Crazy Minotaur Game AGAIN – World of Warships

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To give you a bit of context on what I was talking about with chat at the beinging of the video:

We were discussing games difficulty, is it an easy or hard game to play?

You could argue that every game is relatively easy to play, but play it well is the hard part.

However, some games require a lot of theory and knowledge in order to be played properly, and I argued that WoWS is one them. There are a lot of mechanics and facts to learn if you want to have a chance of playing the game good and not getting obliterated in 1st few mins every time.

Is it easy to just sail around in your ship? Yes ofc. Is it an easy game to learn? No. Is it an easy game to get good at? No. So I would argue that WoWS is not an easy game. If anything WoWS player base proves that every day.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. flambino! hope you’re going well, keep up the great content!

  2. To give you a bit of context, we were talking about games and how difficult they are to learn, get good at, how simple or complex they are, how many different things you have to know/learn before you can play at all/properly.
    If you want to have a chance of talking to me live pls drop a follow here
    or you can join discord and talk any time here
    P.s. I totally didn’t prepare this video the night before and forgot to schedule it to go live on time, nope

    • Well in my Oppinion every game is easy too learn (The Basics) but really too Master is hard

    • Instead of referring to it as easy. Refer to it as low barrier to entry in terms of skill. Almost all games have a higher skill ceiling than Wows.
      A game like civilization is another example of a game with a high barrier to entry.

    • yeah the thing for wows if you want to actually get good you need to know the specs of every ship basicly, and it is really hard to do that especially there are are premin ships that you like never see, but if you want not get surprised you need to know them. if you are bb tryin to fight a Stalingrad head on you will be like wtf why is this cv so tanky and he can actually cit pen me………. but if you know his weakness you can just stay at comfortable distance and burn him to death.

    • Civilization does not have a high entry barrier. (really any game that does is gonna fail) Civilization has an easy mode where it’s impossible to lose. As do chess programs….

      And world of warships has it too… it’s called co-op. (and when you first make an account in Warships… the game forces you to start with co-op.) And as for random… you generally see all bot games there too, as a new player (so, it’s basically still, co-op, just with a better xp payout and maybe 3 real players out of 12 ships). Really won’t see full games until you get to T5, in which case you’re still in new player protection mode… so everyone (except for smurf accounts) are gonna be as bad as you are. And until the que menu replaces the 3 minute maximum wait message with the no max time limit message, you’ll remain in the new player MM protection mode (till u play 200 battles, or reaching T6). All while learning tons of bad habits, along the way. (…bots are lousy teachers.)

    • Might be that you think differently. Ie; I totally understand Civ, Total War, Xcom and more. But LoL, no, my brain simply says no.

      I’m also pretty average at WoWs, but I suck at COD or Battlefield (even though Battlefield 2 was ‘my shit’).

  3. Warhamsterxxx Gaming

    My 2 cents on that, WG is trying to make WOWs closer to other easy to learn FPS by putting in ship classes that don’t require learning the game as much, specifically subs and CVs. This is to make WOWs marketable to the garden variety gamer who has very little patience in learning armor angles, gun calibers, positioning, etc.

    • It’s unfortunate that the way they’re doing it has ruined the game.

    • Market garden.

    • Maybe that’s why they keep adding big calibre guns that don’t require any armor knowledge. Just point and shoot. Also HE spammers everywhere, not needing to switch ammo type.

    • But it can also just be because it’s the only way to make a sensible T10 battleship.

      Most T9s already pack 9 16″, 12 15″, etcetera. So what can we put as a successor? 9 18″ designs. Or 12 16″, 6 20″, you get the idea. I think the system that has to be tweaked is the overmatch system.

      I feel that the overmatch system’s design is too dependant on shell caliber. The performance of American AP is WAY different than Japanese AP. US 457 would do as well as, or most likely even better than IJN 460.

