DAS BOOT!!! World of Warships April Fools Day Epicness!

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  1. This is pretty good stuff – notice the lack of trash talk in chat, a
    welcome change. Now. . . If they would just lose the *&$%^ accordion music
    in port.

  2. Hydro thunder!

  3. fuck april fools day

  4. You sunk my “BOOTleship!”.

  5. yeah the last 2 battles were the exact same clip—mistake in editing mate

  6. CJa Wunderbar!!

  7. You pronounce “boot” wrong. It’s not a shoe. Its means boat in german. You
    pronounce it as “boat”.

  8. I’m kind of new to WoW but what are citadel shots

  9. Steve H. (Infidel)

    At the Player Rally I attended I met Sean and he is indeed a pretty cool
    guy. And I asked him if the Cap’t in their cartoons was based on him and he
    said “No, that existed before I was hired”. But, damn if it doesn’t look
    like him!

  10. Funny, The movie Das Boot is about a Nazi Submarine but this is not a
    submarine must be german though 

  11. How do you go into no HUD mode in the port? Can someone please tell me?

  12. Commanded by the one and only Captain Bad Advice and his Fish.

  13. Ancap Voluntaryism

    At least we know a little bit of what ships will look like and that they
    are working on them

  14. main canon 500mm

  15. There about as likely as Subs but PT Boats had forward firing Torpedus. I’m
    not sure if any other surface torpedoes had forward firing torpedoes.

  16. Smoke should have been bubble bath

  17. Sorry man but i had to end your yolo charge. (I’m BlankSlate) Also…..that
    torp of your’s really freaking hurt.

  18. its too funny?

  19. Hi

  20. I know HMS Dreadnought had bow Torpedoes, that’s just off the top of my
    head. I think most early BBs had them, but most where broadside.

  21. This ships are so dinky, it’s hilarious!

  22. war thunder april fools is still better

  23. Let's Play Much WoOoW

    Such an awesome funny mode!
    100x Repair on one ship!!

  24. I actually hope they keep the war thunder pirate ship mode

  25. This is the best april fool ever made!

  26. You pronounce it like: “Das Boat”

  27. Das good ya?

  28. austinpowersfasjer

    Feet of flog. Fleet of flog….. Feet of fog! …

  29. Baron were you pranked by anyone today?

  30. I love warthunder’s new ships. Sail ships, very beautiful ships of the 17th

  31. Even in April Fools jokes, the torpedus is reall!!

  32. So baron do you like the anime apreggio of blue steel?I LOVED IT waiting
    for EP 15

  33. Imagine your taking a bath and you see all these little toys fighting and
    then they all start attacking you!

  34. I know this is probably a stupid question but, what is the difference
    between AP and HE bullets

  35. 4:13 “RNGesus has taken the lead.”

  36. *that tier 2 US prem ship, that most don’t like. ^_< (front firing torpedo tube, supposed to have)

  37. Douglass Whipple

    World of tanks console has the HMS Tog II naval warfare

  38. these are toys… and they measure everything with the km unit

  39. 30 knots should be fast enough after all you are playing in a bathtub.

  40. you played a clip twice

  41. Awww so adorable 😀 I like the frog just chillin all @___@ as cork bottle
    sfx torpedus’s pop. Such a cool idea and for a stand alone game “Bathtub
    battleships” sounds like a fun indy project someone should do!

  42. baron great vid , but i think you made a edit mistake the part 9:50 to 13:40
    and the last part from 16:50 to 20:43 is exactly the same

  43. since no one has pointed it out yet, I’m gonna be your smart ass today:
    “Boot” is not pronounced like the english “boot”, but rather like the
    english “boat”.

  44. Kristoffer Hustoft

    you doubled up at the end :s

  45. I think german navy E-boats had forward tubes, much like the USN (PT)
    Patrol Torpedo Boats

  46. Brendon Sanderlin

    “war…war never changes”

  47. I almost expected them to pull a ‘Kancolle’ on us for April Fool’s Day…

  48. U promised Panthers today. You go suck on a 88mm gun and than ask yourself
    why u lost 100 subs

  49. “Ruinberg in Jacuzzi” Gotta love the WoWS team poking fun at WoT.

  50. I wish this would last forever. So much fun!!

    Also, I don’t think you CAN citadel these. When checking the stats in port,
    I noticed there’s no citadel armor, much like a destroyer. I just stuck to
    HE at that point.

  51. Concerning torpedo tubes below the waterline, the Nelson class battleship
    had 2 torpedo tubes in the bow

  52. I like how he repeated a replay lol

  53. subs are in the game just not released yet. if you use modpacks for
    textures and such there is one that shows all hidden ships and all tech
    trees. theres a teir 11 sub on the japanese and one on the american side as
    well. they are coming eventually

  54. Baron, these ships don’t have citadels

  55. The Mighty GamerFTW

    wot happened to the tank request m8?

