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  1. WG needs a safe space map for some players lol

  2. That CV player, never seen so many incorrect opinions in one game. That player does not have clue one.

  3. i am wondering why they don’t give mino back he with this upcoming tree and smolensk in the game it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch

  4. Instead of buying Dalian just play Range mod Kitakaze, about the same range but more dakka

    • Or every other HE spamming DD. Same dmg output and more concealment without those citadels Trenlass eat lol

    • Thats what i was also thinking.. less then 32k health in a T9 cruiser and the he damage, even with penetrations, was horrible. Why would anyone buy a ship like that.

    • Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

      @Roland Hellmann If people have a lot of money for trash ship they may spend on her 🙂

  5. Trenlass is chill until the CV enters the game hanaha

  6. A better option is the Minotaur. And the minotaur only costs time, this shit ship is expensive.

  7. Imagine being a CV player and complaining that something can kill you from 24 km range.

  8. Just looked up the players Stats…
    He has shockingly a positive WR and its even higher than mine o.O
    How can someone so wrong have a above 50% WR?

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας Yeah it aint anything special. Im more concerned tho how this dude has 32k battles and is so out of touch how this game works. But yeah with 32k battles you should have gotten enough experience to reach near 55 to 58 % winrate atleast. I mean i have under 10k battles and im at 59 and the improvement has been constant for 2 years.

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      overread the 32k matches entry.
      agree thats pretty bad.
      If I last long enough with wows to reach 30k matches I’m prolly 60% at least…

    • he plays cv that’s how

    • @9613enrico
      But its not his main class

    • ShindyausMarzahn 99

      I was in same Clan, hes just awfully garbage and complaining about everything. I mean, beeing this dumb after more than 10k hours in this Game explains a lot

  9. Players like that one are the real problem of this game. They embody the way of thinking of WG and defend the unbalanced state of the game.

  10. Imagine : playing the most disgusting CV in the game, die early, and then trash talk about everything and everyone…
    God damn…

  11. Joselito Sto Tomas

    If you have the Smolensk, don’t bother buying this ship.

  12. If that CV player is serious about BBs being overpowered, why aren’t they playing a BB?!

  13. I agree with you views on CV’s and that they dont belong in the game. But, IMO subs are far worse for the game. Maybe not their current impact, but every mechanic used to shoehorn them into the game is complete broken BS. Sub speed, detection/counter, trop homing BS, ability to take damage that really should kill them sooner, etc. There is nothing good about subs.

  14. 1:53 that sound of the gunshot was just perfectly timed!

  15. If CVs have gimmicks that actually support surface ships such as drop heals, an actual ASW bomber squad to hunt down subs (like it did historically) can actually be deplaned with careless sorties, have fighters that not just fly over an area and can actually hunt down enemy attack squadrons, then I will be one of those fully supporting CVs in the game, but they aren’t and worse they simply destroy the mechanic build around this game which is intelligent positioning, flanking, ambush setup as well as the good use of stealth.

  16. Oh that Nakhimov lover complaining about battleships shooting beyond 20 km while actually he can attack most of his targets at “infinite” range and without risking of HP lost… speechless 😂

  17. Trenlass should send this to Jingles, I really want to hear some British sarcasm.

  18. Best part for me is the tinfoil hat CV okayer crying in chat that BBs are ‘too hard to kill’

  19. Seeing the Crapimov get killed early + his salt makes me happy 🙂

  20. I enjoy Ibuki. One of my top win rate ships.

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