      But suddenly, being 3mm bigger than 457mm, Yammy can overcome the magic 32mm threshold. But at least they got the improved pen angles somewhat right?? (I think 1 or 2 other nations deserve that too, but probably don’t because game design, which I accept half-heartedly)

    • WG games are meant to be as incomprehensible as the corpo-communist system. if an independent person is better at navigating this system, the bourgeoisie must be blunted. the voice of a wise man and a moron is worth the same #RNG, #democracy :]

  4. Alasandra orAli

    I have watched DayZ too, it seems like both talent and knowledge are involved. And funny people interactions too.

  5. You can say the only thing hard about chess is the other players. It’s true that it’s not the maps, or the rules, or unit stats. Then there’s tic-tac-toe, where there’s no space for the players to be hard. It’s arguable that what makes a game hard is that space it creates for player skill. Winning at a slot machine doesn’t happen very often but it isn’t hard.

    • Roland Hellmann

      To be fair.. tic-tac-toe is stupid if you have 2 somewhat competent players.. it always will be a draw.

    • The Ina Circle Of The Ancient Puns

      Um, do you play chess much? Because I do, not at master level but I’m still better than most club level players. chess is very difficult. The ideas are simple enough, but recognising them is difficult.
      There is an element of outwitting your opponent but really most of the work to play well is objective.

    • guess it depends on what you call winning… slot machines are design to spit out money, to keep you putting cash inside. (heh…wargaming does that, too….)

  6. WoWs is easy to learn and get into imo. Im not saying its easy to master, it takes time and game knowledge.
    But i have to say mastering WoWs is something of a waste of time if you don’t play it for content or as a job.
    And that is because, NO matter how good you are and no matter how much you know about the game. Maybe you know how much you have to be angled to ricochet incoming shells, maybe you know about the yamato cheek weakpoint or the Montana citardel outside the hull. All of this is worth nothing if you get screwed by RNG with a Detonation, simple dumb enemys that still cita you from an impossible angle because the game is broken itself. You do everything right but you just overpen no matter what you do or your shells fly all over the place but not into target. Your teammates are a simple letdown and throw.
    And even if you have the perfect luck and everything just works out. If a CV picks you.. Your game just got very unfun and most likely you are in port soon.

    • I played baseball at a high ish level. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You have every bat in the lineup, all of them are on a hit streak against their worst pitcher…and he throws an 8 inning shut out. Or the opposite…every batter is down and sore and you knock in 12 runs. Winning every game wouldn’t be fun.

  7. I think determining the difficulty of a game needs to divided into different areas, and I think you touched on it. The rules and core concepts of WOWS are fairly easy (Reduce the enemy ships to 0 or reach 1000 points). I would say up to tier 4 (maybe 5) you only need the basic mechanics (piloting, shooting, and positioning). Up to that point it is a very easy game and would be fairly enjoyable as a casual game if CV’s didn’t exist. Its everything tier 5 and up that makes WOWS a difficult game (IMO). You start adding in more cooldowns which will vary in value by ship and/tier, the ships start to diverge and have meaningful characteristics, you are facing different tiers with different capabilities. The relationship between armor and shell caliber/type becomes extremely important. “Oh look and broadsiding cruiser, yummy. Wait, 5 overpens?” On top of that is all the out of game stuff, resources, ship purchases, upgrades, captain skills, flags, camos, events, the UI in general.

    IMO, a fair assessment of WOWS is that it is an easy game to get into that gets progressively harder as you increase the tier.

  8. Oh man that sub 😂… Pops up next to one of the highest DPM ships in the game, and barely takes a scratch 🤦‍♂️

  9. Jimmiar Reltherford

    The conversation in this video reminds me of when I had to explain to a person playing a T10 BB on how I was able to “accurately” shoot him during a cyclone eventhough I was outside of spotting range in WOWS. The guy told me that he blew through the lower tiers so fast (idk how he did that) that he was still learning all of the mechanics. Eventhough he was playing max tier (at that time), he still didn’t fully understand the cyclone spotting mechanics. I had to sit there an type him a paragraph after the match was over XDXD good times

  10. Funny how other people cant understand that being good at a game and learning how to play the game are completly different.

