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CV Rework introduced some pretty glaring issues that Wargaming intends fix, share my thoughts on the priority set by Wargaming to fix. OP Premium may be the thing of the past with proposed tier adjustment that will be tested for Giulio Cesare. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Switch to apex for a few weeks and then I’m maybe taking a new look on the state of the game.

  2. Let’s be honest here Notser. Regarding the premiums can WG, an entity designed purely for profit, really be expected to handle the exploitation of moving premiums in a fair manner? I think not. Look at world of tanks. Yes, different development teams… But ultimately, they release broken premiums on the regular there. What this opens up is us as the consumer to be vulnerable to the whims of a for profit company. And even if they are fair with Cesare, the temptation to milk us will always be there. And it will happen over time, mark my words. Want balance? Then get the balance of premium vehicles right… THE FIRST TIME.

    • caliburxzero it’s for this exact reason that WG has always had a policy of keeping them as they are, and just removing them from sale.

  3. It’s not only Tier X that is ruined. Far from that. Now, Anshan has better AA than Atlanta with full AA build… that’s how ruined the game is. The current state of battles is “disgraceful”. Apart from ranked, there’s literally no game. I can’t see how WG is gonna balance this mess, honestly. CV rework is so bad that in order to balance other ships, they will have to nerf the hell out of CVs. Then CVs will be meaningless and here we go again. Before, there was a problem with CVs, now ALL ships and classes are unbalanced. What a cancer rework.

    • Can’t agree more, plus this rework for cv players like me is cancer too since it’s a PvE and totally NOT interactive nor fun and challenging, 0 skill needed in this gameplay, it was made for Russian kids, since they are the biggest player community on Russian servers

    • Well I bet when they talked about CVs at WG, somebody came with “I have a cunning plan ….” idea of making them irrelevant and thus not having to touch them again …. and thus the CV rework was born …

    • +Lubos Soltes lol, probably 100% accurate I bet ?

    • LOL! By gicing then 1/3ed their AA fire power? Dubious is dubious!

    • ​+hoylguy11 I played about 6 Atlanta games last night and was horrified by how useless my Defensive Fire had become. There was no point in “counterplaying” with sector switching against the skilled Ranger continuously rocketing me, since it just created thicker, but still readily avoidable flak bursts, and buffed up the ATL’s continuous DPS from “negligible” to “slightly annoying.” To make matters worse, the AA doesn’t even operate correctly in the Atlanta’s natural environment, the shores of islands. In order to be fully effective with AA you have to put yourself in open water, which is basically an invitation to get deleted by any BB within 12km.

  4. If they want to change GC, simply remove it from sale, make a few changes, rename it and put it up for sale as a T6. Uptiering what many of us have paid for will break a trust between the game and the players. They could do the same right now with Kami, Kutuzov, Nikolai, Belfast, etc.

    • Exactly.. CCs need to be vocal about this. Unless WG offer a $$$$$$ refund ,not dubloons, this cannot happen. Its all about money, WG I guess want to sell these ships again. Notser this deserved more than just 30 seconds of comment. There are deeper issues here than just balance.

    • +Opaheke1 Horseshit. Businesses offer what amounts to store credit all the time for refunds. There’s no need to offer real money refunds. Furthermore, I have no problem with them bumping the GC up a tier, as long as they give it a small number of minor buffs. It was a terrible mistake to have released her at tier 5 in the first place. The post 1930’s reconstruction CG simply isn’t tier 5 material. Side note: I bought the GC with real money, and I have no problem with this up tiering.

    • I have to say, this method can be done. Rename it Conte di Cavour and put it on T6? Look at Mutsu & Musashi, it’s a reverse scenario, but at least it works

    • +crucisnh your analogy only works if the store you bought something from changed it, like say you bought a 4k TV and a firmware change dropped it to 2k. It’s a matter of principle. Rights around digital goods are flimsy enough, if this starts, then where will it stop. In theory they could nerf premium, make major changes to ships on a whim. This is not so much about the GC as this being the thin end of a wedge.

    • +crucisnh Store credit analogy is terrible. Store credit is for when YOU change your mind, not when the company changes their mind and wants to change what you have ALREADY purchased. Disgraceful tactic if they do go ahead with it.

