CV Rework – World Exclusive Preview

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Join MrConway & Sub_Octavian for the World Exclusive reveal of the new CV gameplay – coming to World of Warships soon!

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  1. The new gameplay looks promosing. I am looking forward to what it eventually is going to be

    • Not really… u see the action at “sitting ducks” ships, and not moving/dogde ships, ships that has good maneuver, and poping the new AA consumable u literaly will have no chance…What i talking about? Well imagine a destroyer, uselly a good CV predict their turn and wait for his energy to run out and trop the torpedos to 1 shot him, or cross torpedo, but after seen this replay and saw only 3 torpedos where launch…and WIDEEEEEEEE open with bad tight torpedos…you literaly will rarely touch a DD now…This shit is a nerf and surely will reduce alot more the CV population even more lolol.

    • Crusherheads its still WiP. And everybody is gonna have to learn how to play it from the ground up. Even the unicums. I guess we need to wait before we get own hands on it before we judge it too hard.

    • As if noone had to learn how to play it from the ground up with the old CV gameplay?

    • Amen. Also check at 52:55, he instantly responded. Like i wrote, its a big nerf, and every1 will want some form of reform and mostly of players will never buy a CV either normal or premium. THey are killing literaly, a good example World of Tanks Arty’s…once Game changer now ubber trash.

  2. This looks pretty good, I think it’s gonna be better if you can manual control the AA guns on a ship, which allows player to aim with AA guns.

  3. Twitch Chat was so going mad when the video was shown first.
    Dudes, what tha actual hell, this is only a gameplay showcase, not a showcase of the final versions.
    It was really embarassing to read and watch this man…

    The issues with carriers have to be adressed and that´s what WG has done here (and quite well if i may add)

    I think the CV rework is going to be quite interesting.
    I am looking forward to it.

    • I’d hate to be any developer who has to show off changes to a game in 2018. Everyone just loses their mind before actually knowing what the end product will look like. I think the new gameplay looks great. It’s what it always should’ve been

    • John Kek I don’t have a time stamp but it’s in the first 10 minutes

    • Thing is, this does NOTHING to address the actual CV issues. All it does is provide the same impact under a different interface. You still see point blank torpedo drops, now even easier and dumbed down dive bombing plus rocket shooting made easy. All this work is for nothing.. the impact of a CV on a battle is not changed at all. Your team will still lose guaranteed if your CV is useless.

    • +Archeology101
      Yeah right.
      The new CV play can’t no longer do any of these things:
      Cross torping
      Spotting from 3-8 different sectors of the map at once
      Alpha striking in the first 5 mins again enemy CV
      Providing AA support for at least 1 cap while being able to deal damage at the same time

    • @Francisco deTonne instead he can do 3+ almost guaranteed torp/bomb runs in a minute on the same target without having to wait 2 mins for his planes to return and refuel. At the current stage it looks like the cv is even more overpowered at taking out ships. In the gameplay you see them doing multiple runs on the same target loosing seemingly nothing. Also what about repair party ? What are you gonna do about the flooding/fire if the carrier strikes you every 20seconds for the next 3minutes ? Their is also no more AA support from your carrier either.

  4. Although it is an early status of the rework but currently I find the old CV mode better, especially the tactical to coordinate the entire squadrons I found good until now. If I can control the planes myself, then I can play wowp.

  5. My one gripe, is that dive bombers simply climb then dive, they don’t roll over. Bombers in the real world rolled before the dive, so the pilot could see the target the whole way.

    • This is rather incorrect. Most dive bombers did climb then dive directly down especially in naval warfare. Where this stereotype comes from is from the ju87 Stuka five bomber In which pilots were trained to do this in order to get a better target on tanks on the battlefield (tanks are much smaller than ships) the United States never used this as they had no need for such precise bombing as they were bombing larger targets. Let alone the fact that the maneuver was very risking both in the g-forces forced on the pilot and the maneuver itself had a high risk of causing a spin or stall if done incorrectly.

    • iCat Formerly iCrystalaxyCat

      MrCoolguy425 honestly, I’m fine with either bombing style, but the way the planes suddenly climb and dive is too sharp imo

    • Us did fly by bombing on BB’s and ships the target’s were the size of city blocks at times I mean look at the final attack on yamato they were just swooping and dropping mean at times there wasn’t even any Diveing just steady declines and drop!

    • Yea I do agree with that the dive bombers should just fly at a higher altitude rather than climb and dive at such a large angle.

    • iCat Formerly iCrystalaxyCat

      MrCoolguy425 yeup. Imagine diving right into the AA from the clouds. That would be terrifying in real life AND in-game.

      Respect to all the pilots of the war.

  6. I thought this was world of warships not war thunder squadron version.. This is not CV game play its Navy pilot game play. No longer playing a ship really.

  7. How about, if there is an option for a player to take manual control of AA guns, such that they have to give up firing the other weapons of the ship while in AA mode, like how it is with torps and main guns. The AA will otherwise be automated, but in case player wants direct aiming control, give them lead indicator like Torps, and manual aim similar to how turrets locks in to target. This way in case the threat is too high, the player can choose to switch to AA mode to prevent high damage from CVs but in case he is occupied with enemy ships, the automatic AA system will be at least partially useful, but less than manual AA. This will increase AA feel and increase the depth of tactics between CV and ships.

