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Discussing different issues the community has been having with the Daring and Jutland after RN DD launch. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Daring Replay

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  1. Can we get a Republique video?

  2. really helpful video, thanks Notser

  3. I hate this kind of necessity of IFHE…

    • there are no ships that cant pen BB superstructure with HE

    • It needs this kind of necessity of IFHE. If Daring or Jutland doesnt need IFHE, oh boy, those ships are gonna fucking MORE OP. Even now they are already OP.

    • so nerf them instead of demanding IFHE for any meaningful dmg on angled ships

    • Last time I saw a comment like this we got Kitakazes and Harugumos with 1/4 pen on 100mm guns.
      If you buff the he pen ppl with go for ifhe to pen the 32mm, if you dont ppl will go for it just to be capable of doing dmg.
      I dont really see a difference, ppl will go for ifhe anyway, buffed or balanced HE pen.

    • so make pen like other DDs, able to pen 19mm

  4. So far, so good in the Jutland with IFHE and concealment. I love the single launch torpedoes for dealing with those island hugging BBs.

  5. The best way to improve the ships is the torpedo firing arcs. That is what keeps these ships so limited. If you have maneuver to fire torps in smoke or even while you are spotting for your team you will not take the risk because it is more efficient to wait than to actually deliver the torpedoes. Its all about timing and the more you have to wait to do something the less likely you are to learn to use them.

  6. One tip – don’t fire all your torpedoes at once. The advantage of single-fire is that you don’t have to commit all your torps (or half your torps) to one line of attack that might fail. Fire one or two at a time, maneuver, re-evaluate, and send the next set. The GK was going to blap you once, for sure, so you needed to see where he was going and then work higher-probability torpedo shots, maybe even having enough left to get the DM.

    • Unless they changed it that whole launcher is useless reload wise unless all torps are expended.

    • I think we saw Notser have a brain fart there. I thought he loosed them where he did bc he was 100% expecting the GK to turn in. But nope.

    • Aetius pretty sure the benefit of single launch is you can pin point torps, and can manually set your spread. That said this boat will not be better than yy or gearing for cbs with the poor smokes and Torp range

    • You can force a rack to reload even if it hasn’t fired all fish (switch to torps, tap “F”). However, it’s the FULL reload time regardless of how many fish got fired so launching 1 torp or all 5 will have the same reload time.

      I also don’t like to launch all my torps at once unless it’s a guaranteed smash (in which case I’ll use the narrow arc). I also like to adjust my aim to anticipate or trick bad dodges. Caught a few charging DD’s and CL’s that way because there are only so many ways to dodge a torp.

    • Well.. it’s not “useless” until it’s out of torpedoes, which allows for open options as Aetius stated. With ships bearing down, it’s better to have 3-4 torps than none at all with a 2min reload, as was the case. Basically zero options besides to maneuver. Not the end of the world or even very important, it’s just that we all like to watch Notser vids and we want him to improve his torpedo damage and kick more butt.

  7. something in current year

    >guys I need consistent torp hits
    >throws 8/8 torps behind the grey line at 4km
    wew lad

    • Ye that hurt watching it.

    • GK would know that a dd was there so it wasn’t unreasonable to think that he would turn in against the torps. But yeah. gotta save some panic torps

    • Ugh.. and he thought his mistake was “firing too early?” Well sure, but that’s obfuscating things. “Firing later” or closer still leaves the DM to contend with at point blank range. The primary issue was that the incorrect lead was selected for every torpedo. The last four or five were sent nearly to the same point (no spread). At least with conventional spreads it reminds the brain that you’re taking two shots, one at the predict, the other ahead of or behind. Then 10:26 he suggests that he “should have been reversing” but doesn’t understand that the GK would just follow him around the island except he’s doing 10kts in reverse and the GK is doing 20+kts forward. Once all of his torps were fired at the wrong lead at 10:03 I think his only option to survive was to make a right 180° and get back behind the island while going forward. The GK might have gotten off one salvo and some secondaries at him but if he survived, he’d be out of the line of fire. He waited to see if his torps were going to hit, not thinking that he can still monitor his torps while getting away from the threat. Kind of a fire…hope…suicide mentality.