  5. 00:42 You say PPL just didn’t report those Issues. You couldn’t be more far off here….. Those where all Issues known since MONTHS!!! Wg just didn’t care and for some Reason you seem to miss the Feedback Threads too since you’ve been unaware of it… Showing Videos like the Full AA Minotaur and be like ” oh look how well it works” because the enemy CVs are flying in straight Lines into Flak Bursts doesn’t really help either. I really like your Vids and Streams because you have a very positive Vibe (and Kitties!) but don’t say Stuff like “ppl knew all along and wanted to exploit it” when it was all over the Forums / reddit / other Streamers like Fara have shown it on YT.

    And on a Sidenode, Sub Octavian even praised the Haku Stealth Torps about 1-1,5months back on a Stream for being a valid Tactic. It was all right before your Eyes

    • I honestly feel that Noster is a mouthpiece for WG, I know it’s not true but thats what it feels like.

    • +River Yang yea, at this point I feel the same way..

    • +ThePostie501 they should have known the risk, if not, it’s their fault cause they will pay in full by man y players leaving this game

    • If you all leave because the bugs in a years worth of programming and testing and fixing and testing and fixing weren’t complete and they jumped on it in a week , Then who needs you anyways . I find the guys that won’t fight , just hide in back and steal kills or refuse to cap a base THE MOST AGGRAVATING THING in the whole game . so if wows loses 5 or 6 thousand of those guys I say leave the broken cv’s forever .Todays patch is a drastic improvement . I personally hate CV’s to my core , I hated this whole CV rework . people didn’t play CV’s because they were broken , they didn’t play them because they suck . The surface gunships are the ones where you get in there and really interact . The CV’s are just a boring play no matter what you do . It’s all too automatic , and if you gave them the same amount of hands on play you give the other 3 claasses they’d be way to difficult for all but the mega players to use . If notser put out videos with the attitude you guys all have over this he’d have 3 subscribers and all the comments would be what a miserable douche , shut down your channel . And we don’t need him to do that , we have all of you to do that and blame him for why you hate the new game .If it were up to me there would be 2 slots on each game in a 12 v 12 game for CV’s , and they’d be aggrssive bots except when there were 2 or 4 guys who wanted to play CV’s and they would be substitued in . That way there would always be a Cv presence and like the other 3 classes you always have to contend with it . That way they are a part of every game , people could play them when they wanted so you never know if you’re gonna run ito bots or people , and you’d have the constant presence . I’d also make the the Bots be favored to anti air protection for the fleet . And the last change I’d make just for me is the guys who don’t fight or cap or help , just hide and ride along , you get no points for the amount of time you spend in the game , only for capping and killing things . If you do nothing you get nothing , then the guys who don’t produce can’t keep their funds going to keep taking a spot away from someone who does fight and try to win the battle . there , the game is fixed , take my ideas , run with them and send me a check . Thank You !

    • Forgot one thing that is totally broken why when you get a bare bones ship like Alabama and with no upgrades and no Captain the AA is 65 let’s just say for example . You add in premium repair and rebuild , you add fighters , then you go to the 2nd half and reinforce your Guns & torps or AA & 2nds , then reinforce your machinery , the slots 3,4,5 for AA concealment , secondaries and steering or whatever . then add your captain , 19 points add your 1,2,3,and 4 skills some for AA and you look at the AA and it’s still 65 . that’s 20-30 less than it was before the change , all the other ships properties increased except concealment which decreased after the build up . but AA never changes up or down with a captain or without , with skills or without . THAT IS TOTALLY BROKEN AND NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HAS ADDRESSED IT . WHY ?How do all those skills help you if it changes nothing ? It seems that no matter what you do your AA is inadequate and 65 and any SLots or skills for AA change nothing . How does that work exactly ? and that is a legitimate complaint that is a legitimate hosing on all of us .

  6. I kinda dont want to become a skillfull carrier player -again. I felt skillfull player in the old system, it took me time and energie and now its gone. What, if enough players become skillfull, they just change it again?

    • apenas um nome de canal

      Don’t worry, it’s easy now, at least in the damage part. The spotting and team defense is what became the trick(virtually removed).

