Danae Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay review of the Danae, the tier 3 British in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends).


  1. I would like to thank this ship for single handedly making my citadel missions possible.

  2. HMS Citadel.

  3. How is it that the British cruisers only have AP Ammunition and no HE?

    • They try and make each line really unique in terms of how they play

    • @Tbull british cruiser had HE, but they were designed exclusively for shore bombardment, the short fuse AP was actually an unique trate of the british CL class of ships. One could argue its actually historically accurate, particularly as for the 8″guns no HE ammo was ever made available to the fleet.

  4. love cruisers, especially the Dane

    • I like cruisers, but the Brit C and D-class…bad doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of playing them. I’m hoping WG skips the Emerald when the Brit cruiser line goes live. I’d like to see T4 as Leander and the Town-class variants on from there. Unfortunately, the E-class is very similar to the Omaha, just with more suck. I suspect we’ll get stuck with it at T4. After that things look up considerably.

    • I’ve heard the emerald is worse than the Danae, for the tier

    • @Tbull seeing your video made me olay it again, 60k damage and 3 kills, it has plenty of speed and maneuverability and throw it around like a destroyer when harassing a battleship, the dane was more of a destroyer escort rather than a cruiser

    • @Dave Finfrock I haven’t played the pc version so cant comment, hopefully get a town class, for t5 and county at 6, rapid fire ap will give the atlanta a scare, hopefully torp range is better

  5. At 1st I thought maybe you had some major breakthrough with that ship. Like why is he taking that this out again? Not recalling that the RN cruisers. I was quickly snappied back to reality.

  6. Strong match in a Danae. When I’m in a battleship I start salivating when I see one.

  7. How’d you get so smarrrt???

  8. Can.t wait hard line it will be but i love the Challenge on this ass i am good on this ship ?

  9. I need to start work on Bruce asap.

  10. I kept hitting the cidedal of a Danae with HE shot from my faraget and the Danae wasn’t even broadside……..i was like WTF!, I like the Denae but I didn’t realise how Fragile it was.

  11. I’ve run into TacticAngel and now Spartan. Now i just need to run into you lmao

  12. Tried playing Danae, but it was citadeled while still in port. Got it into a game but a bird flew into it and citadeled it. Then the wake of a passing DD caused another citadel. It’s ok, I repaired it, but I will have to get more tissue paper to repair it again. GG and good vid.

  13. I find I often shart in the Danae…

  14. Also tbull did they say if they were going to fix the Bismarck armor or just the tirpitz

  15. I was so new to the game back when I played this, I didn’t realize just how fragile it was…course, the number of people in the game who could aim was lower then, too…?

  16. GG, cheers for the review. From a BB perspective I encourage all players to take a Danae for a spin and plenty! With that in mind am encouraged with the thought of more Brit citadels er I mean cruisers. Peas love and target practice, Johnno Bloke.

  17. Ah yes the ship that hits citidels and gets citideled

  18. I think Tennant is gonna be the better commander. I’ve pretty much switched to all the defensive cruiser commanders, except lemon cuz my roux is lvl 6.

    • Not getting shot is going to be the main goal with these, so Tennant might we’ll be the better option. I’m planning on giving them both a good look

  19. Automatically attracts my attention as an easy citadel.

  20. How to Club Seals 101. Awesome Content as always Tbull.

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