Cossack Tribal Class T7 RN DD Preview – World of Warships

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Today we look at the , which is a T7 class . Again, it is a work in progress and I really hope and looks harder at this ship and makes some changes. Right now there is no reason to purchase this ship unless you want to mentally hurt yourself.


  1. If this is what the Tribals are going to be like in game, then I’d prefer that they not put Haida in the game. I rather she not be in the game than be in the game and be terrible.

    • I’ve been waiting so long for a premium HMCS Haida to be in the game… Still waiting I guess.

    • Hadia i think is stuck in Copyright/trademark hell as tge Canadian government is being anal about it

    • Well that’s dumb… She is a Canadian Naval legend so I guess they want to be careful about letting a foreign entity use her likeness. Where did you hear about the dispute?

    • Brock Zinck IChase posted in reddit about it. Its the same reason why he has not made a Know Your Ship video about Hiada even tho he lives 10min away. The Canadian government wants massive licensing fees. And tge same reason why we dont even have a Naval Legends on her even tho one was filmed

    • Gadjah Mada also has some pretty significant fictional modifications, including an extra torpedo launcher.

  2. 0:35 what about HMS Cambletown

  3. 5:06 CA? There is no RN heavy Cruiser in wows.

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    They should change it to the pre upgrade with all 4×2 guns Oh well

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan Agreed. The Tribal class were built as gunboats, the circumstances that led to most of them having X turret replaces with AA guns don’t apply in WoWs.

  5. trust wg to screw up one of the most legendary destroyers of ww2 !!!

    • You may re-evaluate your behavior before you call others retarded (the use of punctuation and capital letters also give a hint of your level of “education”).

      To enlighten you a bit: Gadjah is NOT Tribal. Blyska is NOT Tribal. Passat and Eos are NOT Golf, tho they share the same basic design. Go eat your glue, kid.

    • Glupi Medo they are you idiot !! check wiki !!! also check in game . scroll over the names of the ships IN GAME . details written by wg , and it tells you that they are ! i fucking hate retarded fan boys !! i won’t be replying to you again !!

    • David Taylor “they are you idiot !! check wiki !!! also check in game . scroll over the names of the ships IN GAME . details written by wg , and it tells you that they are !” [sic]

      Well, as per WarGaming’s own game, like you told us to, you imbecile, the Gadjah Mada was an N-Class destroyer, not a Tribal-Class. As per the official WarGaming wiki, the Blyskawica was the second of the Grom-Class destroyers, not a Tribal-Class. So… what was it you were saying?

    • Awwww, poor Teaboo. Ships look similar so they must be same xD

    • Glupi Medo I wonder about how he got the idea the Blyskawica was a Tribal, though, considering the Grom-Class had single gun mounts… I’m confused.


  7. The Ballsack indeed.

  8. The Tribals are suffering from design decisions which were good in real life, but have no meaning in Wows: They were seaworthy, long-range capable fleet escorts.

    – Good seaworthyness, range, comfort for the crew? Useless in Wows.

    – Bad arcs which didn´t hinder them in reality? Drama in Wows.

  9. Torp reload booster should be an IJN specialty. Give em dmg control like RN CLs

  10. You keep mentioning the Benson as the US counterpart, but the US T7 is the Mahan.

  11. HMS Cossack never received the wartime upgrade which other Tribal Class DD’s received – do you think it would be better with 4 twin 120mm turrets, rather than only 3 and a twin 100mm secondary mount.

    That said, there’s nothing more amusing than getting a CQE award driving around in a Kiev – be nice to have another DD to compete.

  12. I love British Ships, I’m a collector in game of premiums too. Recently however I have not felt the urge to buy any of the last month or so’s releases. They have all been Meh at best. I don’t expect premiums to be OP but I do expect something unique that makes them interesting to purchase and play. IMO this ship needs the 4th turret and a 5 second reload, a 65 second reload on torps and a 6.3 detectability. At least then you would be average at things, stick a consumable on it and bang premium sorted. If go for either repair or Perth smoke but with faster reload post deployment ( 60 seconds maybe)

  13. Hmm… Gadjah Mada minus a torp launcher (but the ability to hit other destroyers with those 4 torps)? Yeah, that is a hard pass.

  14. I’ll stick with my N-Class at T-7. She really needs her 4 turret configuration, better smoke, and a better torp reload.

  15. They should have made the Cossack like she was in 1940 when it was equiped with 4×2 4.7 inch guns. The removal of the X turret happened later in the war and by that time the Cossack had been sunk.

  16. “…its worse then the IJN DDs.” That bad!

    • Except that it’s not.

      It has more, better, faster, more usable guns with better range.
      It’s significantly tougher than both IJN boats.
      Stealthier than Akatsuki, and only just worse than Shiratsuyu.
      Faster torp reloads than Shiratsuyu, and the torps themselves are reasonably comparable to the IJN (and let’s face it, they’ll definitely have a lower spotting range).

  17. I find the guns odd on this. The Blyskiwica, which was built by the British for Poland has in game has the original 120mm guns that the Cossack and Gallant have. However, the Blys has almost soviet like gun performance in game with higher velocity, better usable range, higher damage and better fire chance. The torps are basically identical to the Cossack as well but you get more of them and they reload in 60s as opposed to 90…

  18. PickelJars ForHillary

    HMS Crapsack

  19. Those guns still fire 50% faster than the IJN DD’s, and turn 50% faster as well. 100 less damage, but 1% better fire chance.

    Against Akatsuki, you get 1700 more hitpoints, 1.5km longer gun range, and you’re 600m stealthier.

    Against Shiratsuyu, that’s 2000 extra hitpoints, faster torpedo reloads, torps with the same speed, 900m longer gun range from TWICE as many guns (firing 50% faster, remember), 2 knots higher top speed, and only slightly less stealth.

    Say what you want, but this ship is definitely better than both of the IJN ships at the tier. Not that there’s much of a surprise in that, of course.

  20. Thanks for the video.
    Little mistake: You are comparing the Cossack (T7) with the Benson (T8). Equivalent would be the Mahan (T7), which has the same guns though.

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