  56. My reaction to this.. Wt actual f? What was war gaming on when they made
    this I want some.

  57. April Fools Ship is actually russian cruiser tier 1 :D

  58. very very clever… this is very funny

  59. If ur looking for historical ships with hull mounted torpedo tubes, look no
    further than the Chester class cruiser. Yes, World of Warships did not
    include torpedo tubes on them

  60. Am I the only one that noticed he looped the video? I mean the last part
    was identical to a previous battle?

  61. so cute

  62. Been on holiday in the Squiredonian Empire and caught a dose of the
    Yeeesss’s at approx 13:35? ;-)

  63. the german torpedo boats…e boats had torpedos that fired forward

  64. Floaty toys THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID

  65. pom-poms were 37mm

  66. Torpedo in the front? U-Boats incoming!!! (well we can only hope…)

  67. They should have let the Tog 2 be a ship!

  68. I was singing rubber ducky your the one the whole time.


  70. Das Bier Boot!

  71. Am I the only one who noticed that baron just trolled us by passing the
    same sequence twice?? xD

  72. I think there misses a small goldfish, who tells you every time “don’t
    always take AP Shells”?

  73. Wtf

  74. motivational shia


  75. I think that um in heroes and generals all of the guns got even more
    knockout power

  76. Wargaming april 1st joke Silly colours and visuals, War thunder april 1st
    joke a new game mode

  77. you know, you did post the same gameplay twice in that vid. Just so you

  78. Reminds me of the Christmas wot xbox bdr g1b toy tank

  79. Baron, in WW2 the Germans, had a motor torpedo boat, that had forward
    firing torpedo tubes.

  80. war thunder plz

    Sherman firefly vs. Sherman jumbo with 76mm

  81. Nelson class Battleship ww2 had frontal torpedoes

  82. yes the s-100 had torps in the front but u had to aim with the ship cuz the
    tubes didn’t turn

  83. That music is horribhillarious. Made my day.

  84. hey baron nice video! i recommend a game called steel ocean, it is similar
    to world of war ships but has submarines and different game mechanics. And
    it’s night battles are amazing, you need to shoot up flares to be able to
    spot people. it is a great game, but because it is less known matchmaking
    is a nightmare, who knows you might help fix that.

  85. Could they add U Boats and not let them go under? They would have some deck
    guns and torps

  86. Happy April Fools Day!

    10:35 repeats at 17:34 :P

  87. Aww this is so cute! Reminds me of MicroMachines :D

  88. I believe HMS Furious had front firing torps! Happy April fools

  89. oh war thunder deffinitly

  90. HAHAHAHAHA That’s awesome! I am so playing that when I get off work!

  91. This was fun for about 5 minutes

  92. They should have implemented submarines as just a bunch of ships turned
    upside down in a dark watery (underwater) map. XD

  93. There probs making a world of submarines

  94. Bow firing torpedoes… HMS RODNEY CONFIRMED (and basically the WW1
    Imperial German Navy Battleships)

  95. “We all live in a yellow submarine

    Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

    We all live in a yellow submarine

    Yellow submarine, yellow submarine”

  96. How do you get the ships?

  97. Well there are now ships in war thunder :P

  98. Yes, there were many ships with torpedo bows or even lateral torpedo tubes.
    I think the Mighty Mo hade some in his bow. WarGaming doesnt want to
    implement this for obvious gameplay reasons.

    Baron, scrublord noob.

  99. AP doesn’t work like it should, everyone says it’s better just to use HE.
    Becouse citadels can’t be damaged, but modules and fires can be.

  100. brilliantlysplendid

    I can’t tell if you repeated that gameplay on accident or if it’s just a

  101. Baron has “hydrostatic research” it is actually hydrocoustic search XD

  102. Weiter und Weiter
    Schneller und Schnell
    Wir kommen zu trinken
    Zerstöre sie alle

  103. What is that song you were playing near 4-5 mins?

  104. Torpedo boats for World of Warships! fuq yes.

  105. This is actually really refreshing and relaxing april fools joke. Really

  106. Huân Phạm Quang

    best April Fools video game jokes?
    Warthunder with ship m8!!

  107. WW1, alot of german battleships of the Dreadnought varients had frontal
    torps, including the Bayern, a ww1 predecessor to the Bismark.

  108. TheAmazingMrPatatoes

    Happy April Fools everyone, Good luck out there!

  109. Happy April Fools Day Everybody!

    So what are the best April Fools video game jokes going around today?

  110. captinminecraft2013


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