Curb Your Grinding – World of Warships Christmas Event

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Here comes fun! I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. this makes benham grind like a joke

    • As somebody that somehow survived the benham grind and got the ship, all I can say is dont bother with the Puerto Rico, it is NOT worth it. Im getting as far as directive 3, getting Gorizia and calling it the season

    • they make missouris credit grinding seem obsolete

    • Hell, even the grind for Gorillaz is rough. Good luck.

    • Yeah and I did that, but imho Benham is a “bit” OP destroyer but Puerto Rico is a ship that how to say it…. I would prefer playing an Alaska in tier X than it. Alaska has better reload, better dispersion, better concealment and better agility. With Alaska you usually play in the open but if you need to angle you can use your both front guns with better DPM than Puerto Rico. And Puerto Rico gets only an extra turret and 10k more hp.

      In conclusion as a comparison Alaska is like a Baltimore with heal and Puerto Rico is like Buffalo.

  2. It this a release error ? Or is wg really expecting players to hit that many torps?

  3. Not even going to bother. It’s not worth it.

  4. Ahha, feels bad man. A better way to get those boats is not not play for 3 months, come back, get a discount coupon and buy them 😀

  5. 芙蘭衛隊-冷泉裝甲師


    *Sad Viribus Unitis noises*

  6. Ahahaha, but no, seriously… social life during Christmas when you can have a pixel ship?

  7. Amazing Shitpost hahaha!

  8. You have been measured, you have been weighed, and you have been found wanting.

  9. “Here comes fun”

  10. tfw even the premium shop is like “Wow, that’s a lot of doubloons”

  11. Different Christmas spirit in Russia then the rest of the world it seems, I’ve saw flamu video of it and couldn’t agree more, WG outdone themselves with this

  12. Ник Ефремов

    Это на столько охуительно, что у меня слов нет)
    Its so fuckin much amazing that I have no words to describe it precisely. WG is about to shoot both of its knees.

    Twannie – nice work! %)

  13. Ey I almost missed your video. With the pure sea of the main CCs and YouTubers covering this kerosin fueled dumpster fire

  14. i just let my ship dont construction haha i already got very enough T10 ship to play

  15. Wows entered the heavy grind phase at this point, signaling the beginning of the end

  16. 10,919.06 Philippine peso
    for a pixel ship i could literally buy a second hand laptop with that money

  17. genatzt lol 😀

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