Crazy NC carry || World of Warships

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Player: WarEagle_97
Ship: Carolina
Map: Trap

User Description:

One craziest battles I’ve played in a long time. Our inital A push stalls when we run into a large force. by the time we kill them, the rest of our team is dead and my div mate is almost dead. We are well up on points, but the last 2 dds on our team decide to throw their lives away, meaning its up to us to kill at least 2 of the remaining ships in order to win this game.. and they are swarming on us like vultures on a fresh kill. Bur fear not! A paitent trigger finger and 16inches of doom save the day as we somehow manage to pull a fantastic win out of our ass. For the record, my div mate did 192k .

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  1. Allmost 65k dmg in under 8 minutes. Thats what i manage to do in an entire match with NC. Can not by any means get along with this ship…

  2. Sabbath D. Cayman

    I cringed so much. So many mistakes from both the enemy team and the allies.

  3. It’s patient btw, gotta unfollow from G+ now too

  4. That was an awesome video. The divison teamwork was wonderful to watch. Well played.

  5. That was just the NC played right and nothing spectacular tbh… it´s just the average potato players that make it shine in a way

  6. War Damn Eagle!

  7. Томас Калдари

    Kutuzov nice play

  8. Nc is a really impressive bbs is you have a support cruiser with you… I managed to literally. One shot a full Montana 18km away with this baby?…
    I have no idea why though when using this ship… Am either frontline or helping cv with aa ?

  9. Those 2 stupid DD’s at the end all they had to do was smoke n run game over, No had to fire guns get spotted and die…

  10. Martin Schaeublin

    Und sich schon wieder mit fremden Federn schmücken!

  11. Geiles gespame vom Gegner team :p
    gab bestimmt viel zu bereden..

  12. What was that secondary shell changing trajectory mid air at 7:06, to the right of the New Mexico (from NC’s point of view)? WTF

  13. Risheen Mukherjee

    how in the actual f#$k did the nagato citadel the NC at that angle from that far? I’ve had this happen with a tirpitz when I’m BOW ON to it! Just what the f@*k is WG doing with the US BBs?!

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