Crazy Minotaur Game 3898 base XP || World of Warships

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  1. Been a while since we’ve had a “Minotaur camps in smoke and spams people to death” replay.

    And it’s still just as… **YAAAAAAWWWWN** exciting as it ever was.

    • Try to do that yourself, sleepy. That was certainly quite exciting game, as he could be 1-shot at any moment. Good co-op with dd and neptune. Neptune huge firing-in-smoke nerf clearly visible as making the ship impossible to play if anyone decides to rush the smoke.

  2. Hmmmm… 3898xp, not 3898k xp as mentionned in the title! (that would be 3 898 000 xp… base… not quite realist)

  3. Georgian Warrior

    British Cruisers are so boring

  4. need to watch Des Moines

  5. Another pretty Minotaur game.

  6. I saw a noob there .

  7. Mehr Schwein als Verstand !

  8. hUjK78_Uj_001xD9

    The torps on that CV though!! That was the BEST ENDING EVER!!!! I literally laughed…..omg that was epic!

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