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Talking about two separate posts from Wargaming detailing CV Roadmap changes up to 0.8.4 and a hotfix that will address some concerns with Fighters/DDs. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I like all of these changes, except for the Midway torp bombers. They’re underpowered enough as it is with low damage and less than 1/3 flood ratio.

    • +Matthew Tencza what t6 and 8?

    • +Jerry Glaze You get more (I would say avg 10k dmg) for one good DB drop and the potential for 30k+ damage if you can get 2-3 drops with fires on one squadron. Torpedo flooding chance is low and soon to be lower, so you may want to invest more in the DBs.

    • +johnny b will try it.
      This netting is nuts. The whole reason we dont have alfph was for dot and now we cant grt the dot!
      The 20 percent lower section of ship will put us into there aa range before we even see them. What will prob happen js this will run for a few weeks then they will take it back to 10 percent.

    • +Matthew Tencza Yeah so was the point in nerfing the Midway torps so hard? Would not have been like -500 damage enough? Why it had to be like 1.2k damage nerf?

    • +CloneD Anon Idk why they nerfed Midway’s torps of all things. If anything, they should have buffed the torpedoes and matybe a small nerf to the DB. That way Midway could be the jack of all trades CV, while RN CV’s specialize DB’s and IJN CV’s Specialize Torpedoes.

  2. Not a big fan of your AA opinion. Overlapping AA is a good thing. If a CV driver is foolish enough to fly into a group of ships with overlapping AA, that’s on him/her. Nerfing the AA DPS of multiple ships dissuades team play. You showed a video in your Worcester where you helped your friendly Montana with AA support. Changing the overlapping AA DPS maximums dissuades that behavior.

    • +Ralathar Renares WoWs is a team game, you see people try to group up to avoid getting harrassed by CVs and you already want to take that away? Players are finally showing signs of teamplay so the game should reward that.

      In WW2, ships sailed close to each other to maximize AA. It would be dumb to punish people for sailing close to each other in WoWs.

      AA range has already been nerfed since rework, there used to be ships with 7+km no fly zones.

    • +Loshirai14 Blobbing is not team play, it’s a base animalistic herd mentality where everyone is using each other as meat shield to save their own skin. 2-3 ship groups is much more team play oriented than a bunch of noobs huddling in fear together because of something that has the long term damage potential of 1 CL or 1 BB, but without alpha potential.

    • +Ralathar Renares It’s much better to blob than be a sitting duck to a CV and get annihilated without any resistance.

      Using each other as meat shield is definitely a valid reason but it also helps make CV players hesitate in attacking.

      Yes, CV can still attack the group but he would lose a lot of planes in the process which makes blobbing a valid strategy.

    • +Loshirai14 DD stats are almost identical between pre-patch and post patch if you check using maplesyrup.

      The is way overplayed. They have the damage of a CL or BB over the course of a match with no alpha potential.

      You continue being terrified of CVs, I’ll continue sinking them with my DDs while not dying to them. Only time I feel threatened by a CV when playing my DDs is if I’m already at 40% or less hp. If you feel threatened beyond that it’s prolly your own poor play being punished. I don’t blob, I support 2-3 allies, break through a flank by killing the opposition or rotate if we are overmatches, and when we break through somewhere I kill CVs.

      I’ve killed CVs on my DDs like 5 times for every time a CV has either killed me or caused my death. With the impending rocket and spotting distance nerfs I’m basically going to be completely untouchable by CVs as well. They already have a hard time doing any real damage to me.

    • I have had games playing CVs where literally every single ship of the enemy team was bunched up with two to three other ships. Sure, these teams have a reduced chance to succeed. But the carrier will be unable to do any damage at all, at least at the tiers I play on (don’t have T10s yet).

  3. Not agreeing with Wargaming mechanic around DD maneuverability and attack aircraft aiming. The aiming accuracy should be a result of the amount of aircraft maneuvering: As airplanes maneuver, their hit area becomes larger. As they fly straight, the hit area becomes smaller. So if they fly long and straight at their target, then have to maneuver, it grows. Hit accuracy should be a function of what the CV driver does, regardless of what the target driver does.

    • That’s…exactly how aiming currently works for planes right now…

    • Uhm… but the CV is forced to maneuver if the target is maneuvering. The issue until now was that it almost didn’t matter how much you tried to dodge and maneuver in the DD because the CVs were still able to hit you quite easily. With the changes, dodging will be probably more effective because it’s more difficult for CVs to hit DDs if the CV has to maneuver based on what the DDs do.

