Das Boat 190 – World of Warships

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German tier 8 submarine…..yes yes I know…it is a bloody submarine.

It is part of the game and I said I would play EVERY ship in the game. But Flambass submarines are not shi…. *cocks a gun*

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  2. Where were you waiting here bored to the bone

  3. you and me both. as soon as I get detected in a dd the entire enemy team stops what they are doing and shoots at me.

  4. to against DDs try ping on first, only let the torps out when the ping is locking on.

  5. 12:42 why not ping the ship, that was 100% kill😂

  6. Sub and CV main confirmed 🙂

  7. gonna be the one: it’s “Das Boot” =P

  8. Honestly I’d rather watch a 6 hour video of you painting your room than sub gameplay

  9. At this point we should ONLY play CVs and subs.

  10. “Oooff the bukake” 😂

  11. “Shotgunning isn’t a thing” 😂

  12. That Salmon pinged him without seeing him, there was no detection warning on at the time, or am I missing something?

    • One of the sub consumables will let you see where ships are like a radar sweep ever few seconds. You can’t see speed or anything, just the ship will appear where it was when the sweep happened, grayed out. Dunno the details since I don’t play subs. Had a sub spend about 15, 20 seconds near-miss pinging me once in a T6 match in an Aoba while I wasn’t spotted. Took me a bit to realize it wasn’t hacks, just WG sub ‘hax’. Flambass used it 12:02 and you can see it finally detect the Daisen at 12:30.

  13. I’ll drop a like and a comment for algorithym, but not gonna bother watching all the vid, bloody subs!

  14. i gave you a thumbs up just because there was no excuses no blame it on matchmaker RNG hate me just play the game👍👍

  15. Those final bombers on the last sub. Ooooooooooooooof

  16. I noticed that the battery timer had stopped counting down when he was doing less than 10 knots, even in reverse, is that a viable game play method?

  17. No matter what you play it’s always entertaining

  18. NOOOOO – Flambass a sub-human!?

  19. That guy had fun, just dodge 😛

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