CV…. PLEASE BUFF =) NEW Hakuryu RECORD !!! World of Warships

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  1. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    First… again. Time for some Hakuryu cancer!

    For your happiness: 486 152dmg

  2. There is a 550 k dmage game by hakuryu

  3. Petar Todorov Belchev

    Esta actualizacion es la mierda mas grande que han hecho los creadores del juego ….pues siguen asi y veran que muchas gentes dejaran de jugar este juego,no hay manera de jugar yo deje de jugar , hasta que no cambien esta porqueria no jugare.

  4. I fear no man or shipgirl… but those flying things scare me. – Yamato

  5. Only the T4 CVs do need some buffs. The Des Moines, Salems and Atlantas AA are nerfed to the ground, with this update. They are now almost useless as an AA platform.
    Edit: I even kill more planes with my Myoko than with my Atlanta… both Tier 7.

    • almost useless ?? i would say totally useless, i got AFT, Manual AA and all the AA shit you can put on my DM and sector select, i cant shoot down a single attacking Airplane……my AA rating prior patch was 99, now its 73……oh and this sector enforcement select bull shit, is just that bull shit, according to the description the manual AA is suppose to boost it by 50%, now when you select the sector, you have 100/100 or 50/150… where is the 50% boost in that ? shouldn’t it be at a minimum 50/175 ?

    • My DM was useless as AA so I got rid of all the AA updates and lo and behold, My DM started shooting planes down. This game is broken to the core.

    • +i4y hmmm maybe i need to try that for a change, still i do not like the CV rework, its crap, Flight Time and Range Limits on the Airplanes itself would have solve any prior issues, current one’s included

    • Gotta disagree. T4 CVs are fine. They can throw out big numbers, but they don’t just dominate the match. I hadn’t really played CVs since beta, I think I had 60-80 games at launch with a 3300 PR or so, so I was pretty good with them just didn’t like them.

      Anyways, I picked up the Hosho, and averaged about 45k per game, with a couple outliers in the 60-70k range, and a couple where the team got steam rolled and I ended up with 15k or less. CVs take time to build up their damage at t4, but they can put out consistent damage if you can line up torpedos or rockets. Rockets are very good for racking up damage. Put 2 salvos into BB superstructure and you will typically chalk up 6k+ damage and at least 1 fire.

  6. Hab ich beim Testen auf den Servern schon geschrieben. Dass die CVs nun noch stärker sind als vorher. Tja hat wohl keiner geglaubt.

    • Hatte heute den gleichen CV im Game der uns drei BBs (Yama, GK und Conq) rausnahm. Er sagte im Chat noch, dass er lieber immer nur 2 Trops statt 4 wirft, um noch öfters anfliegen zu können. Diese Splittfunktion finde ich unnötig.

    • Such German, much wow.

  7. Ex world record ???

  8. how is this a record someone did 550k

  9. This is why I am watching this video and not playing WOW. Carriers are to OP with this new patch.

  10. 6:40 so that’s the new strategy for cv… stacking torp drops like that is scary

  11. Good job morron WG for this crap ^^

  12. Guess the player is proud for what he did. but he only proves that a great battleship game is now reduced to a simple sitting duck shooting game. Could be a tiny mobile app now

  13. My clan mate was just In a battle with 550k CV.

  14. Dmg maybe good but look at caps. Noone toich them. All stay behind cuz plane are to op. Spot everything to fast and so many disables they makes.
    8.0 RIP wows.

  15. So you spam squadrons with no cool down and AA is totally ineffective. I get the fun bit as a CV player, but where’s the motivation to keep playing for absolutely anyone else? WG fixed CVs by breaking the game for all other classes. Brilliant.

  16. Only 45 torp hits….
    Man they’ve really screwed themselves this time, I wonder how long they will persist with this CV change? I reckon the roll back will be this coming week at some time, anyone else?

  17. I used to shoot down lots of planes with my Bama but now, I don’t put anymore AA buffs on it, totally useless the T10 are too powerful. I got the ranger and with this one I can’t do a shit at all… Even fuso shoots all the planes down.

  18. Wait now they can play with 2 cv imagine that

  19. Japanese planes should have a kamakazi ability

  20. Yep, fun and engaging, well done WG

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