    • I think that’s what they’re saying – it’s just that if the destroyer manouveres then the cv driver will have to turn and so it will grow, hence the dd has some ability to escape/mitigate its damage, the cv player can try to anticipate and turn over.

  4. Don’t care, I’m already seeing a sharp decline in the number of carriers. CV won’t be fun in the long run unless they add a way for the CV players to influence each other. Numbers will continue to decline because of this. The fact they are moving forward with new content without balancing what is already in the game shows they only care about money.

    • Just a random Horse.

      Knew that for years, wonder why people still support this company. UI , random battles, matchmaking, OP premiums and freemiums, and so many more things that show you how this game will never really improve, instead become a second wot slowly but surely.

    • Part of the decrease is the constand bitchness of people telling cv players there trash.

  5. it makes sense that planes that dropped their payload are more able to avoid enemy fire or reach a safe altitude faster

  6. Notser, you’ve said several times that flak is not a big deal and implied that it can be dodged by a good player. I’m learning Midway now and have trouble with flak, which frequently obliterates my attack group before I can even react to it. You can’t fly under or over it, and flying around is difficult when it explodes right in your face. Please explain how to deal with flak in a video, as I find it frustrating. Usually I only get one good attack with each flight I send out, and most (if not all) of my planes are lost. The exception is isolated ships where I can get a second attack, if they don’t have good AA (which means isolated DDs or some battleships).. I think one reason why CVs harass DDs at this level is that they are about the only ships that won’t obliterate their planes within 10 seconds!

  7. More nerfs surprise surprise now dd can run the back field and snipe cv and will be unstoppable

    • mike; would the out come be diff. if the CV has a secondary build? Maybe maybe not. To build a team game with a solo out look would/will never work.

    • +CloneD Anon I can only hope.

    • +Arca DD players are NOT whining about not being able to run the entire map without being spotted, they are finding their ships rendered irrelevant in a Carrier game because they are spotted immediately and come under constant air attack in the first 30 seconds of the match.

      DD’s are *supposed* to be out ahead of the rest of the team, they are *supposed* to spot for their team, they are *supposed* to contest caps. As it currently stands CV’s render DD’s impotent. Being able to spot DD’s from the first 30 seconds would be fine *IF* there was any way the DD could counterplay. Fact is though there IS no counterplay. The Carrier can simply focus the DD down.

      The result is a far more static and boring gameplay. At least with Radar cruisers you can get into the shadow of an island and remove or reduce incoming fire, then you know the cruiser has a fairly long cooldown. Carriers? Not so much, hit you with three attacks, hit F, bang, new attack group ready to go and he KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE. 20 seconds later, a new air group on top of the DD….

      There should be penalties to a DD with a good CV player matched against them, but the current situation is ridiculous. There is literally no counterplay. And THAT is the problem, that there is no counterplay. DD play was bad enough beforehand with the explosion of so many different Radar ships, not to mention long range Hydro. Now, if you are unlucky enough to get a match with multiple carriers you may as well just leave the match there and then, because you will have a squadron of attack planes hitting you within the first 30 seconds continuously until you go down.

    • +alganhar1 DD’s can still go and “scout” (though i do not understand why they need to scout if CV is present. The problem is that DD’s are not supposed to overextend and without CV’s that can easily do that, especially if there is a low amount of radar cruisers on the enemy team. Anyway GJ for giving CV’s another massive blanket nerf and making their rocket planes now useless.

    • I am happy DD are playable now so its ur problem

  8. Yey! they are removing the F spam nerf that hit normally attacking planes, deplaning my ship after being punished for normal play 🙂

    • +CloneD Anon anything is better than my planes dying at 6km out trying to get them back to ship after a drop and they still all for and don’t get any back

    • CloneD Anon what about reduced damage from overlapping AA? That’s pretty significant. They’ll be unplayable for those who can’t accept that they were overpowered before and shouldn’t have the influence they have had over games as they have in the past. They’ll still be playable without a doubt, with their own roles to play, it’s not like all ships will become impervious to cvs, they just have the ability to effectively defend themselves now.

    • All you’ll need to do is drop ordnance to reduce the number of planes in a flight. Every time. You lose less planes, ships will waste DF… and when you run your attack your attackers have a far better survival rate. Could be a buff they can’t see for the hammer in their eyes.

    • +QuestionMan it takes about 20s to drop all ordinance over an AA zone, getting out of it and pressing f would still be a more viable option than dumping ammo

  9. I just don’t think CV’s are enjoyable to play…

    • They are, but these nerfs are too much. Midway torps were already weak as fuck.

