Cruiser HUNTER – Des Moines goes to work ! – World of Warships

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Player: PackmanPlays
Ship: Des Moines
Map: Loop

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  1. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    Nice replay, dreadnought in a cruiser.

  2. “camper” pff you can tell these guys dont know how to play cruisers at all specially DM…. really good positioning at the beginning
    I like that Hqschi guy 320 battles in t1 got to love sealclubbers that farm new players to step up their winrate

  3. but mate, the hindenburg is the cruiser hunter

  4. Captain Haddock

    that german retards in chat no clue what they are doing xD btw im German too so dont flame me 😛

  5. How did those Shimakazees get behind everyone?

  6. I almost thought he was done when he was beached.

  7. lol tried to use AP on Shokaku,do you know Shokaku have 309 mm brode side armor xD

  8. incredibly poor sportsmanship in the enemy team…

  9. The salt in the chat is real xD

  10. As a Des Memes main, I approve of the “camping”.

  11. Stop using the fucking camera after each shot, PLZ. It’s boring.

  12. amazing play

  13. Hoffentlich hat einer besonders den Nazi aus dem Gegnerteam den Support gemeldet, der brauch mal ne Pause von WoWs.

    btw: Woran erkennt man WoT Spieler in WoWs? Am IQ und am Flamen (die beiden waren das Paradebeispiel).

  14. lustig wie immer die leute auf der Gegner Seite immer schimpfen wenn jemand sie rausnimmt und danach noch ne mega runde Spielt fand das gameplay vom hero wirklich gut

  15. wow great , very nice ! *****

  16. my word you made that look easy

  17. My world of warships


  18. 2 nukes wasn't enough

    Lol japs dd player says desmoine to camper 😀

  19. I hate this new mode of playing as if they were infantrymen crouched behind a rock or a smoke screen. They are boats, not men

  20. da muss man sich schaemen, die deutsche sprache lesen zu koennen. hoffentlich gabs nen report…

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