    • Akshay Anand if it actually becomes an alternated mode that you can only activate with the Manual Aim Skill equipped then I wont have problem with that. Interesting idea in that case

    • some ship main gun is dual purpose gun, so you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I wonder how Worcesters AA will look like. That should be firework 😀

    • I thought of the same thing and I really like the idea. By default it’s automatic, but if you manually aim you’re able to do more damage/accuracy. This way using AA actually involves skill, but if you’re busy with something else, you still have some protection. And it’s balanced by the fact that if you’re focusing your attention on the planes, you’re not focusing on other ships and vice versa, forcing captains to make a choice.
      Actually, maybe that same approach could be used for BB secondaries too, might make them even more fun. Something to do while you wait for the main guns to reload.

    • IJIN have type 3 firework for yamato :3

  8. Planes have dem flaps animations, maybe one day we’ll have ships lights and rudder animation then

  9. iCat Formerly iCrystalaxyCat

    There should be a setting for AA.
    And of course


    Edit: looks like they agree

  10. the reworked CV is at 21:35

  11. It doesnt look simpler as the old gameplay. I will miss the old one and most the real time strategie component….. iam not sure that i will play the new gameplay too. Hope i can give my CVs back like Sub_Octavian says in “Waterline”…

  12. This will A. Destroy the game fully B. last a month then get reworked or nerfed again.

  13. It looks like you made it even easier for CV to launch unavoidable torpedoes. Do they ever miss as i cant see how you could possibly miss with that targeting.

    • +Hassan Tahir lol you are probably one those guys who never played carrier at all, because the only thing trash about CV in the current meta is the fact they are always uptiered and that their is way too many AA ship like the fact that when you play DD you at high tier their is too much radar

    • Keenan at the range they are dropping them in the video everyone will have difficulty avoiding them.

    • +GrumpyFink And the ships were going in a straight line, also judging by the turn circle on the planes all you need to do is do a 90° turn so you are either pointing towards or away drom the planes and the CV would need to either drop or abandon the strike.

    • You cant be nuked anymore either. It looks like you have to control a single squadron to make a single attack run, where in the current state of the game, carriers can manual drop all their squadrons at once and basically 100 to 0 anything.

    • I have avoided CV torps a few times in my Nagato. So it is possible to avoid torps in a BB.

  14. Disaster in the making… Low tier BB owners (with their AWSOME AA firepower) are gonna be very grateful for this constant torpedo attacks. Arkansas Beta owners with 0 AA especially. Right now You rarely get any fighter cover if You’re in a DD , BB or a cruiser. Who else thinks You’ll never get any fighter cover from allied CV players once the fighters will become “an ability” and CV players will spend 99% of time controlling their attack squadrons?

    I know this is still work in progres and what I wrote is just my opinion but I’m kinda worried. Or maybe I’m talking nonsense? Maybe… I’m not an experienced player.

  15. Just commenting on the new CV gameplay section of the video:
    The hell was that? I know Carriers had a high skill ceiling but come on. I can tell your goal was to dumb game play down as much as possible rather then balancing it or making it better. Fighters as a consumable?! Wow. I’m not even a good CV player, in fact I’m bad. But I enjoyed taking out my Lexington every once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay looks good. But that’s where the illusion ends, it’s skin deep. So no more multi-squad strikes, no more cross drops, no more denying an area with fighters, no more strafing. CV gameplay seems to have went from all skill-based to no skill required. I know it’s work in progress….but right now…I’m not a fan.

  16. Not looking forward to this. I’m fine with the current RTS system.

  17. WG pls dont go this way. This type of CV game looks like torping and bombing at close range without any real penalties. The CVs will become the “ARTILLERY” of World of Warships. Every noob out there will only play CVs and it aint fun if there 3-4 CVs on each battle who only pew-pew-pew and dont care what is actually going on in battle.
    Just added the same yellow warning area for manual torp run in the current CV gameplay to make the CV learning curve easier.

  18. yeah, my opinion don’t matter at all but its time to sell my aircraft carriers for good – you guys ( WG ) should definitely play as CV in Navy Field or Battlestations series or whatever carrier gameplay that is available out there and see what’s so fun about them.

    • Yea. CV’s seemed to work in navyfield. But manual fighter attacks didn’t exist, and they are part of the reason skill gaps exist, least one of the many reasons.

    • my point being, what makes carriers different than every other ship types are the ability to commence high alpha damage strikes and coordinate multiple squadrons. WOWS by far have the worst carrier experience as you tend to run out of planes waay too fast and all of your enemies are stalin-guided anti-air space guns. in this new version, they’re getting rid of the signature carrier gameplay and becoming more of a guided glorified arty from WOT.

  19. ROFL 2 midway torps did 8k damage (keep in mind you’re only controlling 1 strike squad at a time in a t10 game, instead of the current 4)… This new cv gameplay is gonna severely limit the amount of damage a cv can do in a game. Sure, cvs can currently do a ton of damage but only if the enemy ships go off on their own, if they stay together and combine AA you’re pretty much useless, so they need the high damage potential to make up for games where they can do nothing because the enemy team knows how to stick together. I don’t understand the people in the comments complaining that this will make CVs OP. I’m guessing they’ve just never actually played CVs though…

  20. Not going to lie. It really feels like all the work I put into getting to fighter specced high tier Japanese carriers is about to go to waste.

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