    • And that is your opinion. You dont need to play carriers if you dont like then.

      I on the other hand do find carriers fun and would like to see then be more enjoyable. I like playing all the ships in this game and would like to continue to enjoy it.

    • +Neko Cantus Keep it up! And don’t quit no matter how hard it gets, also delete those annoying DD’s too!

    • Was much better in the RTS system. Yeah it was very hard against good players, but at least it was fun most of the times and tiers.
      This new system really blows, both for surface ships AND of course, CV players…

  10. Holy crap that 20% blanket concealment buff from air is insane (especially along with the rocket aim nerf) and Midway torps were already pathetically weak especially with all the torpedo damage reduction! CV’s have a really hard time now already, *i hope all of this whining wont make CV’s completely a unplayable class!*

  11. thx for the update notsor, could you please link the update page in your description next time please?

  12. If they want to make my planes useless, at least buff my secondaries so I can do something

    • Winter Last how will you b “useless” you jus won’t have the godly influence cvs have enjoyed in the past. They’ll only be useless in the hands of those who can’t or refuse to adapt

    • +Kyle Roberts against AA there is no skill, I already tryed to remain passive the first minutes of the game, I also notice that most of my damage is done on the last half of the game. But spending the first 10 min to do 20k damage is not realy fun, neither just spotting, other ships have ways to poke, but CVs can’t poke without commiting for a full assalt, and that’s fair since you can just launch more planes, but losing a entire squadron that takes 10 min to replanish for 8k damage is quite irritating.

      About the past CV, I didn’t even played them much. I like the RTS but it was so buggy that I left the carrier before even getting to T9 in the USN line

    • They already made my DD useless.

  13. CV completely nerfed to death. Good job Notser U made it!

    • Yep CV’s are being nerfed into useless class. Well it lasted for whole two weeks.

    • “Uselessness” as he also lists some indirect buffs the cvs receive like less effective overlapping aa, which is pretty significant, and better survaviboility for planes surviving a bombing run ( this is pretty fair) but hey, guess cvs players won’t be happy if they can’t dominate every game and have the influence they once has, right?

    • They threw all of their previous loyal CV players out in the hope the system everyone was telling them wouldn’t work might actually work. I would not expect any ‘loyalty’ from them to the new CV players.

  14. I agree about the overlapping getting nerfed!……………whats the point of having an AA cruiser trying to protect a BB if by being near the BB you both take a nerf to AA

  15. CVs really aren’t that effective as they are today, so why any nerfs to their offensive capability ESPECIALLY versus DDs (the CVs main enemy). I have yet to get into the top three spots in team score in ANY game even against idiots that get separated. I just can’t do anywhere near as much damage as I can with any surface ship because the CV “rate of fire” simply doesn’t compare to any gun or torpedo armed ship.

    • shtrguy agreed you can’t really look at subsequent drops since you will be lucky to circle around for a second drop

    • I agree. Don’t look at overall damage numbers or examples of good players getting 250k regularly per game. Lets go by what shtrguy can do.

  16. Ranger needs some love desperately.

  17. Every single one of these changes is a NERF to the CVs…which is not only stupid but unacceptable. CV should be able to spot FURTHER by far than surface ships! Thats just a fact. It is already very difficult to do a lot of damage with a cv and now this makes it much worse. They even went so far as that a CV can’t single out another DD….why the hell not??? You are telling me a CV that carries dozens of attack aircraft and has a crew of a few thousand men cant take on a DD now??? WTF!!!

    • Nope because Notre says so! Because DD are so weak. That cant perma spot or stealth Toro or turn or anything. There is so much to do that they cant be forced to you know move and stuff!
      No the ner Notser is not hitting an island its buffing DD because DD so weak.

  18. So, more nerfing to CVs…. Making the irrelevant become obsolete…. For me its time for all CV players BOYCOT the CV play, this way everybody is happy… the DD players, the BB players, the cruiser players, and wargamming for not admiting the mess they made. If i want an aerial view of the fight i can always play, have fun and when killed zoom around the game.

  19. The entire CV rework lacked any kind of CV-CV interaction which was so important in the past… facepalm

    • B4 the cv’s was unreal like, 4 torps to 8 in a line, no WG is at least keeping in a little with historical accuracy…You ever saw a war movie when enemy planes dumped 4 to 8 torps in a single line??? Hell too the NO..

  20. are you happy now Notser? Destroyers are now immune to CV attacks and they can operate with inpunity

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