    • +apenas um nome de canal damage is not easy. You work very hard to get 80 k
      10 min can go by and it sub 20k

    • +apenas um nome de canal actually it’s a very good point.
      The main challange is the CV csnt do anything abkut the enemy CV. You can’t CV snipe, which is good and you cant use fighters. You can drop the fighter but not sure if that is any good or not.
      Playing actual fighters would be a goid thing to add but with this current rework trying to strafe somthing would be very hard.

    • apenas um nome de canal team defense what is that? Enemy planes can fly right through my fighter consumable without drawing agro.

    • Your right. It would be great to beable to use a fighter as a fighter.

  7. I could live with the current rework if CVs were limited to one per side. I definitely wouldn’t mind waiting in the queue a little longer to limit the number of CVs in a match. I have avoided playing anything above tier 7 just to have an opportunity to shoot at other ships instead of spending the whole match playing torpedo beats. IMHO, the biggest issue with CVs are the F key and the ability to send wave after wave of planes like a Zerg swarm. Many BBs can’t reload faster than CVs can keep spitting out planes. If WG would just slow that down a little, it would help.

    • It’s fun how 3 CVs of enemy team focused on me alone and melt me like a butter in no time. The dilemma of low tier.

    • +Faisal MaTs Yeah. I played my Gneisenau yesterday and shot down 25 planes in one match. They still kept coming though…lol.

  8. Regarding the GC, I think this is a mistake and a very slippery slope. First you are dealing with premium ships, which most people paid for and now you want to give them less than they bargained for. Contractually you can improve the owners position but not reduce. What’s next, the Missouri, Musashi, Kutuzov just to name a few. I see these strong ships in many a game, but they seem to have little overall impact. Full disclosure I have a GC and it is a good BB. But it is not like I win every game, far from it. At tier six, it will most of the time it playing tier 8s and the Tirpitz, North Carolina, Kii will bounce its shells and eat it for lunch. Heck even the Gneisenau and Lyon can out gun it right now. WofW do what you did with other strong premium ships, take them off the market and through normal attrition you will see less and less of them.

    • Just a random Horse.

      I own a kutusov, I wouldn’t care if they rebalanced it or not, I want to see the game in a better state which currently it is not : mm , carriers, UI, shells disappearing, bans through reports (what a dumb fucking idea) , team killing (again, what a dumb fucking idea) , ships with no AA that are just simply powercreeped to bits by cvs which everyone knew and knows, consumables, gimmicks, they never even made a better game mode for random battles after so many years, tier 9-10 premiums that are clearly better than the normal tech tree counterpart. Why do people WANT to keep their OP ships as they are no matter what that means to the game in the larger picture? So many things to fix, and for some reason all that some people care for is their precious Missouri or Belfast…

    • Missouri having little impact? It has over 30 seconds of long range radar. That is very impactful

    • Kutuzov took the nerf bat you was offered a refund.

    • Wargaming has been able to sell ships like the P.E.F., but they know they won’t sell as well as a Cesare. They could error on the ship being too weak and then slowly buff it to be balanced. Balance the ships but offer cash refunds and stop being unethical with future premiums.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Versus also bring tech tree ships to this era, or balance the premiums to tech tree levels , such as bayern

  9. What about all the people who have had these premiums for a long time, and who purchased them for the exact reasons being questioned now? I have many of the premium ships that are now in the crosshairs, and I can absolutely say they’re not invulnerable, they do sink, and none of the premium ships that have ever been available create super players out of 99.9% of the people who play them. I still see people in Belfast’s sailing around broadside, and who are confused on how the smoke firing penalty works. Premiums, just like regular line ships, have their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing those weaknesses and how to exploit them is exactly the same regardless of the ship you’re going up against, with the exception of CV’s. Moving them up a tier doesn’t fix any of that. It generally just makes them unplayable, because what may be OP at tier 7, means unplayable at tier 10.

    • McMannis85 as someone who can claim to have sunk Belfasts and Atlantas in his Kamikaze, I can totally agree with everything you just said.
      As someone who has yolo-rushed enemy t5/6 bbs on multiple occasions in his Kamikaze and failed to sink them (and, in fact, ended up being sunk in return), I can totally agree with everything you just said.