  8. Thumbs up for The Ocho!

  9. I like the Daring, I get some great games. And I don’t think the torps are the problem, I use the torpedo reload module and it reduces the reload to 102 seconds, which is fine. But either give it two knots in speed or 200 meters to concealment. I have to play so careful, annoying most of my teammates, because overcommiting is a real threat in this ship, so I have to be terribly passive. I know, its designed as a defensive DD, but with these stats it is really hard to capture anything to defend.

    It is a really scary ship in 1v1, but the ship has not much it can do when there is no 1v1 and you have to play with a team. Smoke helps only me, the hydro helps only me and with the slow speed I can’t screen in front of the BBs without being punished by radar or DDs that are faster and better concealed.

  10. A problem of Daring with IFHE is, if you are not sure about the situation, you always load HE. But because of that, sometimes you failed to exploit the strength of AP enough. Just like in this video, Noster almost completely forgot he can shoot AP on broadside dd. In a sense, IFHE increases effectiveness in some situations and decreases in the others. Anyways, both with and without IFHE feel painful on Daring.

  11. islands are OP 7:38

  12. Hey Notser, hope your mother’s treatment is going well…my mother had breast cancer and fortunately it was caught in time…best wishes for you and your family.

  13. What’s really wrong is that Jutland (that just continues into Daring) is a downgrade from Lightning in every way (-2% dispersion, -4% shell velocity, -13% torp reload, -5% speed, -3% turn radius, -3% concealment) except DPM (+7% HE, +2% AP), Repair Party and HP (+14%). And while the improvements are welcome, they simply cannot make up for what’s lost. The RN DD line from Jutland and Daring gets balanced into a T8 by progressively taking away capabilities but buffing a few. They’re simply not upgrades. They’re not even in the same line. They’re a second DD line that’s somehow magically sitting atop another.

    • You forgot the improved ap penetration angles on the Jutland/Daring. Basically the line shifts playstyles/ direction from the jutland on. The improved ap penetration allows you to melt other dd’s and gives you a damage boost against bb’s and cruisers as well. I think Notser is exaggerating about ifhe being necessary.

    • Have you played either?

  14. All those complains about the Daring/Jutland… meanwhile Z52 sits in the corner and cries….

  15. Captain, the Borg have already adapted to the new frequencies!

  16. The British DDs are not the best damage dealers from the ships I have played. However, they are amazing at influencing winrate. This is because they absolutely murder enemy DDs, have low concealment, and can protect themselves from either torpedos (with hydro) or ships (with a “get out of jail free card” smoke.) Playing them to get all the damage in the world does not work with the short duration smoke and long torpedo reload. My average damage in British DDs is lower than that of other lines, but the winrate is much better. Play the caps and important positions, don’t try to use your smoke to fire all the time or position yourself to torpedo the enemy. Get in an area and lock it down, or push to a new area and don’t allow the enemy to get to it.

  17. Dude… that situation with the GK. Why oh why did you just not sail right at him within 1km and blap him with all your torps?
    Popping smoke under 5km away from a ship with 5.8km hydro… that made no sense!

  18. Of course the community learned how counter the AP quickly. The Akizuki and KMDD came out 2 years ago so people have had plenty of time to get used to DD AP.

  19. im not sure if average player is clever enouhgt to bow tank Daring Ap …u can do the same against Minotaur but almost all rather turn, show broadside and die….

  20. Netherfield Junction

    The t8 Lightning, was the most fun I’ve had in a DD for a LONG time. Those 360* turrets make for a very aggressive play style and the single launch torps are fun. And because the guns are 120mm, you can do fairly consistent damage to all targets. But when I got the Jutland, I wished i was back in the Lightning. Even when I reworked the captain for IFHE, I still felt that the guns were very underwhelming. And as you pointed out, AP from these guns is all but useless as most people figured out how to negate within a few days. Why these guns cant have 1/4 or even 1/5 HE pen? The Jap 100mm guns got a flat rate increase to make them viable, and these are even bigger guns. I have heard rumors that WG originally buffed Jap 100mm guns because they are planning on REMOVING IFHE from the game to help combat HE spam. Hopefully the British DD guns will get a flat rate pen buff. With 1/4 pen, they will be able to penetrate 27mm of armour. So enough to do consistent damage to most targets, without being OP. Unlike the monster WG has created of the Kitakaze/Haragumo…

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