are potatoes and dont have situational awareness or the guy driving said BB is Yuro incarnate.

    • +ElectroVeeDub And which classes are those? Iowa, Fletcher, or Bismarck? It’s hard to take arguments seriously when you don’t know the difference between ship class and ship type.

    • The secondaries should be what punishes you for being that close. But they are largely a joke as they are.

  5. Yup nerf all other categories and start buffing DDs so we can really call the game World of Destroyers officially, i bet next nerf is the radar all coming from you destroyer crybabies! Awww the concealed spamming of HE every 2 secs, torpedo walls every minute, charging Battleships not giving a flying fck any more cause you ll only get 10% of AP damage, smoke, speed, maneuverability aint enough for you aim assisted torpedo spammers any more!

    • Sounds like you don´t play on EU server. Usually in the queue:
      0 CVs
      47 BBs
      3 cruisers
      4 DDs

      yeah, bec the DDs are so easy to play and BBs can only be mastered by die-hards. Give me a brake.

    • +Glupi Medo Alright I’ll give you a brake but give it back when you’re done. I gotta put it back on the school bus before 3 so I can drop these kids off.

    • +Little Girl Bahaaahaaaa. We can donate an extra break from our side

    • And your point is? U acting like anything i said is wrong, tell me otherwise using facts! I would like to see a destroyer in real life get shot from a BB and live to tell the story!

  6. Better now but I still prefer the Lightning for the same tier

  7. Cossack was good before 0.7.11. Now it even better. I really do not like the bb ap nerfs. Dd`s were doing fine before 0.7.11. Asashio`s in every high tier game, and so much harder to punish them and other dd`s. It`s hard now to be a bb.

    • Personally I think that BBs could do too much damage due to RNG to a DD at any range and while the “only overpen damage” rule could be too much of a buff to DDs, they could still move to a middle ground solution where pens give 20% damage instead of 33% (old system) and the “only overpen” 10% (new system) damage.

    • Add in all the HE spam

    • you can still take potshots, and when you as BB fully engange a DD you are not doing your job anyways, you then should have HE loaded

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Chupacabra2k10 Tell that to the German BB’s… Their HE is awful. The thing is tho. BB’s should not get pens on a DD 12 or 17km away. But its bullshit when a stupid DD instead of staying hidden and torping you decides to rush and get spotted and you fire 3 shells down trough his entire ship nose to stern at 5 km but all you get is 4K DD’s should get punished for taking that risk. They are not supposed to be spotted by a BB and in those situations they should be punished. Just like a cruiser cant defeat a BB 1v1 but if someone spots the BB a cruiser can burn it to death behind an Island or potentially dev strike with a well placed torp salvo. As it is now if a BB and DD player are equal in skill the DD will ALWAYS win in a long or close range engagement spotted or not. A dd can also defeat a cruiser staying hidden and torping the cruiser until he dies or runs unless it has radar 😛 The no pen damage should be range defined its bullshit at close ranges.

  8. I loved mine before the buffs love it even more now…

  9. I quite like the changes to Cossack. Now, if only WG would apply some similar buffs to the other Tribal, Haida. Maybe make the buffs a little smaller, so say 12 seconds for turret rotation and maybe 15 seconds off the torp reload 🙂

  10. I had no idea they changed it, thanks for the heads up! Felt it was a bit meh before and preferred playing the Jervis (got enough XP for the Lightning just not enough credits at the mo) but just had three fun games in a row with the Cossack

  11. They updated the Cossack so much yet the Blyska remains untouched 🙁

  12. They figured out that the Lightning was a better ship in pretty much every way. 🙂

  13. Lyon has 340 guns not 380 but its just a minor detail

  14. Seeing that performance is enough motivation for me to push on with the grind. I kinda flagged a bit last week after a car crash but I’ll definitely be grinding harder than ever now!

  15. I really enjoy the cossack now so looking forward to 7.11. How about doing the same for the Haida?

  16. That misplay of you is a great example why the 10% nerf is complete BS

  17. Welcome to Notsers new and improved QVC for WG folks! Step right up and Notser will hype any and every premium ship WG has! Your impartiality is clearly in question dude, you’ve hyped how many premiums in the last month alone? I have to seriously question your integrity when every daily upload from you is, “Hey this is Notser and here I am with yet another premium ship and it feels great and I have come to love the style of play” lol youve said that more than once this month alone. At least Flamu is honest about WG’s mistakes. You act like a publicity rep for WG and it’s getting gross.

  18. First game after the Buff 4 Kills ( 1DD 2BB and one Carrier). Did feel to strong for me. Insane Torp speed now. But yea its fun to play with 16 Point Cpt and 5.5 stealth 😉

  19. Cossack is a total boss. In my second game in her, I contested a cap against a Kidd. No contest – I melted the Kidd with 3 salvoes. He didn’t know what hit him.

  20. That Duke of York was me!!!!, I remember that game and it was just one of those bad games that I died at the start being overly aggressive, never even noticed it was Notser. Just thought I’d check out the Cossack buff and then was like wait a minute, I have a DoY with that camo, hmm that torp spread looks like the one that hit me the other day, oh hello public humiliation. Thanks Notser lol!

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