CV WHY ? Hindenburg Clear Sky || World of Warships

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  1. Full aa skilled? Nice gameplay

  2. lol this midway was fatter than panzerknackers mom

  3. CV WHY??? How could a CV player understimate the High Tier German AA POWER LOL?????

    • Mclaren v8
      Sorry mate, but….Since When exactly is Moskva a AA monster without full AA spec??? I never heared, readed or seen about ANY Moskva game or replay with Clear Sky or something like that neither abouth a Moskva captain using a FULL AA spec….

    • Alex Gonzalez I am that captain. :p but unfortunately no even one CV have come full force towards my ship for some reason XD

    • Manual AA on Moskva is very potent. Stalingrad will slaughter those planes lol

    • Mclaren v8
      Well that can be because you stay near allied BB’s and the focused AA power of numerous BB’s and CA’s is simple too strong so for a CV decent captain, that means a Planes Black Hole, and he just void you
      You have been playing recently in Div with allied CA/CL’s like the Minoatur or the Des Moines (Crucers feared because his CRAZY AA Burbles) or BB’s like Montana’s or Conquetor’s ( ship with also a NON fly zone when full spec)???? If is A YES that could explain ALL, JUST like that…

    • Mclaren v8
      Well, honestly, is a kind odd to see a NON Anglo-American high Tier ship carrying a FULL AA Specification if you ask me due to the shortage of aircraft carrier players these days (mainly in the North American server) according to the comments of other players…

      Regarding Stalingrad, well, that remains to be seen

  4. Suwito Abdul Rashid

    but he lose powerful hyrdro

  5. I em not a scared boy

    What was this map?

  6. Every time I bring Defensive AA,no cv
    When I bring Hydrocaustic search,Midway VS Midway

  7. Des Moines and Minotaur AA is universal known as being scary. Little less known is how equally scary a Hindenburg close range AA is, especially when it has defensive AA fire.

    • Trades46 most don’t run Defensive fire on it though, removing the reason people use most German cruisers, the great hydro

  8. fail to see how this game was special other than enemy’s shitty midway. The guy click fires, fires HE at broadside targets tunnel vision and eats torpedoes the title of the video should just be potato midway sending his planes to die

  9. Enemy CV player must stop play more CV

  10. Year of the cv lol

  11. Here i am thinking that players at t10 actually know more than at t6. Really my fault for thinking that some people are capable of learning

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