DALLAS NEW T6 light US CRUISER – WIP World of Warships

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  1. Dallas. Still a Cleveland but no AA.

    • you can still get some good AA on this – i think we all afgree cleveland was/is a bit on the op side on the tier 6

    • Jadu Nandana Das

      its bad when you join a game and your cv sees like 3 clevelands and is like “nope not even tryin”… but seems like the shell arcs arnt as steep… i think your first shot i expected them to hike over that ledge like a cleve, but alas they seem more flat

  2. “Way to go Dallas!”

  3. WIP? that was like playing the Greek navy haha

  4. Uhh is Helena coming in the Next Video,that would be awesome,i am very interested to see her Stats.Cheers

  5. So Dallas is pretty much exactly the same as Pensacola, other than the caliber of the guns. Eh… I’m skipping these mid-tier ships and going straight to Worcester.

  6. It somewhat has a better looking than Cleveland

  7. Wait i cant see he have 10 or 12 Guns ?

  8. Jadu Nandana Das

    that scharnhorst cant aim worth a damn

  9. seattle!seattle!please test it my dear

  10. So basically it’s a heavily nerfed Cleveland that’s spotted from a shorter range. Shorter gun range, lower AA, fewer guns and far less HP. Oh joy.

  11. why no separate slot for hydro like the other US lights?

  12. Cool video, why does it sound like it has the WOT music? Specially in the beginning…

  13. blah blah another cleveland clone

  14. Well they should’ve just kept Cleverland as main T6 cruiser and expands a tree with these new cruisers…

  15. Sigh. Fantasy ships are not interesting.

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