Cruiser Des Moines: Experienced player on map Sleeping Giant – World of Warships

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Cruiser Des Moines: Experienced player on map Sleeping Giant – World of Warships
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Des Moines: 337,000 damage, 8 ships destroyed – World of Warships
Des Moines is an American Tier X cruiser.
The Des Moines is part of the US cruiser line.
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One of the best heavy cruisers in the world. The ship was designed using the experience gained during World War II, resulting in excellent protection and very powerful anti-aircraft armament. The main distinguishing feature of cruisers of this type was the automatic loading of the main guns with a very high rate of fire.

Battle Stats:
Version: 12.2.0
Server: NA
Time: 12-04-2023 21:18:15 EU TIME
Player: Porpoise_Sniper
Ship: Des Moines
Damage: 337750
Ships destroyed: 8
Map: Sleeping Giant
A combination of different routes in the middle of the islands. A body of water somewhere near China.

Medals: 7th
Ids Achievement Instant Kill Medal, Ids Achievement Airdefenseexpert Medal, Ids Achievement Main Caliber Medal, Ids Achievement Warrior Medal, Ids Achievement Support Medal, Ids Achievement Double Kill Medal, Ids Achievement Dreadnought Medal,

Mods used for the replay footage: WG Modstation (calm seas, fog removed) World of Warships

Would you like to send me your WoWs replay?
Prerequisites: +3.5k BXP or +300k dmg, or 8 ships destroyed, or Solo Warrior. Email me the link/replay, found on the channel info page. Thank you very much!


  1. the opposing flank in the beginning is like gifting themselves out for the des moines lol

  2. Bruh 3 cruisers just casually sail broadside out point blank in front of a DM
    paid actors lmao

  3. This guy is CC on twitch!

  4. Damm it i want to punish this venezia Player for this move at the beginning.

    Anyway this des moines Player used the mistakes of the enemie players very good so well played

  5. The Yodo player genuinely pissed me off with how useless they are… I mean look at their chat messages… how the hell did they even get this ship?????

  6. Desmo gets 10k dmg from bombers on the first run. back in the days the bombers survived 3 seconds in AA range of a desmo.

  7. Bot enemy team.

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