Cruiser Hindenburg: Last hope on map The Atlantic – World of Warships

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Cruiser Hindenburg: Last hope on map The Atlantic – World of Warships
WoWs replays – best World of Warships games
Hindenburg: 288k damage, 5 ships destroyed – World of Warships
Hindenburg is a German tier X Cruiser.
The Hindenburg is part of the German Cruiser line.
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The ship was developed from a series of German heavy cruisers. Relative to the ships of her preceding classes, she had a larger displacement and more powerful main battery guns.

Battle Stats:
Version: 0.12.0
Server: EU
Time: 22-01-2023 15:31:17 EU TIME
Player: Najwiekszy_Fan_WG
Ship: Hindenburg
Damage: 287569
Destroyed ships: 5
Map: The Atlantic
Coastal area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mods used for the replay recordings: WG modstation (calm sea, fog removed) World of Warships

You want to send me your WoWs replay?
Requirements: +3,5k BXP or +300k dmg, or 8 ships destroyed, or Solo Warrior. Send me the link/replay via mail, to find on the channel info page. Thank you!


  1. Nah.
    Those games are handpicked.
    Basically, when the stars align you get opponents like these.

  2. He was getting melted like butter by the Austin at the end tho. If he didn’t devstrike him with that first salvo he would’ve died.

  3. Jesus, that last battle was really shocking. If playing in Asia server, that last Cruiser will just stall the time while checking where we are and did salvo from medium range, until time running out or we die because trying to get that last kill.

  4. Anybody know what mod this is?

  5. surely the first battle of the Austin. Otherwise it is not understood why he faced 203mm without cover when his team was winning and time was running out.

  6. Κωνσταντίνος Ντόβας

    Enemy they win for points and he throw the ship for nothing

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