Crazy Gold League Ranked Match – World of Warships

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Here is one of the crazy and super close, a certain parts highly questionable, matches I played in Gold league of ranked.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The Witcher was Awesome! Sorry you missed out.

  2. Jaqui Greenlees

    it all worked out to a win so it was all good.

  3. Mando needs to stop taking his helmet off. The cold quiet killer behind the mask helped the character just like it did with the Master Chief in the games (there is no Halo tv show in Ba Sing Se)

    • the halo show is actually pretty good. for what it is. its entertainment. does it follow the games? na not really, does it follow the books? na not really. do they take creative exception with it absolutely, but its still pretty good for what it is. i think the elitism behind ‘oh they are fucking it, and should do it this way not that’ is completely asinine. Its literally a decent show to watch for the entertainment value alone, take it with a grain of salt.

    • @john love if it doesnt follow the games or the books then it shouldnt use the halo name, it should just be something else. i dont give a shit about halo but this is common sense

  4. Giovanni La Rocca

    Plymouth guy has been in my blacklist for ages

  5. Witcher books are really good, improving as they go. Totally worth a read or audiobook-listen. The movies are bad, just bad. I regret to say, but the worst of all is an original Polish attempt from 2005. Like early ‘viva la dirt league’ vid, but not funny. The games, especially the 3rd and even better the DLCs, are awsome.

  6. As much as I hate League I like a lot of the characters
    I would love to see a looter/shooter like Borderlands but featuring the LoL characters.
    Too many to add them all so it’s prolly unrealistic.

  7. Sucks you didn’t enjoy both seasons of The Witcher. I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part because of Henry Cavill – of course I have my nit-picks but to each their own. The one TV series adaptation I was stoked for was Halo, but watching the first episode thanks to Paramount+ releasing it on YT. The moment the first action sequence hit. The show took a nose dive into a fucking dumpster fire. Acting is absolutely beyond mediocre, CGI is a joke, my man Chief got butchered hard…Halo TV Series makes The Witcher Series look like pure gold.

    • @rys iii And that is your opinion, but The Witcher is an adaptation. They use the books as source material which means they don’t have to directly use it. I enjoyed the Witcher because in my opinion. Henry Cavill carries the show. As I said, watch the Halo TV series episode on YT. Come back and compare both adaptations and if your opinion is the same. To each their own.

    • @Akshay Anand Exactly. I have my nit-picks of the show but they spun it in a way I can enjoy it enough to watch the show and actually finish, but with Halo. I watched it and was like “Nope. I ain’t dropping money for Paramount+ to watch this shit.” I’m not a purist by any means(Maybe I am and don’t realize it) but when they take one of the most iconic characters of all time and butcher him that hard…That’s hard pass from me. It was so way out in left field that a brute tanked chain gun rounds like they were nerf bullets. Chief picked it up and the brute just falls over in the first two hits…like what…..the…actual….fuck?

    • @Godzilla IV Who else’s opinion would I write and why?…

    • @rys iii Because that’s your opinion and it’s not my job to sway or change it? And because I don’t care is why. I gave a suggestion on something far worse than The Witcher. Whether you’re inclined to look for yourself is up to you. Doesn’t matter to me.

    • @Godzilla IV Its about discussion to speak own oppinions and discuss them, compare their flaws etc. As for watching Halo Im not really inclined to do so. Firstly, I dont know and am not interested in the universe of it, secondly if I see a turd lying on a pavement I dont usually go looking for bigger one, I just avoid it and warn people around me that its shit and a worthless waste of time. Which precisely I did about witcher series, not looking at halo and comparing it to much better alternative path (in this metaphor).

  8. Instead of killing or pushing away both DDs, Ply gets severely out-traded by a Daring to an extent that he even can’t stop the yoloing Shima. The person operating it has 22 thousand games on his account with 43% WR and sub 40k avg dmg. Insted of WG punishing him, they count in the sporadic and worthless damage to DDs as something of relevancy, push him to #1 and he saves a star.

    • A ton of players get sloppy late in the game and will yolo and/or do HORRIBLE trades to “seal the deal”, and the people still alive at that point are the ultra passive, chronic star savers, a match made in heaven.

    • 22k battles? Some people just use sheer force of will to get into gold, goddamn.

    • to be fair it looks like he was the only one capping on his entire team, and that gives a ton of xp

  9. Crazy how Bad this shima Was!

  10. For me, Pacific Rim: The Black was really really good.
    I liked the first Movie, the 2nd was kinda meh but The Black did it really good. I kinda like the “Dog eats Dog” Style that the “Black” (Australia) offered

    Good show

    Witcher: Yeah, Games and Books are great but the Netflix show kinda sucked imo. Best Part was “Toss a coin to your Witcher”, seriously

    Arcane: Yeah, it was Okay. In general good but I didn’t liked some things.
    Mostly Ekko’s appearance, his Fight against Jinx and Zhaun in General (least favorite region but thats okay)

    But some Teasers where great, especially WW. Kinda hyped to see him, maybe Blitz and Urgot aswell

    I really want some Series about the Void, Ionia, Freljord and Bilgewater

  11. People like to do horrible trades late game like that and view it as harmless, but VERY often it will do exactly what happened here, which is give a star save to an ultra passive trash tier player.

  12. I think it’s interesting how people have vastly different opinions of the Witcher tv show. Some love it, some hate it. But I guess that’s to be expected

  13. Why on Earth would the Shima abandon the BB and the cap *just* to rub his face against a Plymouth…and *then* tell Flambass to go B?

  14. 100% would watch Flambass play The Witcher games.

  15. That’s the very picture of calmness – sipping a cup of tea while lacing through a rack of torps.

  16. Sébastien Létourneau

    I also haven’t played the game but read a little bit about The Witcher lore.

    I’d like to get into the books. Enjoyed the series but the best part of it was Henry Cavill doing his absolute best to portray Geralt

  17. When Burger’s secondaries went off, I lol’d.

  18. Now this shima has earned the noob award. And he is even famous.

  19. Don’t let them pressure you into watching it.

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