Dancing in the Middle – World of Warships

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There will be a lot of Benson ranked games coming up because that is what I have been playing a lot recently. In this battle I go for the middle cap and pretty much stay there whole game fighting the enemy team on all sides.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Cossack did a pretty good job shutting you down for 4-5 minutes.

  2. My God I love watching this guy drive a DD.

  3. Friendly Cossack put in some work.

  4. You’re late Flambino. LOL

  5. Im enjoy to watch that 😁

  6. @richard_zanormous3648

    Rochester had you dead to rites, RNG saved your ass Flambino

  7. Flambass, do you have a favorite DD? Your patience is something I need to learn. Thanks for posting!

  8. I hate it when ships don’t sink as fast as I want them to.

  9. WP that enemy cossack putting up a tough fight and WP your cossack helping to smoke him out. You two working together whereas them not you could say won the battle

  10. @donovanwilliams5424

    You do know you have smoke, right?

    • yes and he used it at the right time, using it when detected by cossack when he goes out of his smoke would be a big mistake for exemple. Also when cossack goes behind the island and spotted by tirpitz would be a big mistake too, bcause he couldnt spot him anymore and cossack could hydro push him safely

    • Just because spotted then use smoke? Big mistake. His use of smoke is really good, well he is DD main tho

  11. That friendly Cossack save u ass twice

  12. @christophergamedev

    Last 4 ships on the enemy team died in less than 30 seconds 🙂 That’s what I call a proper mop up 😀

  13. As an Oland main whose guns are nearly comparable to a Bensons guns “Why would you pick a fight with a Cossack”?

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