  11. It’s actually really sad how newb-unfriendly this game has become. Aside from simply having a lot of different systems and mechanics to learn, you also have to learn the capabilities of hundreds of ships to know how to play against them. Add on to that the fact that balance is totally out of wack with many premiums being grossly OP, and the fact that mid tiers are up tiered almost all the time, the new player experience really requires an insane amount of patience.

    I miss the days, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, where matches were often very close and decided in the last couple of minutes. Now, the majority of games I’ve seen are all blowouts that are decided within the first five minutes because there are so many people making mistakes.

    • There is no balance in the game…. hasn’t been for 3 years now…
      Do you know what else there is none of in the game???

      FUN… 😬

  12. The infinite number of gimmicks and balance defying ships they have added have made the skill curve steeper and steeper. And at the same time they have made it easier and easier for people to skip the low tiers. End result: maximum potate floundering in the shallow gene pool at the base of the skill curve.

  13. To be fair, WoWs used to be a challenging, difficult to master and fun game. Now you just play a CV and you don’t really need to learn anything about any other ship or angles or positioning or armour areas or ranges or anything – not even the enemy AA capabilities since you still going to get all your damage off.

    The only thing you need to ‘learn’ to ‘be good’ with CV is occasionally glancing at the minimap to know when you can hide behind an island closer to the action and direction to fly your planes so they spot a bunch of stuff on the way to your target.

  14. Arizona Anime-Fan

    the reason why WOW is so hard for new people to learn is there is a very weak correlation between bad play and bad results; thanks in large part due to the heavy influence of RNG and huge amount of other potatoes playing. people can play this game (poorly) for thousands of matches and think they’re rather good because they lucked into a kracken once in a while. Even the people who know they’re not good, can struggle for hundreds or thousands of matches because again… the correlation between bad play and bad results isn’t particularly obvious… furthermore the correlation between good play and good results isn’t obvious either.

    without clear and obvious feedback when a good play is rewarded or a bad play is punished people learn very very slowly.

  15. Yeah, played a little on my bro account recently: partial reason for my bad aim is his bad rig (low FPS and high ping), but mainly I even dared to shoot at stationary targets or below 8km (in tiers 4-6), never had a clue if the thing I aim at has armour or no, will I pen it or no, can I outgun it or no etc. Its absurdly complicated game for its low quality.

  16. I love how like 95% of the showcase videos are matches either with no CV present, or Flambass playing AS the CV.

    what does that say about the game.

  17. I think the main difference between the games he calls “easy to learn” and ships is the matchmaking system. Yes, you can load up dota pick a hero and cast some spells. Then you are a 10 mmr herald. You can do the same in counterstrike. Welcome to silver one. Where trackball players meet mouth breathers. But that doesn’t mean ships is harder to learn. It’s just shit for new players and people who want to play a bit after work and not watch tutorials and read guides.
    The better you get at any of those games, the more you learn about them.

  18. The complexity of this game is absurd. Just look at the tech tree and then remember there are an equal or greater number of premium ships. Ideally you should have a moderate to excellent understanding of the capabilities of each tier 6, 7, 8 9, 10 and Supership of each nation if you want to play ranked. At the very least know the characteristics of each tech tree and popular or powerful (but rarer) premiums like Belfast. For random you can always just focus on top tier if you want. But either way it is really an incredible amount of data to get in your head that is something of a never-ending work in progress for everyone who plays since they don’t stop adding ships.

  19. robert chadwick

    As a new player, aiming was a twat till I realised you could switch on the timer for shell flight making it alot easier,why it isn’t on by default is weird. Easy game to pick up but so much to learn once you start getting higher level ie which ships have good AA or radar or long reloads etc

  20. “Easy game” is quite a stupid statement.
    “Easy to learn, hard to master”
    Now that’s a much better statement.
    Many games are easy to learn, and that’s how it should be.
    Also many games are hard to master, just like it should be.

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