    • This is just bad players crying the devs need to learn to tell them to git gud instead of holding their hand. But you know what, recently with the cv rework I have seen a lot of good players in the game. I don’t get the noob teams and that is good they are all crying and whining in the forums. lol and Noster riles them up with this op ship video. poor babies. 😛

    • McMannis85 OP ships are venerable but the thing that makes them OP is the fact that they have some kind of advantage over other ships of same tiers. For example let’s look at Belfast. Belfast was OP because she can hide in smoke, spot torpedoes fired into that smoke, and spot her own targets. She has a considerable advantage over similar ships of the same tier, mainly Radar. Fiji can hide in smoke and spot torpedoes fired at her but if the enemy Fiji is shooting at hides in smoke of its own Fiji cannot accurately shoot at the enemy. Belfast on the other hand could hide, see torpedoes fired at her and if the enemy tries to hide then Radar and it’s dead. And although you’re right it has weaknesses those weaknesses are the same for the Fiji and similar ships Belfast weaknesses are significantly smaller than that of those similar ships. Belfast wouldn’t become less powerful at T8 because she can still do all of the things listed above. Giulio Cesare would become more balanced at T6 because she would face enemy’s that could penetrate her armour and therefore wouldn’t be as powerful. I like the fact that wargaming is going back and righting their wrongs because it shouldn’t be fair that a select few can absolutely dominate the battlefield. While the rest of us have to deal with that Belfast that can hide and spot us at the same time, or that Giulio Cesare that can bounce every shell we fire. I think the balancing of OP premiums is GREAT it will create a more equal playing field.

    • Ryan P I would agree if any of that was completely true. You’re making Belfast sound like its some amazing monster. It’s not. Also, changing her tier doesn’t take away her smoke or her hydro or her radar, so that point is completely invalid. She’s still going to have all of those, so if that’s your complaint, then you should be looking to remove one of all of those attributes, because simply moving her around tiers isn’t going to change that.

      As far as the GC is concerned, yes moving her to tier 6 will put her up against ships that can more easily penetrate her armor, even though there are tier 6 and 7 ships that already can, but it will also regularly out her against ships she can’t pen no matter what. There are cruisers at tier 8 that will be able to bounce her shells. If WG believes she’s too powerful, there is a myriad of other ways to nerf that, as opposed to putting her up against ships that will just devastate her in a single volley. Change her accuracy, or reload. The immediate jump to shove these ships into a tier it was never intended to be in doesn’t fix anything.

    • +Ryan P the damage is weak its gun system needs IFHE just to kill DDs. and the smoke mechanic got nerfed remember with the blossoming while shooting. a BB can just charge the smoke with no damage and it doesn’t have torpedoes. at least with the Fiji you got torpedoes and can attack or do something against BBs. but Belfast is op cause it kills DDs fast give me a break DDs are not the only class. and you get citadeled easy too. Fiji has a heal too that Belfast doesn’t.

  10. They need to stop players being up tiered by 2.

  11. Id be fine with them reworking those ships, giving them a different name (a la west Virginia 41) and selling it. And LEAVING THE SOLD ONES ALONE. Or offering full cash refund. If you have played long enough to own most of these ships, doubloons are probably mostly worthless. I cant buy anything but premium time(414 days), and cpt respects which are free right now. If They start screwing with sold premiums because someone is whining about it being op (Gc wasn’t a win button in t5 ranked Sprint after all, it’s very good but has its weaknesses), who is going to bother buying them anymore. The old way of not selling them(or offering in a loot box 2 weeks ago) is much better from the customers point of view. Balance is important, but they did the balancing, and decided to sell them. Then bring them back in loot boxes They made a killing on. They are sold and should not be changed.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      resetting a ship to a higher tier is not “rebalancing”, since a higher tier also includes utterly different opposition. Say the GCs guns are still ok when dealing with Tier VII BBs.. but not with the improved planes on Tier VIIIs which it did not have to face before. Same goes for the CV spam it has to deal with.. Tier VI might be endurable, but tier VIII (and say Saipan’s tierX planes) is nothing the GC is likely to manage. Hence they utterly devalue a ship by changing its tier upwards. Or would you agree that the “Krasny Krymn” at level V is as valuable as say.. a Svetlana at Tier IV ? Surely not … raisng the Virbus Unitis to Tier V from zier IV will massively impact their sales. because, the higher tier will ruin the “shine” on the premium

  12. My worries are about being harassed by torpedo bombers of any tier CV before I have even reached top speed on the spawn. I really am having a hard time in games where I have no way to defend myself.

