CVs unplayable now? Hold my Zeppelin XD – World of Warships

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  1. 1 game usless game does not make cv useful. You have 1000 of 300k damage in everything. And almost none is cv.

    • tell that to T6 dd players with T8 cv in game. Go on … tell that again. Those rapists team up (2 cvs) and hunt bottom tier dds for 10 minutes straight without any possibility to fight back. So yeah noone gives a shit that CVs got nerfed they are still cancer need more nerf.

    • @Mario You can go near any AA cruiser, thats your defend against CV.

    • @Matej Vukasovic And you think that typical cruiser in random will just walk into cap hahaha wow ok lets end this charade

  2. first haha

  3. lmao hold my zeppelin

  4. Now do this in a t 10 match, 130k isnt impressive damage for ur average t8 btw

    • Yeah, it isn’t impressive. Usually when we see a CV replay vid it’s at least with a High Caliber or close to. But that was pre-8.5.

    • It is pretty impressive for this update and if u think, it isn’t try it by yourself 😀

    • Do this in any tier 8 ship in tier 10 battle lol
      That’s just how the game works, it’s the food chain, everyone is someone’s prey and everyone is hunter 😛
      I was lucky enough to get T8 max battle here and did well 😛

    • SHayden
      His point is, not meaning you didn’t do great job, to critisize his word; CV is playable, meaning in all situations.

      I believe, T10 planes should be nurfed as all high tier ships’ AA nurf is good for balance.

  5. Kudos to the player for sure. But any CV as bottom tier will struggle to break 60k

    • Nah, they need more nerfs… have you seen what they can do to lonely bb’s with no AA… that needs to be stopped.

    • @Joshua Gibson it is just a mistake by player going solo when he knew he have no AA. So next time don’t go solo if you know that you have no AA. Stay with team for cover. So next time don’t cry and try to find what did you do wrong 🙂 because CV’s are totally getting nerfed just for crying of some players that don’t know how to counter them.

    • Thank you, yes t10 battles are ruthless indeed. btw it was me in that graf 🙂

    • @Joshua Gibson don´t go solo in a BB without AA instead? Or in short: l2p and git gud.

  6. One great battle with GZ won’t change fact that Graf is the worst Premium CV at the moment.

  7. 3 tier 8s, one a DD, easy for ANY cv, and GZ its easy the worst cv in game, period.Plus, the first perfect aimed bomb drop was just 2 overpens (3 bombs 1400hp dmg LOL).

  8. I have lots of trouble with t6 ranger, anywhere i go the planes just go *POOF*

    Wann bekommen die das mal gebalanced??! xD

  9. when I see these kind of videos, there’s always do it T10 MM comments
    it’s natural T8 CV have problem with T10 MM and it was non-sense T8 CV easily play with T10 ships before
    are there any ships no problem with upper teir game? why only CV have that kind of power?
    CV still have best spot ability
    , carry potential mid to late game, map infulence

    when I play my DM before patch, no matter I equip AA module / add AA skills / sector reinforce I couldn’t avoid CV blapping me even T8 CV
    after patch I still get attacked by CV even though I use DFAA blah blah blah but I can admit that it’s consist not random

    I play CA, DD mainly when I see comments before this patch there’s always
    “it’s not a big deal to skillful player”
    “good DD player have no problem dealing with CV”
    I think now it’s time to skillful CV player needed

  10. the Graf Zeppelin was going to have 20 Messerschmitt Me 109T fighters 20 Junkers Ju 87E bombers 10 Fieseler Fi 167 torpedo bombers. The Focker Wulf TA 152 was a high altitude interceptor an improved version of the FW190. There were versions of ground attack.

  11. I’ve struggled to get 100 k in all my US carriers since the AA change. It’s impossible to get close to blobbed up ships and I am running out of planes more often now.

  12. 10:59 citadel of Bismarck looool

  13. CVs were only “unplayable” for bad players.

  14. GZ have really good seconday gun, otherwise really worse planes than other CVs. I think wargaming want to make this ship like german BB (powerful seconday gun and weak main armament) and want player push line with this ship. but too weak armor and too high detectable range for push XP

  15. Is it just me, or is the ability to aerially citadel-bomb relative “sitting ducks” (otherwise known as “ships”) a tad over-powered?

    • Oh you have no idea how hard (read: “impossible”) it is to get a citadel hit in a graf zeppelin dive bombers
      I was very lucky here to get all those citadels

  16. This is tier 8 carrier in a tier 8 game. Quite recently I did 155k dmg in a Lexington.
    But a tier 10 carrier is useful mostly for scouting at the beginning of the game. You want to keep your planes for fnal stage of battle but even then you will still have to go for isolated targets. This means that CVs have nothing other to do at the beginning of battle than to hunt destroyers.

    Nowadays I do more damage per battle with tier 6 Ryujo than with tier 10 Midway.

    Strong AA should have big impact on aircraft aim, rather than just shooting down so many planes. You would still not fly your planes into a 5-6 ship groups, but you could start attacking groups of 2-3 ships with low efficiency.

  17. Show me the tier 8 CV played well in tier 10 game please.

  18. Again Cv are there to assist the TEAM to WIN… another words SPOT or kill isolated ships out of reach from other…. Very few cv players understand this

  19. Hey, that’s me!!!
    That’s my replay!!!!
    I’m famous, horray!!!!! 😀
    edit:yea I have different nick in game and on youtube 😛

  20. How about playing as an Ryujou and then proceed to get uptiered for almost 24 match continuously day after day, and then watching your plane get shotdown before you can do anything for the team. If you can then sure go do it, also uptiered at VIII to almost IX

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