    • then you can’t even reach it because of flooding – working as intended hahaha

    • The rework itself is shit. Just bring back the old one and rebalance it

    • My position is that AA should be treated just like primary guns. Have some of the AA be automated (like secondaries), but then have the main ones require player aim and shooting. This way good players can punish sloppy play instead of it being almost 100% dependent on RNG like it is now. It’d also give more of a fighting chance for a CV going up against ships with good AA as well as ships with bad AA going up against a CV. Let the better player win!

    • JingIeFett I was picketing in my dds and there is no time to shoot.

  13. Dude sometimes u rly have no clue what u talking about. DDS cant hide from cv by switching off aa. As a cv player i have constant info when my planes are spotted. All i have to do when my planes got spotted and i dont see any ships nearby is search in front of me in 8km range. My advice to dds players. If u see rocket planes turn ur aa on. Cv is after u and he will find u. If u see dive or torpedo bombers turn ur aa off.

  14. Noter, it has nothing to do with players withholding knowledge & it’s not even the players or CC’s job to design and balance the game properly. Wargaming’s paid employees & their management bear full responsibility. It’s not just T10 either because there are universal problems with the rework. Sometimes games have legitimate “exploits” but in this case we have negligent & sloppy design on a pervasive scale. There’s no way WG spent any significant time playing & refining this rework because if they had.. THEY would have discovered these blatantly obvious design flaws as quickly as the rest of us did! Instead, Wargaming’s disorganized team is producing careless content & letting their player base figure it out for them. It’s a horseshit business model.

  15. I think iChase’s suggestion here would be nice: controllable long-range AA

  16. “World of avoiding endless Warplanes”

  17. The only thing this patch has forced people to do is stop playing

  18. So true Notser one day you say its bad then the next 2 weeks you said every thing was GREAT! Now you say just what you should have a long time ago! CV rework is a BAD joke ! Dude u act like u did NOT know HA

  19. Moving the Guilio Cesare to Tier VI sets a terrible precedent. I don’t own a GC, but I was fortunate enough to get a Belfast in my Santa containers this year. I’ve been enjoying it as a reprieve from the insanity of Tier X. But what if WG decides the Belfast should be Tier VIII? I no longer have the ship I paid for; I have a statistically identical ship in a whole different environment.

    No. Just no. If WG does this, on top of the cluster this rework has been, then I’m done.

  20. Notser i am dissapointed. Rebalancing prems by putting them up a tier ….offering doubloons etc is all bs. Wg released these ships that people like me paid cash for. Nerfing thrm now is complete bs…especially when u cant get most of them now (belfast…missouri…etc or they are only available rarely). Thus they dont flood the mm. Cv rework is terrible and they need to fix it for sure but nerfing prems in anyway is going to gaurantee this game will never be supported by people like me again. Nor would i ever purchase a wg product anywhere else either. Wg marketed these ships and took our money.. they def cannot go back now after taking my money to say oh ya that ship you bought….heres a newer crappier or the same uptoered version or here are doubloons if u dont want it. They are literally doubling down on stupidity by even thinking this. Cv rework has really irritated me….messing with prems that i was lucky enough to get via events or lootboxes or just plain cash will enrage me and kill what love i have left for this game. Proceed at your own peril wg…if people like me leave in disgust we wont be back.

    • I feel that the CV rework is a step in the right direction. But there is a lot that has to be done in order to make it balanced again…not that it ever was, but u get waht i mean. For the premium stuff, i feel like its nice that they get nerfed once they are OP. becouse they shoudlnt be OP, just that it doesnt feel like pay to win. But i do understand your concern and I myself have choosen to not buy anything till all this setelt down. Couse it feels a bit risky to trow money in the game right now. Specially with the price level of thouse ships. #IwantmyRoma

    • But we need noobs to exploit.

    • Rico Knecht except i already spent a lot of money. Op prems or not wg marketed and sold them like that. If they are op dont sell anymore. Pleasing whiners who dont have those ships at the expense of people who paid cash for an in game ship is beyond stupid. If i stop spending money (and people like me also stop as well) then wg gets less and less revenue and eventually closes down the servers…so be careful what you wish for.

    • And then tons people buy the next hyped premium p.o.s.

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